Marion County

A very special thanks to Gordon Byers for the following information on the 1883 Roll and the Monroe County, Missouri Roll list below!

The U.S. Congress directed the Pension Office to prepare a list of individuals receiving pensions for war service. The Pension Office produced a list as of January 1, 1883 called “Pensioners on the Roll”.

The pensioners were primarily Union veterans from the Civil War or survivors from the War of 1812 but also included other service as well. In addition to the veterans themselves, family members receiving pensions based on said service were also included.

Note that Confederate veterans were not eligible for federal pensions from Civil War service and presumably such service may have barred them from drawing such benefits even if qualified from other military service.

City of Hannibal shown at bottom half of this page

Certificate NoNamePost OfficeCause for which pensionedMonthly rateOriginal date
130661Peter SchmittElmirawd. r. hip6.00
38592Geo. B. KennedyEmersoninjury to abdomen8.00
10264Polly Scottdo8.00Oct 1878
154216Thomas S. KinerHesterdis. of liver8.50Jul 1878
44321Henry G. Smithdoloss l. arm18.00
20228Eliza Taylordo8.00Aug 1880
160405James Pilcherdodis. of lungs18.00Jun 1879
154859Allen ShunkMarion Citygsw neck4.00
168931Henry J. Sheldondochr. diarr4.00Jun 1880
66986Joseph Youngdoinjury to abdomen8.00
116778August PollmanPalmyrado4.00
7580Abraham Joliffedochronic diarrhea4.00
30656Jonathan Yatesdogsw r. knee & l. foot24.00
176022Mary Eliza Reeddowidow16.00Jan 1877
140047William H. Keckdogsw left foot4.00Aug 1876
146801Frederick Lammdodisease of head & spine, result of prison life.18.00Jun 1877
109440Bernhard Zollerdochr. diarr. & inj. to abdomen6.00
133016Samuel McCollockdowd. right knee & chron. rheu4.00
193826Cyrus Marshalldogsw r. foot4.00Aug 1881
217054Johannes Dickdoinjury to abdomen8.00Aug 1882
192250Anna Schaferdowidow8.00May 1881
156013John Dogandoinjury to abdomen8.00
167126Francis Dixondodisease of eyes12.00Apr 1880
115154Michael Diemerdogsw left leg10.00
133954Peter Daumedoinj. of left ankle6.00
171647Perry H. Bloomerdogsw rt. foot4.00Jul 1880
173228Alexander Christiandoloss of sight left eye4.00Sep 1880
74976Casper Habigtdowound left leg8.00
217711Christian Herningdorheumatism & dis. of liver6.00Sep 1882
11021Isaac R. Hugginsdogsw left hand2.00
196285Sarah Mossdowidow8.00Jun 1882
32343Mary M. Mastersondo8.00Apr 1882
622Margaret Tatedo8.00Sep 1871
183567Kate Johnsondodep. mother8.00Mar 1879
176928Anna C. Knippeldodo8.00Apr 1877
184346Moses Leedodep. father8.00Jun 1879
171638Mary Brothersdodep. mother8.00Jan 1876
82826Mary Bartlettdowidow8.00
184265Hiram Rhodesdodis. of lungs12.00Mar 1881
208960Charles P. Wittmandogsw of right hip6.00May 1882
196123Wilhelm Shefferdogsw left thigh & injury to abdomen.8.00Sep 1881
211372Daniel P. Bartondochr. diarrhea4.00Jun 1882
101171George Petredoinjury to abdomen12.00
155289Hartman Newmandogsw left leg and resulting varicose veins8.00
213380William D. Marshdochr. diarrhea8.00Jun 1882
35424Simon Crilesdogsw left shoulder14.00
83690James Sannerdogsw left hand and spine8.00
51572Francis T. Frostdogsw left hand8.00
218022Owen BrewerPeabodyscurvy4.00Sep 1882
170841Susan C. RussPhiladelphiadep. mother8.00Oct 1875
54647James Benchdoparalysis lower extremities18.00
63215Richard HipkinsWarreninjury to abdomen8.00
36732Wm. L. Hedrickdowd. l. knee10.00
194407William Gottmandogsw of sight
117628John H. Johnsondoinj. spine, results6.00
23228Orville ScottWest Elygsw rt. breast12.00
144687Mary Norrisdowidow8.00Sep 1870
22198Francis Owsleydo8.00Apr 1879
40604Mary F. FreemoleWoodlandwidow8.00

City of Hannibal

Certificate NoNameCause for which pensionedMonthly rateOriginal date
76892Jeremiah Moorewd. r. arm6.00
175284Jacob Hallanerwd. r. leg & inj. to l. shoulder8.00
167976Stillinan Stoutwound l. leg & partial loss of r. index finger from gsw6.00May 1880
101803Wm. A. Hopperwd. r. foot16.00
12910Henry C. Jenningsw. r. shoulder6.00Jun 1863
198905Peter Clark, diarr6.00Dec 1881
122677John T. Boylevar. veins l. leg10.00
131378Gilbert L. Moriartywd. r. thigh6.00
94462Johnson Smithdis. of abdominal viscera15.00
196513Purdy H. Hickokdis. lungs4.00Oct 1881
98981Asahel M. Smithinjury to abdomen6.00Jul 1869
William C. Browngsw l. thigh4.00May 1882
75091Mary G. Willisminor of8.00Jun 1866
87931Josiah Colemanwd. face4.00
841138John C. Johnsonwd. l. shoulder6.00
12397Charles A. Willoughbygsw rt. leg4.00
133208Albert Longwellgsw rt. thigh6.00
107678Charles A. Lainlechr. rheumatism18.00
187101Andrew Jacksoninjury to abdomen8.00Apr 1881
215943Thomas J. Higginsdis. of abdominal viscera4.00Jul 1882
52460John E. Learnedgsw rt. arm8.00
99208John A. Smithwound r. shoulder4.00
47073Zebulon B. Stoddardwd. l. arm18.00
214017George D. Millersunstroke, result’g in nervous debility & injury left leg.12.00Jun 1882
132055John T. McCluregsw left hand4.00Feb 1875
93408William B. Whitewd. rt. side of neck30.00
12657Amanda B. Bowen8.00Dec 1878
115482George C. Mooregsw left shoulder6.00Feb 1872
149733Cynthia Cowanwidow8.00Apr 1871
178754Benjamin F. Demorestdisease of heart and lungs10.00
184437Allen Fugateinjury to abdomen8.00Mar 1881
23482John P. Fisheramp. right thigh24.00
197064Harriet Randalldep. mother8.00Aug 1882
36382Mary Shaughnesywidow8.00
157585Frances J. Williamsdo8.00Apr 1872
165758Margaret Washingtonwidow8.00Jul 1874
121840Sarah Webbdo8.00
57512Joshua M. Gibbsgsw right leg12.00
131246William J. Bradshawgsw left knee6.00Jan 1875
36953Robert Blairhypertrophy of heart12.00
213613William A. Gordonchr. diarrhea17.00Jun 1882
126044Henry Bazelgsw rt. thigh & injury to abdomen.6.00Dec 1873
172645Henry Hofbanerinjury to thumb of right hand by felon.4.00Aug 1880
26290Thomas McFarlinwd. l. knee12.00
157891Dennis Gallaghergsw of abdomen2.00Mar 1879
65326Timothy Burnswd. left arm8.00Jun 1866
12106Daniel W. Heningwound left knee8.00
173220Charles Colwellgsw rt. hand, loss lst fing3.00Sep 1880
96146Henry A. Cherrygsw rt. chest4.00
198144Wilbur Chamberlaingsw of left foot6.00Nov 1881
74382Julia A. Reamwidow8.00
89750William Comptonloss left arm24.00
201698Ambrose N. Hagnergsw l. hand6.00Jan 1882
45980William F. Clendenengsw left arm6.00Jul 1865
29564Cathrine Richmond8.00May 1880
25160Eunice Turner8.00Jun 1879
25475Susanah Turner8.00Jul 1879
70048Elizabeth Wilton8.00Oct 1878
11461Mary E. Wait8.00Nov 1878
130821Harriet Johnsonwidow8.00
147547Mary C. Jonesdo8.00
183475Tennie Johnsondo8.00Mar 1879
183853Hester Kinchindo8.00Apr 1879
148506Mary Learydo8.00Mar 1871
145948Martha B. Morrisdo8.00Nov 1870
7108Samuel Lafever8.00Oct 1871
24387Asal Mead8.00Oct 1878
129374James M. Sloatchild10.00May 1869
69290Martha F. Barnesdep. mother8.00Apr 1866
77746Isabella Bowersoxwidow8.00
165494Emma Buseydo8.00Jul 1874
56266John B. Shepherdwound left arm15.00Jan 1866
20121Thomas B. Morrisgsw l. hand2.00
33120Frederick Rausunstroke & results12.00
96912Christian Wolfwound left side6.00
158626William Tullyrheumatism & dis. of heart12.00
58576Oliver Beachgsw rt. elbow8.00
14899John M. Bauergsw rt. arm18.00
23732Jacob M. Brosiusgsw rt. leg14.00
34608George W. Brunergsw of face8.00
203095Charles G. Bulkleygsw of abdomen4.25Feb 1882
206790Daniel W. Riderinj. rt. leg & resulting varicose veins & necrosis.12.00Sep 1882
202875James B. Orrchr. diarrhea & bronchitis & resulting dis. of heart.12.00Feb 1882
128825Eliza J. Arthurwidow8.00May 1869
158477Rachel Dyerdo8.00Jun 1872
17750Edward Priceswelling of rt. leg3.00
197093Sarah Giddingsdep. mother8.00Aug 1882