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    The original copy of The Genealogy of Our Parentage was discovered in the possession of Emmett Lee Clark (1901-1975) and Vernon Lloyd Clark (1906-1982) of Philadelphia, Marion County, Missouri on August 19, 1974. Emmett and Vernon are the sons of Lewis Edward Clark (1870-1951), and grandsons of William Clark and Purlina Clark (nee Tuley) listed on page 8 of this history. They graciously allowed me to borrow the little booklet and photocopy it in nearby Hannibal, Missouri. Emmett and Vernon Clark never married and now rest in the Philadelphia Cemetery in Marion Co., MO. I have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the original at this time. In the late 1970’s I donated a photocopy of the original to the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort, Kentucky while visiting there and believe it is still available to researchers. Spelling and punctuation in this transcription is as it appears in the original copy. I have included some additional information and corrections to known errors. Any information not found in the original is contained in footnotes.
  • Descendants of John White – courtesy of Roy Booker
  • Family of William B. Carman – courtesy of Kent Johnson

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