The village of Emerson stands on the southeast corner of section 20, in township 59-7. It has long been known as a convenient trading point, post-office, etc., and now contains stores, shops, etc., sufficient to supply the trade of the community. The town was laid out January 20, 1837, and first called Houston, in honor of Gen. Sam. Houston, the hero of the Texan war of independence, then in progress and attracting general attention. The founders of the place were John Emerson, Younger P. True, and Wm. [William] Jones. The last two and Francis C. Turpin were the owners of the land containing the town site, which was originally of about 35 acres in extent. The first house was moved in by John Emerson, who sold goods in it that winter. In 1838, Lewis Hawkins built a store, in which he sold goods for a few years. Francis C. Turpin had a grocery herein 1838, and the same year the county court ordered that elections for Round Grove township should be held “in the town of Houston.” In 1840, John Boulware & Co. had a grocery store here. Some years after this the name of the place was changed to Emerson, in honor of John Emerson, the first merchant.