Partial List

David Bedell, buried by the side of Elisha Headlee, his brother-in-law. Headlee and Bedell served in the same company of Pennsylvania dragoons and married sisters. They came from North Carolina to Missouri in 1834 and selected the place for Salem cemetery, requesting that they be buried by side. They were strict Methodists. Information as to Headlee and Bedell from M. O. Bedell, Springfield, Mo., grandson of David Bedell.

Samuel Boles (Bowles?) buried in Callaway County, on the old Boles farm, four miles, south of Fulton. Died about 1840 Thomas Terry, La Monte, and J. W. Boles, Auxvasse, informants.

Thomas Boyd served under General McNair, born in North Carolina, buried in the old J. P. Home cemetery upon the farm now owned bv Robert T. Nichols, near the village of Carrington. Information from John K. Boyd, Sr., of Centralia, Mo., who remembers hearing his grandfather relate his Revolutionary experiences.

Samuel Burks, buried in the Matthews graveyard, St. Francois township, Madison County. Information from B. O. Burks, grandson, Des Arc, Mo.

Christopher Casey, buried in Jefferson City. Informantion from F. W. Roer, County Clerk. Also information from W. W. Goodall, of Jefferson City, reciting that Christopher Casey is buried in the Gordon lot in the cemetery at that place and that a stone marks his grave.

John Chambers, buried in Kennedy graveyard about 1 mile southwest of Wright City. Information from J. B. Allen, great-grandson, Troy, Lincoln County. Also from Pierre B. Kennedy, St. Louis.

Col. Benjamin Cooper, for whom Cooper County was named, ws buried on the bluff, one mile southeast of Cooper’s old fort in Howard County. Information from great-granddaughter, Miss Harriet Mayfield, 1814 Washington Avenue, St. Louis.

Abel Dodd, buried at Millersburg; descendent, John T. MIller, Mexico, MO. Information from W. P. Robinson, Fulton, MO.

Charles Finnell, of Chariton County, is buried in Randolph County, about one and one-half miles south of Clifton Hill. Information from Mrs. A. H. Conrad, Shannondale, Mo.

William Goodson, ensign in the Revolution, was buried in a churchyard, 4 miles northwest of Carrollton. Information from J. T. Goodson and Alvin Goodson, Carrollton.

George Hardin, buried at Berry farm, near Fulton; descendents, George HArdin, Fulton, Mrs. .W. T. Herring, Shamrock, Mo. Information from W. P. Robinson, Deputy County Clerk, Fulton, Callaway County.

John Hawkins, buried at Potosi. Information from Thomas dudley Castleman, Potosi, Mo.

Elisha Headlee, Salem Cemetery, 10 miles north of Springfield. For further informatin, see Bedell.

Abram Hill, died in Ray County, but cannot locate his grave. Information from Probate Judge, Ray County.

Robert Jamison, buried west of New London in a private cemetery on the place now owned by one Emmison. From David Wallace.

Thomas Kennedy, buried in the Kennedy graveyard, near Wright City, the same cemetery in which John Chambers is buried. He was a resident of Pendleton District, South Carolina, and served in Fifth of Seventh Virginia Regiment, which regiment was almost annihilated at battle of Briar Creek. Kennedy then joined Humphrey Barnett’s rangers for the rest of the war. He married Sarah Gibson, of Pendleton District, S. C., daughter of Gayan Gibson, a soldier of the Revolution. Kennedy removed to Missouri in 1808 or 09 and settled in what is now Warren County, near Wright City. Information from grandson, Pierre B. Kennedy, St. Louis.

Robert Kirkpatrick, died in 1841 was buried in the w Lebanon cemetery, Cooper County. Information from W. L. Cordry, Bunceton, Mo.

___ Leake, who lived in Salt River township, is thought to be buried in the Church cemetery at St. Paul’s Church, Center township. Information from Mr. Wallace.

Robert Lemon, buried on his home place in Boone County, 2 1/2 miles northwest of Columbia. Information from granddaughter, Miss Fannie Lemon, Columbia.

John Majors, a soldier of the Revolution, born April 22, 1759, died December 27, 1844, is buried in the family cemetery on the farm of Rufus Majors, in the northeast corner of Clay County. Information from R. M. Majors, Kearney, Mo.

Henry Overly, died near Shamrock, Callaway County, was buried on his home place about 4 miles from Shamrock. His grave has since been plowed over. It is located the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 12 township 49, range 7 west. Information from J. S. Lail, Shamrock.

James Parks, buried at New Hope Baptist Church, forks of Chariton, Chariton County. Finnell and Parks related to Mrs. A. K. Leonard, Shannondale, Mo., from whom information comes. Correspondence with E. Dred Finnell, Salisbury, Mo.

John Paul, buried at Potosi. Information from Thomas Dudley Castleman, Potosi, Mo.

George Readding, buried at St. Francoisville, Clark County, about 12 miles from Keokuk, Iowa. The inscription on his gravestone reads: “George Readding, a Revolutionary soldier, and an elder in the Presbyterian Church near fifty years. Died Aug. 4, 1846, in the eighty-fifth (85) year of age. ” Information from Mrs. Ruth Colins Canby, Historian Keokuk Chapter, Keokuk, Iowa.

Edward Robertson, buried in the old graveyard of the Robertson family near Clark’s Fork. Robert McCulloch, of¬† Clarks Fork, writes that he has recently visited this grave and found an old marble stone, nearly covered with dirt, which bears this inscription: “Edward Robertson died April 21, 1848, aged 94 years, 11 months, and 11 days.” A communication from the Bureau of Pensions at Washinton gives the following data concerning Edward Robertson. He enlisted July 20, 1776, in Maryland, and served three years as a private soldier under Colonel HOusaker, Captain Heizer. Battles engaged in were Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth. applied for pension from Howard County, MO. Nov. 14, 1818. Aged at that time 65 years. His claim was allowed.

Robert S. Russell, buried at Freeman Farm, near Millersburg, Callaway County. Descendant, T. A. Russell, Fulton. Information from W. P. Robinson, Fulton, Mo.

James Sewell, removed to Clay County to Clinton County in 1840, and a few years later died at the home of a married daughter named Pogue or Poage. His grave is supposed to be in the Poage burying ground ten miles northwest of Plattsburg, county seat of Clinton County. From county clerk of Clay County.

Richard Sims, died in 1852, buried in the old Sims graveyard about 8 miles north of Liberty, Mo. Information from great-great-granddaughter, Louise C. Stogdale, Liberty, Mo.

Rodem Sims, buried on the old Crawford farm in the family lot on the place in an unmarked grave. From Hon. David Wallace, member of Legislature from Ralls County, New London.

Samuel Steele, buried at Mount Comfort cemetery, 8 miles north of Springfield. Information from M. O. Bedell, Springfield, Mo.

Benjamin Taylor was buried in Stoddard County, but the grave has not yet been located with exactness. Information from J. N. Punch, County Clerk.

Edward Thomas, buried at the Thomas Stone house, Bellview, Iron county. Information from Thomas Dudley Castleman, Potosi, MO.

James Wells resided with son-inlaw, James Clevenger, in 1840, died Aug. 17, 1855, aged 92, and was buried in New Garden Cemetery, Ray County. Information from Probate Judge, Ray County.

John Woolfolk was born September 9, 1762, in Virginia, and died in Boone County, October 11, 1843. Buried near Deer Park, a small town 8 miles south of Columbia. A limestone slab marks his grave. Information from Col. William Switzler, Columbia, Mo.

The pension records of 1840 show that Uriah Brock, then aged 79, was living in Scott County, town or township of Moreland with Hartwell Brock. The Pension Commissioner informs me that he served six years in the Revolution as a private, under Captain Camp Carter, Colonel Charles Harri; enlisted from Virginia. He was in the battles of Monmouth, Guilford Court House, Eutaw Springs and Camden. Applied for a pension June 18, 1819, then aged 56 years, from Cape Girardeau County. His claim was allowed.

I have a memorandum of three Pennsylvanians who removed to Missouri after the Revolution:

William Nicholson, resided in St. Francois County in1833, aged 79. He served in the First, Fourth and Seventh Pennsylvania Regiments, Continental Line. See Pennsylvania Archives, second series, Vol. X.

George Miller, 2. In Franklin County, June 15, 1834. Served in Second Pennsylvania Regiment. See same Volume.

Thomas Wyatt, Ensign, resided in St. Louis, Mo., in 1834, aged 80. Served in Eighth Pennsylvania Regiment. See same Volume. Pension Commissioner writes that Thomas Wyatt served 4 years as Ensign under Captain Van Swearingen, Colonels Wilson and McCoy. Enlisted from Pennsylvania. Was in battle of Brandywine. Applied for pension April 6, 1819, from St. Louis County, then aged 65 years. His claim was allowed.