Marion City —- In April, 1836, a town was laid out on the river bank about six miles above Hannibal, in Marion County, and called Marion City. Within a year it had a population of 300 people, contained thirty houses, two large steam sawmills, and was important as a river shipping point. Dikes were built to prevent overflow by the Mississippi River. In 1844 high water washed the town out of existence and little remains to mark the place where the prosperous village once stood. The founder of Marion City was William Muldrow, a man with a wonderful genius for fascinating his fellow beings. At that time the maps represented the great American Desert as approaching near to the Missouri River. Governmental reports authorized this assumption. On this basis, Muldrow considered that the great cities of the valley must be on the Mississippi instead of on the Missouri River. Though extremely visionary and imaginative, he was a true colonist-the worthy successor of Delauriere, Between 1830 and 1835, 300 families, through his influence, settled in this region. –  Thomas. H. Bacon.

Source: 1901 Encyclopedia of Missouri