Name of Mother Place of Birth Period of Uterio Gestation Sex Cause of Dead Birth, Name of Father Residence of Mother Date of this Birth Color, Gestation Place of birth

(N/H)izer, Annie 2 mo – Mole Pregnancy (N/H)izer, Thomas Warren Twp, Marion Co 11/15/1883
Ashmere, Cor(del)in A 280 dys Male – – – Ashmere, Richard W Fabius Twp 4/13/1885 White
Bennett, Annie 9 mo Male Mother w/purperal convulsions
Bennett, George Near Palmyra 6/11/1884 White
Bohon, Joseph Benbow 3/22/1884 White
Bohon, Louisa Maria 9 mo Female Pressure on umbilical cord
Boldridge, Sarah 9 Male – – – Boldridge, Joseph Emerson, Marion Co 9/19/1883 White
Boyer, Annie 7 mo Female unknown Boyer, William Edw Marion Co, Mo 1/02/1886 White
Carson, Emily J. 8 mo Male Placenta Previa & Hemorrhage
Carson, Robt. W. Marion Co, Mo 3/15/1884 White
Carter, Lizzie V. 9 mo Male – – Carter, A. F. Near Palmyra 6/15/1884 White
Drescher, Lizzie M. 6 mo Female Fall Drescher, Warren F. Hannibal, Mo 1/29/1887 White
Gash, Margaret 9 mo unknown Gash, John R. Fabius Twp 12/24/1884 White
Gra(n)a, Sophia 9 mo Male Difficult labor Gra(n)a, John Fabius Twp 3/19/1885 White
Hardin, Sarah 9 mo Female – – unknown West Ely poorhouse 5/02/1885 White
Hubner, Milton M. Hannibal, Mo 10/04/1887 White
Hubner, Rosa V. Full term Female Purperal convulsions, mother
Jones, Margaret 8 1/2 mo Male unknown Jones, Thos. (English), West Ely 4/19/1885 White
Julius, Mary Full term Female unknown Julius, Alfred South River Twp 4/14/1886 Black
Keck, Sarah 9 mo Male – – Keck, Daniel Benbow 9/09/1884 White
Kirby, Emily Full term Male Asphyxia Kirby, Andrew Miller Twp 3/19/1884 White
Kirkham, Mary C. 9 mo Female unknown Kirkham, Byron Marion Co, Mo 5/04/1884 White
Leachnor, Mary 5 mo Male Leachnor, Chas Marion Co, Mo 10/07/1884 White
Lovelace, Margaret 9 mo Female unknown Lovelace, Rufus Fabius Twp 3/14/1885 White
McFarland, Rachel C. 6 mo Female Over exertion of mother McFarland, Thomas Mason Twp, Marion Co 11/18/1884 White
Rogers, John Warren Twp, Marion Co 11/01/1884 White
Rogers, Mary 9 mo Male Foot presentation/press on cord
Woods, Carrie 8 mo Female Woods, Peter Hannibal, Mo 2/26/1884 Black