In 1844 this community was known as Dunlap’s Shop. David Dunlap had the blacksmith shop and store. Then the store was transferred to Mr. Phil Hutchison, who had a store on the south side of the highway. In 1875 Gerry Vaughn bought the shop and store where he worked until 1937. North of the lane was an old log house which was the home of Vaughn until he built a house on the northwest corner in 1895. Cy Gregory built the store and they lived in another small house in the extreme northeast corner of what is now the Vaughn place. The store burned down.

A stone marker, on the southeast corner by the church, was placed by the Government, telling the feet above sea level.

Uva became a post office in 1898. Sharkey carried the mail from Hannibal until 1901 when rural delivery was started.

The name of the town was selected by La Cossitt Hendrin.

In 1961, to widen Highway 61, the houses of Vaughn, Ellis, Gregory, and Dick Monroe were all dismantled and no trace of Uva can be seen.