The following list are slave owners found in the 1860 census. These are not the names of black people, but rather their slave owners themselves.

ADKINSON        Joel         Round Grove
ALLEN           Charles H    Liberty
ALLEN           George W     Hannibal
ALLEN           P            Palmyra
ALLEN           Robert       Union
ALLEN           S S          Hannibal
ALMB            Alford W     Hannibal
AMENT           J P          Palmyra
AMISER          J            Mason Twp
ANDERSON        A M          1st Ward-Hannibal
ANDERSON        J T B        1st Ward-Hannibal
ANDERSON        Louisa J     Union
ANDERSON        Rufus E      Palmyra
ANDERSON        S H          Hannibal
ANDERSON        Thomas L     Liberty
ANDERSON        Thomas L     Palmyra
ANDERSON        Thomas L     Palmyra
ANDERSON        Thomas W     Union
ANDERSON        William R    Palmyra
ARMSTRONG       Charlotte    Hannibal
ARMSTRONG       John         Hannibal
ARMSTRONG       Thomas       Liberty
ARMSTRONG       Thomas       Liberty
ARMSTRONG       William      Liberty
ASH             George W     Miller
ASHMORE         James        Hannibal
AUGUSTSON       J            Palmyra
AYDELOTTE       John O       Miller
AYRES           Nathan       Palmyra
BACON           George       Hannibal
BAILEY          A W          Round Grove
BAILEY          E H C        Palmyra
BAILEY          Elijah       Warren
BAKER           Alexander    Miller
BAKER           J            Fabius
BAKER           Phillip      1st Ward Palmyra
BALL            Franklin     Miller
BALLINGER       Ethan        Union
BALLINGER       James        Union
BALLTHROPE      J S          Mason Twp
BANKS           Garrard      Round Grove
BANSWARD        William      Warren
BARBER          Owen T       Miller
BARCLAY         Levi         Miller
BARNETT         Morgan L     Warren
BARR            A F          Warren
BARRETT         Robert       Union
BARRY           James P      Hannibal
BASKER          Sarah        Miller
BASKET          J M          South River
BASKET          J M          South River
BASKET          Job          Miller
BATES           James M      Liberty
BATES           Martha       Miller
BAXTER          A            1st Ward Palmyra
BAXTER          A            Liberty
BAXTER          Alexander    Fabius
BAXTER          Mary J       Miller
BAXTER          William      Fabius
BENTON          William A    Hannibal
BENTON          William A    Hannibal
BERTHS          William H    Union
BICKET          Robert       Round Grove
BIRCH           John A C     Warren
BIRCH           Vincent      Warren
BIRCH           Vincent      Warren
BIRD            William      Miller
BIRD            William H    Warren
BLATCHFORD      Fredrich     Miller
BLEDSOE         Milton       South River
BOHN            Rubin        Union
BOONE           Daniel       Liberty
BOROLES         J            Palmyra
BORTON          Columbus     Union
BOSELL          Lucinda      Palmyra
BOSLER          John         Union
BOSLEY          John         Union
BOULWARE        Wylie        Round Grove
BOWEN           Amanda       Hannibal
BOWEN           Barton W     1st Ward-Hannibal
BOWER           Michael R    Palmyra
BOWLES          B            Fabius
BOWLES          Berilla      Union
BOWLES          D            Palmyra
BOWLES          I            Fabius
BOWLES          Joseph       1st Ward Palmyra
BOWLES          Mary P       Round Grove
BOWLES          Mary P       Union
BOWLING         James W      Union
BOYAR           Henry        Mason Twp
BRADLEY         H            Liberty
BRADLEY         H            Palmyra
BRADLEY         Hannah       Liberty
BRADLEY         M            Palmyra
BRADLEY         Margaret E   Palmyra
BRAMBLETT       Margaret A   1st Ward Palmyra
BRASHEAR        Francis H    Hannibal
BREND           Joseh        Fabius
BRENT           B C          Hannibal
BRI             A            1st Ward-Hannibal
BRIDGFORD       Robert       Hannibal
BRIGHT          George W     Hannibal
BRIGHT          Rachel P     Miller
BRISCO          A            1st Ward-Hannibal
BRITTINGHAM     Irvin B.     1st Ward-Hannibal
BRITTINGHAM     James S      Hannibal
BRITTINGHAM     Thomas E     Hannibal
BROWN           Anderson     Fabius
BROWN           Brunst       Fabius
BROWN           Elvira       Fabius
BROWN           Frances A    Hannibal
BROWN           George H     Fabius
BROWN           J M          Round Grove
BROWN           John         Miller
BROWN           Mary C       Fabius
BROWN           Mary J       Miller
BROWN           May          Round Grove
BROWN           Robert       Miller
BROWN           Rufus        Fabius
BROWN           William F    Miller
BRYAN           Thomas       Liberty
BRYANT          Sandford     Palmyra
BUSH            John         Miller
BUSH            John S       Miller
BYAN            J            1st Ward Palmyra
BYNUM           Virginia     Miller
CADENS          John         Fabius
CALDWELL        Larkin G     Liberty
CALDWELL        Samuel       South River
CALDWELL        W D          South River
CALLAGHAN       William      Warren
CALVERT         Zeta         Warren
CAMPBELL        Anna         Round Grove
CAMPBELL        Anna         Round Grove
CAMPBELL        I            Fabius
CAMPBELL        I            Fabius
CAMPBELL        James        Miller
CAMPBELL        John J       Hannibal
CANNON          William      Fabius
CAPELL          John F       Union
CARHART         Phillip M    South River
CARHART         Phillip M    South River
CARPENTER       William      Round Grove
CARREY          Francis M    Liberty
CARSON          Sarah        Fabius
CARSON          William      Fabius
CARSON          William      Palmyra
CARSTARPHEN     Chapel       Mason Twp
CARSTARPHEN     William P    1st Ward-Hannibal
CARTER          James        Round Grove
CARTER          Sarah C      1st Ward-Hannibal
CERONE          Silas H      Union
CHANDLER        P Chandler   Miller
CHANDLER        Taylor       Liberty
CHANDLER        Taylor       Liberty
CHINN           Helen        1st Ward-Hannibal
CHRISTIAN       John L       Warren
CHRISTIAN       Samuel       Warren
CHRISTIAN       William I    Warren
CLAGGETT        William H    1st Ward Palmyra
CLAYBROOK       W P D        1st Ward Palmyra
CLAYBROOK       W P D        1st Ward Palmyra
CLEAVER         William      Hannibal
CLEMENTS        Thomas H     Round Grove
CLOUD           Daniel M     Warren
COBB            Thomas       Warren
COBB            Waddy S      Warren
COBB            William      Warren
COCHRAN         Joseph       South River
COCHRAN         William P    South River
COCHSON         Robert H     Liberty
COLEMAN         Samuel       Mason Twp
COLLINSON       Thomas K     Hannibal
COLVERT         Asa          Warren
COLVERT         W L          Warren
COMBS           John M       Palmyra
CORDER          James A      Warren
COWSLEY         Marcy C      1st Ward-Hannibal
CRANE           Armstead L   Round Grove
CRANE           James        Liberty
CRANE           John         Palmyra
CREATH          Jacob        Liberty
CRUMP           Benjamin N   1st Ward-Hannibal
CULBERTSON      James        Liberty
CULBERTSON      James        Liberty
CULBERTSON      James        Liberty
CURD            B            1st Ward Palmyra
CURD            Benjamin P   Liberty
CURD            Benjamin P   Liberty
DAVENPORT       David G      South River
DAVIES          Benjamin     1st Ward Palmyra
DAVIS           Francis      1st Ward-Hannibal
DAVIS           James T      1st Ward-Hannibal
DAVIS           Robert E     Miller
DAVIS           Robert E     Miller
DAVIS           Samuel E     Round Grove
DAVIS           T E          Liberty
DAY             Hannah       Warren
DEARING         Alvin J      Union
DEARING         Hilford      Fabius
DEGARNO         George G     Union
DEVERICKS       J            1st Ward Palmyra
DEVERICKS       J            Liberty
DEVERICKS       John A       1st Ward Palmyra
DICKISON        Robert       1st Ward-Hannibal
DIMITT          Lucy C       Fabius
DIMMITT         Louisa C     Fabius
DIMMITT         William      Union
DINGLE          W C          Fabius
DIXON           George L     South River
DOBBYNS         Thomas W     Warren
DONNALLY        Noah         Miller
DOWELL          Nancy A      Hannibal
DRAPER          Elmer        Hannibal
DRAPER          H V P        Hannibal
DRYDEN          J H          Palmyra
DUDLEY          James R      Miller
DUDLEY          William      Liberty
DUFFIELD        Edward       1st Ward-Hannibal
DUNCAN          John         Round Grove
DUNLAP          George C     Palmyra
DUNN            Williamson   Round Grove
DURRETT         W A          Warren
EARHART         John W       Hannibal
EASTIN          J A          1st Ward Palmyra
EASTIN          J A          1st Ward Palmyra
EASTIN          James W      1st Ward Palmyra
EASTON          J G          Palmyra
EASTON          William      Liberty
EDELIN          Benedict     Warren
EDISON          Mathew       Hannibal
EDWARDS         I S          Warren
ELAGGITT        Thomas J     Union
ELEY            David S      1st Ward-Hannibal
ELGIN           J F          Palmyra
ELLIS           John         South River
FANCE           Samuel       Warren
FEAGAN          Henry G      Warren
FEAGAN          Jeptha D     Liberty
FEAGAN          Silas        Liberty
FEAGAN          Zachariah    Liberty
FEAZEL          Charles M    Miller
FINLEY          S Thompson   Fabius
FLANNAGAN       M            Palmyra
FLANNAGAN       M            Palmyra
FLANNAGAN       William G    Union
FLEMING         Fielden      1st Ward Palmyra
FLETCHER        Margaret P   Palmyra
FLETCHER        Margaret P   Palmyra
FLETCHER        Mathew       Liberty
FLETCHER        Matthew      Palmyra
FOLEY           B            Palmyra
FOREMAN         E            Palmyra
FOREMAN         Eliza        Fabius
FOREMAN         Elizabeth    1st Ward Palmyra
FORMAN          Vincent      Warren
FORSYTHE        Robert P     Union
FOSTER          Ann          Liberty
FOSTER          John         Miller
FOSTER          Thomas N     Hannibal
FRAZER          G T          Fabius
FREEMAN         Jane         Warren
FREEMAN         N L          South River
FRYUD           Henry C      Miller
FUQUA           Moses M      Miller
GARDNER         George       Round Grove
GARDNER         James B      Warren
GARNER          John         Liberty
GARNER          John         Liberty
GARNER          William      Liberty
GARRARD         Edward       Round Grove
GARRARD         Thomas       Fabius
GARTH           David J      Hannibal
GASH            Jeff         Miller
GASH            Leah         Fabius
GASH            Moses B      South River
GASH            William J    Miller
GATEWOOD        C            Fabius
GAY             William A    Warren
GENTRY          Ann P        South River
GENTRY          James W      South River
GENTRY          Joshua       Miller
GIBBONS         Julian       Union
GIBBONS         Morris       Warren
GIBBS           John R       Fabius
GIBSON          Cynthia      Round Grove
GILLING         George P     1st Ward Palmyra
GILLISPIE       Alexander    Liberty
GLASCOCK        H            Hannibal
GLASCOCK        James        Hannibal
GODFREY         Matilda      Miller
GODMAN          Frances N    Round Grove
GOEMAN          Mary C       Fabius
GORDON          William M    Miller
GOUGH           William H    Warren
GREEN           Abraham      Liberty
GREEN           James        Palmyra
GREEN           Moses P      Hannibal
GRIFFITH        Benjamin F   Warren
GRIFFITH        Enoch H      Warren
GRIFFITH        Robert H     Hannibal
GRIFFITH        Samuel       Warren
GRIGGS          William H    Liberty
GRIMES          J J          Hannibal
GULLION         Elijah D     Round Grove
GUPTON          A            Union
GUPTON          Cooper       Union
GUPTON          Stephen      Union
HADDERY         William A    Fabius
HALSEY          Harriet      Hannibal
HAMPTON         John A       Hannibal
HANLEY          F A          Liberty
HANSBROUGH      Enoch        Fabius
HARREL          Jacob        Round Grove
HARRISON        Samuel S     Hannibal
HARRISON        William J    Mason Twp
HART            Thomas       Palmyra
HATCHER         Richard J    Union
HATCHER         Thomas E     Palmyra
HATCHER         William      Liberty
HATZCLAN        R            Palmyra
HAWES           George       1st Ward-Hannibal
HAWKIN          F            Mason Twp
HAWKINS         Anna E       Hannibal
HAWKINS         E J          Hannibal
HAWKINS         George W     Hannibal
HAWKINS         Mark         Warren
HAWKINS         Thomas W     Hannibal
HAYDEN          Elijah E     Warren
HAYDEN          Enoch B      South River
HAYES           John B       South River
HAYS            Robert       Union
HEARN           William L    1st Ward-Hannibal
HEART           John         Palmyra
HEATHERS        Perry C      Liberty
HELM            John B       1st Ward-Hannibal
HENDRON         Samuel O     Miller
HEWITT          George L     1st Ward-Hannibal
HICKERSON       M            1st Ward Palmyra
HICKERSON       M            1st Ward Palmyra
HICKERSON       Margaret     Fabius
HICKERSON       Sandford     Fabius
HICKMAN         H L          Hannibal
HICKS           Jeter        Union
HIGBEE          Stephen      Miller
HINDE           Thomas       South River
HIRRSH          I S          Hannibal
HITT            Amos         Union
HOLLINGSWORTH   H S          Palmyra
HOLLYMAN        Harmon       Liberty
HOLLYMAN        John         Liberty
HOLLYMAN        John         Liberty
HOLTZCLAW       R            Palmyra
HOLTZCLAW       R            Palmyra
HOSKEY          Armstead     Fabius
HOWE            Peter R      South River
HOWELL          Eliza        Miller
HOWELL          Winny        Palmyra
HUBBARD         William      Mason Twp
HUCKINGSON      F J          Union
HUGHES          D W          Palmyra
HUISH           John B       Fabius
HURST           John B       Round Grove
HURST           John B       South River
INGRAHAM        Alvin        Hannibal
INNSKEEP        Catharine    Miller
INNSKEEP        Joseph       Miller
INNSKEEP        Joseph       Miller
JACKSON         A M          Fabius
JACKSON         Ann M        1st Ward Palmyra
JACKSON         James W      Warren
JACKSON         S M          Fabius
JACKSON         William P    Warren
JACOBS          Oliver C     Liberty
JEFFRIES        James        Union
JETER           A            Palmyra
JETT            W W          Warren
JOHNSON         Benjamin C   Liberty
JOHNSON         Daniel       South River
JOHNSON         I            Round Grove
JOHNSON         James A      Fabius
JOHNSON         John         Fabius
JOHNSON         John S       Fabius
JOHNSON         Richard M    Liberty
JOHNSON         Richard M    Liberty
JOHNSON         William      Fabius
JONES           Benjamin F   Round Grove
JONES           Elizabeth    Round Grove
JONES           George H     Hannibal
JONES           Harvey       Round Grove
JONES           Jacob L      Round Grove
JONES           Louis G      Warren
JONES           Robert J     Warren
KEITH           John H       Warren
KEITH           Michael      Fabius
KELLER          Frank B      Union
KELLER          Granville    Palmyra
KELLY           John         Union
KELLY           Mary J       Palmyra
KERN            Jacob        Fabius
KIBBY           J            Palmyra
KIBBY           J H          Liberty
KIBBY           Jarvis H     Palmyra
KINCAID         Joseph       South River
KINCAID         Mary I       Warren
KINCHELOE       Althea       1st Ward Palmyra
KINCHELOE       Leah         Palmyra
KINCHELOE       Robert L     Liberty
KINCHELOE       Robert L     Liberty
KING            P            Palmyra
KING            Paulina      1st Ward Palmyra
KISON           T S          Liberty
KIZER           Peter S      Warren
KIZER           Susan        South River
KUNKLE          N P          Hannibal
LAFON           Joseph       Palmyra
LAIN            William      Liberty
LAKENAN         Robert F     Hannibal
LAMBERT         Charles L    Hannibal
LAMBERT         John P       Liberty
LANE            William H    Miller
LANSING         A B          Palmyra
LASLEY          James        Palmyra
LAYTON          John         Union
LEAFLET         Augustus     Fabius
LEAGUE          William R    Hannibal
LEAR            Thomas M     Fabius
LEAR            William B    South River
LEE             F L          Palmyra
LEE             John         Warren
LEE             William H    1st Ward Palmyra
LEFEVER         Samuel       Miller
LEIGHTON        John         Hannibal
LEVER           Edward D     Warren
LEWIS           I            Fabius
LEWIS           T            Palmyra
LEWIS           Thomas J     Round Grove
LIPSCOMB        H S          Fabius
LIPSCOMB        H S          Palmyra
LIPSCOMB        Lucy M       Fabius
LIRGHTON        John         Palmyra
LOCKWOOD        E A          Hannibal
LOGAN           John         Liberty
LOGAN           Samuel E     Palmyra
LONGMIRE        James G      Liberty
LONGMIRE        William      Fabius
LORANCE         I B          Hannibal
LOSEY           Jacob        Palmyra
LOUTHAN         George W     Fabius
LOUTHAN         Walker       Palmyra
LOVELACE        Nelson       Fabius
LOVELACE        Sarah        Fabius
LOVELACE        Wiley        Fabius
LOVELL          Robert       Union
LUCKY           Joseph       Union
LYDICK          John         Liberty
LYELL           John A       Warren
MABLY           Penelope     1st Ward Palmyra
MACOM           Jones        Fabius
MADDOX          Frances      Fabius
MADDOX          H J          Fabius
MADDOX          James        Union
MADDOX          James        Union
MADDOX          William T    Fabius
MAHAN           E  J         Palmyra
MAHAN           George A     Warren
MALLORY         Edward       Fabius
MALONE          Emeline      Palmyra
MARCH           Al           Palmyra
MARKESBURY      Nicholas     Round Grove
MARKSBURY       William      Round Grove
MARNELL         J E          1st Ward-Hannibal
MARSH           Eliza S      Liberty
MARSHALL        James F      Union
MARTIN          Richard      Liberty
MARTIN          Robert       Hannibal
MASON           Harvey W     Union
MASON           Silas        Palmyra
MASON           Silas        Round Grove
MASON           Susan        Hannibal
MASS            Mathew       Warren
MASS            William      Warren
MASTERSON       Robert       Miller
MATHEWS         George W     Round Grove
MATHEWS         Rufus        Fabius
MAUPIN          Doyle        Miller
MAUPIN          Joel R       Miller
MAYS            I            Fabius
MAYS            John         Fabius
MAYS            Nathan       Round Grove
MAYS            Sarah        Round Grove
MCAFEE          Joseph       Round Grove
MCCABE          E M          Palmyra
MCCABE          Edward       Palmyra
MCCHESNEY       Mathew       Liberty
MCCHRISTY       Tillman      Fabius
MCCLINTON       Moses        Warren
MCCORMICH       A            1st Ward-Hannibal
MCCRAY          Wilson       Warren
MCCREERY        Matilda      Warren
MCCULLOUGH      A M          Round Grove
MCCULLOUGH      Frisley      Round Grove
MCCULLOUGH      James        Round Grove
MCCULLOUGH      James M      Union
MCCULLOUGH      S            1st Ward-Hannibal
MCDANIEL        C            Liberty
MCDONALD        Edward       Hannibal
MCELROY         Esther       Miller
MCELROY         Frank B      1st Ward-Hannibal
MCELROY         Hugh         Warren
MCELROY         Nancy        Warren
MCFARLAND       William      South River
MCMASTERS       Sam          Mason Twp
MCMASTERS       Sol          1st Ward Palmyra
MCMILLAN        John P       Hannibal
MCPHETERS       C            Fabius
MCPHETERS       C            1st Ward Palmyra
MCPHETERS       C            Fabius
MCPHETERS       Caroline     Palmyra
MCPHETERS       D            Palmyra
MCPHETERS       Elizabeth    1st Ward Palmyra
MCPHETERS       I M          Fabius
MCPHETERS       Joseph H     Palmyra
MCPIKE          Edward       Round Grove
MCPIKE          J M          Round Grove
MCPIKE          James A      Fabius
MCPIKE          William F    Round Grove
MCRAE           Stephen      Miller
MCREYNOLDS      John         Miller
MCWILLIAMS      James        Miller
MCWILLIAMS      James        Miller
MCWILLIAMS      James G      Miller
MEANS           Carolina     1st Ward Palmyra
MENDENHALL      Thomas J     Palmyra
MICHETT         Gideon       Miller
MILES           William      Fabius
MILES           William P    Fabius
MILLAN          E M          Palmyra
MILLAN          Thomas       Palmyra
MILLAN          Thomas H     Palmyra
MILLER          Charles W    Hannibal
MILLER          James M      Hannibal
MILLER          S B          1st Ward-Hannibal
MILLER          Samuel       Miller
MINARD          ?            Hannibal
MINARD          ?            Hannibal
MINTER          Jeremiah A   Union
MITCHELL        Joshua       Hannibal
MOBLEY          P            Fabius
MOFFETT         Erasmus      Palmyra
MOORE           Pency B      Fabius
MORRIS          John         1st Ward-Hannibal
MORROW          John J       Palmyra
MORTON          David        1st Ward Palmyra
MORTON          Samuel       Liberty
MOSS            John A       Warren
MOSS            Russell W    Hannibal
MOSS            William C    Warren
MULDROW         Minerva      Palmyra
NEAL            Mary         Warren
NEAL            Mary I       Warren
NELSON          Aurelius     Union
NELSON          James M      Fabius
NELSON          John F       Round Grove
NICHOLS         John         South River
NUNNS           Thomas       Miller
OCONNER         Elizabeth    Miller
OCONNER         F A          Miller
OVERTON         Nancy        Round Grove
OVERTON         William G    Palmyra
OVERTON         William G    Palmyra
OWEN            A            Mason Twp
OWEN            John L       Warren
OWEN            Nancy        Warren
OWSLEY          Isaac B      Miller
OWSLEY          Robert S     South River
OWSLEY          W J          1st Ward-Hannibal
PALMER          John         Round Grove
PARKER          Charles      Round Grove
PARKER          Ellis        South River
PASHCAL         Thomas       Miller
PAYNE           Len F        Fabius
PAYNE           Nancy        Warren
PEAK            James L      1st Ward Palmyra
PEAK            Nancy        Round Grove
PEMBERTON       Richard      Liberty
PEPPER          William A    Warren
PHEHO           ?            Warren
PHILLIPS        J            1st Ward Palmyra
PHILLIPS        James H C    Union
PHILLIPS        Mary         Union
PHILLIPS        T            Fabius
PHILLIPS        Thomas P     Union
PHILLIPS        W B          Palmyra
PHILLIPS        William B    1st Ward Palmyra
PHILLIPS        William B    Palmyra
PIKE            I M          Fabius
PIKE            I M          Fabius
PITTMAN         L            Palmyra
PITTMAN         Lucinda      1st Ward Palmyra
POND            Alfred       Warren
POND            Joseph       Warren
POND            Joseph       Warren
POND            Sarah        Warren
PORTER          Gilchrist    Hannibal
PRATT           Gandley E    Palmyra
PRIEST          George W     Hannibal
PRIZER          Joseph W     Palmyra
PROCTOR         Columbus     Union
PROCTOR         Montgomery   Union
PRUST           Edward       Union
PULLIAM         William      Fabius
PURRAN          Anna         Hannibal
RAGEN           John F       Union
RAGER           John F       Warren
RALLS           William J    Round Grove
RANDALL         Noah         Round Grove
RANDOLPH        Thomas       Union
RANDOLPH        William      Liberty
RATCLIFF        James        1st Ward-Hannibal
RAY             Andrew       Warren
RAY             Andrew       Warren
RAY             Fielding     Liberty
READ            John T       Palmyra
REDD            James B      Fabius
REED            Amelia       1st Ward-Hannibal
RHODES          Samuel T     Warren
RICE            David J      1st Ward Palmyra
RICE            Donsilla     Fabius
RICE            Donsilla     Fabius
RICE            Mary A       Hannibal
RICHMOND        Catharine    Mason Twp
RICHMOND        Catharine    Mason Twp
RICHMOND        Eliza        Mason Twp
RIGER           William      Round Grove
RING            Thomas H     Miller
RITCHEY         William      Miller
ROBBINS         William      Miller
ROBERTS         A S          1st Ward-Hannibal
ROBINSON        William F    Warren
ROBY            Heskirk      Union
RODGERS         C R          Miller
RODGERS         C R          South River
RODGERS         Stephen      Warren
RODGERS         William P    Warren
ROGERS          William      Union
ROLL            Bird         Hannibal
ROSS            Thomas       Palmyra
ROSS            Thomas P     Palmyra
ROY             Fauntley J   Union
ROYN            James P      Hannibal
RUFFNER         Robert       1st Ward-Hannibal
RUSH            A W          1st Ward Palmyra
RUTHERFORD      James        Palmyra
RYAN            P H          Warren
SAILOR          Westley      Miller
SALLIE          Joseph       Union
SAMS            Joseph       Warren
SAMS            William B    Warren
SAMUELS         John J       Union
SANDFORD        Thomas L     Union
SANDIGE         Liland       Liberty
SAUCER          William      Mason Twp
SAUL            Peter A      Hannibal
SCHEETZ         F B          Warren
SCHOFIELD       Benjamin     Fabius
SCHOFIELD       Ellis H      Fabius
SCOTT           James        Round Grove
SCOTT           James H      Fabius
SCOTT           John         Round Grove
SCOTT           John W       Round Grove
SCOTT           John W       Round Grove
SCOTT           Mary         Round Grove
SCOTT           Michael      Fabius
SEATON          Lewis B      Hannibal
SENTY           David G      Palmyra
SETTERS         Peter M      Warren
SHACKLETT       Robert       Palmyra
SHACKLETT       Robert       Palmyra
SHACKLETT       Robert       Palmyra
SHACKLETT       Robert       Palmyra
SHACKLETT       Robert       Palmyra
SHACKLETT       Robert       Palmyra
SHANNON         I            Warren
SHANNON         John         Palmyra
SHANNON         Malinda      Warren
SHANNON         Sallie       Warren
SHARP           James A      Warren
SHARP           Richard N    Union
SHAW            Emanuel      South River
SHCRIETTER      Peter        Hannibal
SHEARER         F A          Palmyra
SHELLY          Shelly       1st Ward-Hannibal
SHEPHERD        Jesse        1st Ward Palmyra
SHIELDS         George W     Hannibal
SHOTWELL        M            Hannibal
SHROPSHIRE      James S      Palmyra
SHROPSHIRE      Jeremiah     Liberty
SHROPSHIRE      Jeremiah     Palmyra
SHUMATE         Joseph       Round Grove
SIMMONS         George       Union
SINGLETON       W B          Fabius
SISSON          Abner M      Miller
SITES           John         Liberty
SITES           William      Liberty
SLIFER          Ezra         Miller
SLIFER          James M      Miller
SLOAN           H            Fabius
SLOAN           H            Fabius
SLOAN           H            Fabius
SMARR           Abner        Miller
SMARR           John         Miller
SMITH           A            Palmyra
SMITH           Alex H       Union
SMITH           Asa          Mason Twp
SMITH           Fallacia     Fabius
SMITH           H C          1st Ward Palmyra
SMITH           H E          1st Ward Palmyra
SMITH           John         Fabius
SMITH           Joseph       Union
SMITH           Margaret     Fabius
SMITH           Susan        Fabius
SMOOT           Thomas P     Palmyra
SOSEY           Jacob        Palmyra
SOUTH           S            Fabius
SOUTH           S            Palmyra
SOUTH           Samuel       1st Ward Palmyra
SOWERS          Peter I      Palmyra
SPARKES         John C       Warren
SPARKES         William B    Warren
SPARKS          S            Fabius
SPENCER         Edward G     Warren
SPRAGUE         A D          Palmyra
SPRAGUE         Albert D     Palmyra
STACEY          Priscilla C  Miller
STACEY          William A    Miller
STEPHENS        Sarah        Fabius
STEVENSON       Jane         Warren
STEVENSON       John S       Hannibal
STEVENSON       R W          Warren
STILLWELL       Amos         Hannibal
STILLWELL       Brison       Hannibal
STONE           Samuel M     Mason Twp
STRAND          Abraham      Union
SUIT            Jesse        Liberty
SULLIVAN        Austin       Warren
SULLIVAN        Randolph     Warren
SUMMERS         Berkley S    Liberty
SUTER           Verdner      Liberty
SWISHER         Noah         Round Grove
TAKE            Daniel I     Fabius
TAYLOR          Barnes L     Fabius
TAYLOR          C            Fabius
TAYLOR          Caleb        Fabius
TAYLOR          Caleb        Fabius
TAYLOR          Charles W    Miller
TAYLOR          George       Liberty
TAYLOR          George W     Fabius
TAYLOR          J            1st Ward Palmyra
TAYLOR          J            Palmyra
TAYLOR          James T      Union
TAYLOR          John         Fabius
TAYLOR          John         Liberty
TAYLOR          Joseph       Fabius
TAYLOR          Rufus        Fabius
TAYLOR          Thomas       Liberty
TERRELL         H K          Union
TERRENCE        William P    Liberty
TERRILL         Edmund       Fabius
TERRILL         James H      Hannibal
TERRILL         James H      Warren
TERRILL         William H    1st Ward Palmyra
THALEN          C M          Fabius
THOMAS          Edmund       Warren
THOMAS          James W      1st Ward Palmyra
THOMPSON        Joseph W     Palmyra
THOMPSON        L            Palmyra
THOMPSON        Thomas C     Palmyra
THOMPSON        W            Hannibal
THOMPSON        William W    Palmyra
THRASHER        John         Liberty
THURMAN         Jeptha       Warren
TIPTON          Jacob        Union
TODD            George W     Fabius
TODD            S Blair      Fabius
TOOLEY          E M          Warren
TOOLEY          Elisha       Warren
TOWLER          J R          Fabius
TOWLER          R            Fabius
TOWLER          R            Fabius
TOWLER          Robert F     Fabius
TOWLER          Robert F     Fabius
TOWNER          Thomas H     Hannibal
TURNER          Charles L    Miller
TURNER          E H          Hannibal
TURNER          Erastes      Warren
TURNER          Gabriel      Miller
TURNER          John M       Warren
TURPIN          Achilles     Round Grove
UPTON           Eli          Warren
UPTON           James W      Warren
VALIANT         John         1st Ward Palmyra
VANCE           Robert A     South River
VANLANDINGHAM   Alfred       Liberty
VANLANDINGHAM   L P          Warren
VANNOY          Thomas E     Warren
VANNOY          Thomas E     Warren
VANRENUR        C J          Hannibal
VARTS           A            1st Ward-Hannibal
VIOLET          John         Liberty
VIOLET          John         Liberty
VOWLES          N F          South River
WAIT            William      1st Ward-Hannibal
WALKER          Edward W     Warren
WALKER          F B          Warren
WALKER          F B          Warren
WALKER          William      Palmyra
WARD            Medley       Fabius
WARDLAW         H H          Hannibal
WARNER          A            Palmyra
WARNER          Alfred       Palmyra
WASHINGTON      R H          Hannibal
WATSON          J            Mason Twp
WAUGH           James C      Hannibal
WEBB            J            Miller
WEBB            Mary J       Miller
WELLS           Claiborne    1st Ward Palmyra
WEST            Rebecca      Fabius
WETHERS         John N       Miller
WHALEY          Franklin     Miller
WHALEY          James        Miller
WHALEY          William      Liberty
WHITE           Cicero M     Liberty
WHITE           Clement      Liberty
WHITE           H C          Fabius
WHITE           John B       Liberty
WHITE           John B       Liberty
WHITE           John B       Palmyra
WHITE           Sarah        Union
WILLIAMS        Elizabeth    Warren
WILLIAMS        Frances A    1st Ward-Hannibal
WILLIAMS        Spotswood    South River
WILLIAMS        W W          Palmyra
WILLIAMS        William A    Miller
WILLIS          Henry        Union
WILLIS          Jeremiah     Union
WILSON          Ephraim J    Miller
WILSON          M R          Hannibal
WILSON          Robert       Warren
WILSON          W M          Hannibal
WINES           Enoch P      Union
WINN            Jane E       Hannibal
WISHART         Robert       1st Ward Palmyra
WISTFAW         Hiram A      Mason Twp
WITHERS         Isaac        Fabius
WITHERS         John         Fabius
WOBB            Henry        1st Ward-Hannibal
WOODS           Andrew       Warren
WOODS           James        Union
WYATT           Margaret     Warren
YAGER           John B       Round Grove
YATER           Cicero       Union
YATER           Hiram        Union
YATER           Mason        Union
YATER           William      Union
YATER           William      Union
YOUNG           Burdett      Union
YOUNG           Elizabeth    South River
YOUNG           James B      Warren
YOUSE           Billard D    1st Ward-Hannibal
YOUSE           Will         1st Ward-Hannibal