The Histories of Towns & Cities in Marion County Missouri

The Histories of Towns & Cities in Marion County Missouri

The list of towns and their history will be ongoing. The list of towns has been compiled from various sources and may not be a comprehensive one. More information will be added as it becomes available. If you are able to contribute any data, please contact me.

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List of Towns in Marion County Missouri

The following are a list of towns that existed at some point in the history or Marion County, Missouri, or still exist today.

  • Barkley’s
  • Bear Creek
  • Beaver Prairie Bear Creek
  • Benbow
  • Brockville
  • Caldwell
  • Cherrydell
  • Dumford
  • Ely Station
  • The Village Of Emerson
  • Hannibal
  • Heather
  • Helton
  • Hester
  • Houston
  • Husskamp
  • Lamb
  • Mark
  • Marion City
  • Midway
  • Moody
  • Mungers
  • Naomi
  • Nelsonville
  • Nettleton
  • New Market
  • North River
  • North River Station
  • Oakwood
  • Palmyra
  • Philadelphia
  • Sharpsburg
  • South River
  • Smileyville
  • Springdale
  • “Turkey Shin”
  • Warren
  • West Ely
  • West Quincy
  • White Bear
  • Whiteledge
  • Wither’s Mill
  • Woodland
  • Woodland Nettleton Post Office Caldwell

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Settlers in Palmyra Missouri 1815-1858

William Anderson  1835 James M. Bates  1834 Henry Bier  1846 Walter Boulware  1840 John Boulware  1844 Dr. J. N. Coons Kentucky  1829 Joseph Cochran 1849 Michael Diemer Germany 1819 Rev. J. S. Dingle 1848 Drummond and Gansz 1858 Gansz 1857 William Dudley Kentucky 1823...

Palmyra’s Historic Places

The Gardener House 1828 NRHP A famous hotel and stage coach stop between St. Louis and Des Moines. It also served as a "Dram Shop" (tavern), school and residence with combination of Federal and Greek Revival styles. The building now serves as a visitor information...

History of Wither’s Mill, Missouri

When Mr. Samuel Withers first came to Miller Township, only a few settlers were here — Webb James Fullilove, Samuel Lefever, John M. Turner, Cyrus Ritchie, Major Asa James, Robert Smarr, Richard Gentry, and later Stephen Glascock. Mr. Ritchie built a woolen mill and...

History of the Village of Warren

The village of Warren, 10 miles north, is three years older than Monroe City. It was laid out in 1854 and contained 12 blocks of 10 lots each and had five streets running north and south and two east and west. The first house was built by George Edelin and Wilson...

History of Uva Missouri

In 1844 this community was known as Dunlap's Shop. David Dunlap had the blacksmith shop and store. Then the store was transferred to Mr. Phil Hutchison, who had a store on the south side of the highway. In 1875 Gerry Vaughn bought the shop and store where he worked...

Village of Emerson

The village of Emerson stands on the southeast corner of section 20, in township 59-7. It has long been known as a convenient trading point, post-office, etc., and now contains stores, shops, etc., sufficient to supply the trade of the community. The town was laid out...

History of Smileyville, Missouri

Hamlet in Missouri Exists by Spoken Word Only Technically, Smileyville doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s just a stretch of road about five miles northeast of Palmyra. Where once a blacksmith shop, general store and high school stood are now empty lots and fields. If...

History of Oakwood, Missouri

First there was Darrtown, then Stringtown, and now Oakwood. Its first settlers were William and Sarah (Brown) Darr, from Kentucky. They came when Hannibal had only seven families. William Darr bought a large tract of land, and his two-room log cabin is the center of...

History of Benbow Missouri

The little hamlet of Benbow, which stands on the northwest quarter of section 13, township 59-8, was originally called Midway. Its founder was Thomas Adams, who established a general store or trading post at the site thirty years ago, and continued to do business at...

History of Sharpsburg

All of the "Ghost Towns" are not in the Old West. Many of the original settlements of Marion County exist only in history or the scattered cemeteries in the county. One of these is Sharpsburg, located 3 miles northwest of Monroe City in Marion County. This was once a...

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