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1860 Slave Owners in Marion County, Missouri

The following list are slave owners found in the 1860 census. These are not the names of black people, but rather their slave owners themselves. SURNAME GIVEN NAME TOWNSHIP ADKINSON Joel Round Grove ALLEN Charles H Liberty ALLEN...

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Marion County Census Indexes & Images

1830-1900 Census Records transcribed for Marion County, Missouri. Includes images for 1830-1860 census. Also includes the 1850 Slave Schedule, 1860 Mortality Census, and the 1890 Special Census of Veterans.

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1850 Marion County Missouri Slave Owners

A list of slave owners is extracted from the 1850 Marion County Missouri Slave Schedules. The full slave schedules provide the Name of the Slave Owner, Number of Slaves, Age, Sex, Colour, whether a Fugitive from the State (runaway), Number manumitted, and whether Deaf & Dumb, blind, insane, or idiotic. What has been extracted from this index are the Names of the Slave Owners, page number of the enumeration, and township. 

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1830 Heads of Families by Page

The 1830 census for Marion County Missouri can be difficult to read due to the faded scans obtained. To assist researchers we provide the order of names for each page obtained in the 1830 census. You can view the actual census images on the 1830 Census Index by Name page.

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