1929 Colored Directory of Hannibal

ABBEY                      John C. and Miss Viola                                         212 S. 11th St.
ABBEY                      William (Rosella)                Emp. C. B. & Q                1201 Rock St.
ABBEY                      Humphry (Anna)                   Emp. Rubber Plant             1911 Spruce
ABBEY                      Miss Eliza,                      Emp. Shoe Factory             209 N. Pine
ABBEY                      Sam (Ethel C.)                   Emp. Wheel Foundry            207 N. Pine
ABBEY                      Joseph,                                                        1913 Settles
ABOTT                      Tom (Mary)                                                     100 Bacon
ADAMS                      Morris and Edgar,                Students                      914 North
ADAMS                      Harry (Zola)                     Mechanic                      1226 Broadway
ALEXANDER                  Rev.  J. A. (Katherine)          Pastor, Allen Chapel A. M. E  254 Lyon St.
ALLEN                      Ira                              Labor                         1224 Broadway
ALLEN                      Mrs. Ruby (Wid.)                                               1010 Collier St
ALLEN                      Mrs. A'melia (Wid.)                                            1224 Broadway
ALLEN                      James                            Emp. Cement Plant             1916 Settles
ALLEN                      Emmett (Callie)                                                1236 E. Gordon
ALLEN                      Henry (Nellie)                                                 1006 Bacon
ALLEN                      John                             Emp.  C. B. & Q               2515 Hope
ALLEN                      Paul (Anna)                      Labor                         1300 Elm St.
ALLEN                      John (Maudie)                    Labor                          617 Collier St.
ALLEN                      Henry (Mary)                                                   1219 Girard St
ALLEN                      Paul                             Labor                         1309 Elm
ALLEN                      Wm.                              Emp.. Blooms Miss Mary F      1402 Fairview
ALLEN                      Will                             Janitor                       609 Mark Twain
ALLISON                    Arch (Daisy)                     Emp. Shoe Factory             2115 Patchen
ALLS                       Mrs. Amy                                                       1919 Spruce
ALLS                       Howard                           Labor                         1919 Spruce
ALLS                       Norman (Ida)                     Emp. Rubber Plant             1011 Vermont
AMBERS                     Transfer-Phone 3022                                            118 Hill St.
AMBERS                     Perry (Mary)                     Prop. Transfer                1516 Pleasant St.
AMBERS                     Mrs                                                            203 Section St.
AMBERS                     Miss Thelma                                                    1516 Pleasant St.
ANDERSON                   Wm.                              Huckster                      1900 Benton
ANDERSON                   Mrs. Ella                                                      1900 Benton
ANDERSON                   Simon                            Mechanic                      418 N. 9th St.
ANDERSON                   Mrs. Anna Mae                                                  2000 Settles
ANDERSON                   Luther                           Emp. Wheel Foundry            2000 Settles
ANDERSON                   Robert                                                         1000 S. Arch
ANDERSON                   (Jaybird) Wm.                    Pool Hall                     414 Lemon
ANDERSON                   Pete (and wife)                                                1620 Broadway
ANDERSON                   Will                             Emp. Wabash                   2104 Irvin
ANDERSON                   Simon                            Car Washer                    418 N. 9th St.
ANDERSON                   Everett and Miss Lela            Ice Man                       1917 Spruce
ARNOLD                     Mrs. Maggie and Minor                                          end of Arch
ASHBY                      J. W.                            Farmer                        603 N. 8th
ASHBY                      Mrs. Josie, Miss Helen                                         603 N. 8th
AUSTIN                     John (Gertrude)                  Prop. Peoples Grocery         1106 Lyon
AYERS                      Will                             Waiter Mark Twain Hotel       115 Hill St.
BAIS                       Miss Mary                                                      1714 Wardlaw
BAKER                      Harry                            Carpet Layer                  405 N Main
BANKS                      Clark ( Mary)                                                  1800 Texas
BANKS                      Wm. Thomass (Lula)               Labor                         1800 Texas
BARNES                     Harry (Kate)                     Janitor                       1250 Essig
BATES                      S. J                                                           905 S. Arch
BATES                      Mrs. Bessie                                                    609 S. 15th
BATSELL                    Mrs. Essie                       Cateress-Phone 1319W          1212 Broadway
BATSELL                    Ora                              Emp. Cement Plant             1212 Broadway
BELL                       Mm Anna (Wid.)                                                 2210 W. Gordon
BELL                       Mrs. Ellen (Wid.)                                              1208 North St.
BELL                       George (Hettie)                  Farmer                        2724 Pine
BELL                       Mrs. Helen                                                     2209 Spruce
BELL                       Jessie (Lizzie)                  Emp. U. S. Post Office        721 Hill
BELL                       Mrs. Millie (Wid.)                                             600 15th St.
BELL                       Mrs. Mary                                                      600 Butler
BELL                       Mose                             Intertype Operator            2706 Chestnut
BELL                       Mrs. S. (Wid.)                                                 2706 Chestnut
BELL                       Sylvester                        Labor                         2209 Spruce
BELL                       Payton (Grace) and Miss Clara                                  407 S. Griffith
BELL                       J. W. (Susie)                    Labor                         2809 Broadway
BERKLEY                    Mrs. Eva (Wid.)                                                705 Vermont
BERKLEY                    Eugene (Anna)                                                  904 Butler
BERKLEY                    James (cripple)                                                904 Butler
BIAS                       Mrs. Leeanna (Wid.)                                            2009 Gordon
BIASL                      Lonzo                            Labor                         902 S. Arch
BICE                       Mary                             Housekeeper Long's Hotel      318 N. Main
BIRD                       Wm. (Rosetta)                     Emp.  Hehmeyer's             1813 1/2  Hill
BLACK                      J. H.                            Barber Emp. Fugate            12 1/2 Myers Place
BLACK                      J. H. (Ada)                       Transfer                     700 Paris Ave.
BLACK                      Mrs. Anna (Wid.) and Miss Mollie                               2300 Spruce
BLACK                      Wm.                              Labor                         815 S. Arch
BLACK                      Joe (Georgia)                    Emp.  Shoe Factory            509 N. 8th
BLACK                      J. H. (Ada)                                                    700 Paris
BLAKEY                     Mrs. Ludie (Wid.) and James                                    315 N. Center
BLACKWELL                  A. S. (Rose)                      Emp.  Cement Plant           704 Vermont
BLANCH                     Eurriel (Sophie)                                               1918 Settles
BOHON                      A R. (Roberta)                    Emp.  Shoe Factory           713 Hill
BOHON                      Edward                                                         1263 Collier
BOWMAN                     Mrs. Eveline (Wid.)                                            1921 Settles
BOYD                       Mrs. Bessie                                                    2715 Pine
BRADFORD                   W. S. (Rosetta)                                                1614 Broadway
BRADFORD                   Joe                              Emp.  Rubber Plant            2004 Spruce
BRAXTON                    Guy labor                                                      607 Mark Twain
BRITTS                     Mrs. Vina                                                      1012 Vermont
BY-GHT                     Frank (Gertie) and Miss Clara                                  2205 Spruce
BRIGHT                     Will                             Emp.  C. B. & Q               2009 Gordon
BROADUS                    Willis (Lillie)                  Plaster                       617 S. Willow
BRODUS                     Lawrence (Beatrice)              Contractor                    2115 Hope
BROOKS                     Gerald                           Student                       223 N. Section
BROOKS                     Mrs. Josie (Wid.)                                              202 Olive
BROOKS                     John                             Emp.  Union Station           233 N. Section
BROWN                      Cora and Cleota                                                1618 Wardlaw
BROWN                      Chester                          Emp.  C. B.                   1031 Vermont
BROWN                      Mrs. Ella and Charley            Emp.  Shoe Factory            1904 Settles
BROWN                      Frank M. (Susie)                  Janitor Presbyterian Church  613 Mark Twain
BROWN                      Homer and Jack                   Transfer Men                  1618 Wardlaw
BROWN                      Homer (Martha)                   Transfer                      618 Wardlaw
BROWN                      Henry                                                          1271 Collier
BROWN                      Jack                                                           115 Hill
BROWN                      James (Mandoline)                Emp. Wabash                   1904 Settles
BROWN                      J. P. (Daisy)                    Prop. Brown Transfer          807 Hill
BROWN                      Jack                             Transfer-Miss Cleota          618 Wardlaw
BROWN                      Mrs. Nettie (Wid.) and Miss Hattie                             904 North
BROWN                      Mrs. Mollie (Wid.)                                             209 Section
BROWN                      Mrs. Martha                                                    16018 Wardlaw
BROWN                      Prem                             Farmer                        651 N. 9th St.
BROWN                      Sam (Anna)                       Labor                         1109 Colfax
BRYANT                     Walker                                                         913 S. Arch
BUCKNER                    Mrs. Andy (Wid.)                                               310 Mark Twain
BUCKNER                    Mrs. Peachie (Wid.)                                            2003 Settles
BUCKNER                    Miss Vecie Moore                                               1921    Settles
BUCKNER                    Modie                            Emp. Wheel Foundry            1921 Settles
BUCKNER                    Mrs. Tennis                                                    1921 Settles
BUCKNER                    Ben (Jenny)                      Emp. C. B. & Q                2001    Spruce
BULLOCK                    N. J.                            Emp. Union Station            1300 Paris Ave.
BULLOCK                    Mrs. Emily                       Clerk Peoples Grocery Co      1300 Paris Ave
BUNDY                      Miss Rosie Lee                                                 108 Hill
BUNDY                      Mrs. Mary E. (Wid.)                                            1620 Broadway
BUNDY                      Jessie (Mamie)                   Emp.  Shoe Factory            919 S. Arch
BUNDY                      Mrs. Lizzie                                                    1004 S. Arch
BUNDY                      Mrs. Janet (Wid.) and Miss Rosie Lee                           108 Hill
BUNDY                      Al (Edna)                        Emp Rock Quarry               519 S. Haydon
BURNETT                    Miss Ruby                                                      23 Myers Place
BURTON                     Clifford                                                       1229 Ledford
BUSH                       Mrs. Opal                                                      2000 Settles
BUSH                       Mrs. Addie (Wid.)                                              1405 Laurel St
BUSH                       Mrs. Sarah (Wid.)                                              2002 Gordon
CALDWELL                   W. E.                            Elder, The Candy Man          1239 Market
CAMPBELL                   Miss Bernice                                                   R. F. D. 2
CAMPBELL                   Benj.                            Labor                         208 N. 8th St.
CAMPBELL                   Dave and Arnold and Roy          Farmers                       R. F. D. 2
CAMPBELL                   Frank                            Emp. C. B. & Q                715 Hill
CAMPBELL                   Frank (Myrtle)                                                 902 Arch
CAMPBELL                   Mrs. Hattie                                                    715 Hill
CAMPBELL                   Ralph (Ada)                      Emp. Shoe Factory             1112 Colfax
CAMPBELL                   Mrs. Susie and Miss Lovelight                                  208 N. Willow
CAMPBELL                   Will (Alma)                      Prop. Campbell Transfer Line  926 North
CAMPBELL                   Vada                             Emp. Cement Plant             1112 Lyon
CAMPBELL                   Mable                            Prop.  Campbell's Tea Room    1112 Lyon
CANADY                     Jack                             Emp.  Rock Quarry             815 S. Arch
CAPERS                     Henry (Eva)                                                    539 Bridge
CARPENTON                  Mrs. Edith                                                     613 S. 15th
CARR                       Mrs. Laura and Miss Helen        Teacher                       2302 Spruce
CHARLSON                   Chas.                            Emp.  Hannibal Hotel          318 N. Main
CHARLESTON                 Thos                                                           1014 S. Arch
CHATMAN                    Frank                            Emp.  Cement Plant            315 Center
CHATMAN                    Mrs. Nora                                                      5 Myers Place
CHRISTIAN                  Mrs. Nollie                                                    2005 Spruce
CHRISTIAN                  Bell                             Emp.  Telephone Bldg          2005 Spruce
CLARK                      Edward (Callie)                  Emp.  Cement Plant            319 Center
CLAY                       Mrs.  Addie (blind)                                            651 N. 9th St
CLAY                       Lulu                             Hairdressing Parlor           1210 Broadway
CLAY                       Mrs. Meta Henderson (Wid.)                                     227 N. Section
CLAY                       Warren H.                        Prop.  Clay's Barber Shop     1210 Broadway
CLAY                       Wm.                              Labor                         115 Clinton
CLEAR                      Mrs. Lizzie (Wid.)                                             2203 Spruce
CLEVER                     Warren                           House Cleaner                 1023 S. Arch
COOMBS                     Mrs. Eliza                       Prop.  Coombs' Tea Room       1252 Essig
COOMBS                     Henry                            Emp.  Hannibal Laundry        1252 Essig
COMTS                      Mrs. Ina (Wid.)                                                600 15th St.
COOPER                     Mrs. Susie (Wid.)                                              1022 Vermont
COOPER                     William (Mildred)                                              822 North
CONNELY                    Will (and Wife)                  Labor                         2310 Spruce
COPENHAVER                 Mrs. Una                                                       1910 Settles
COPENHAVER                 Luther and Mrs. Emma (Wid.)                                    1910 Settles
COPENHAVEN                 Ralph                                                          1263A Collier
COURSEY                    Ambrose                          Truck Driver                  319 Mark Twain
COURSEY                    Mrs. Edith (Wid.)                                              2709 Chestnut
COX                        James (Fannie)                   Janitor                       607 Mark Twain
CROPP                      Raymond                          Emp.  Marion Hotel            115 Hill
CROPP                      Louis                            Cook                          115 Hill
CROW                       James                            Emp.  Cement Plant            1252 Essig
CROW                       Mr. and Mrs.                     Emp.  C. B. & Q               2018 Spruce
CRUMLY                     Mrs. Eva                                                       606 N. 3rd
CURRY                      Clyde                            Emp.  C. B. & Q               318 N. Main
CURTIS                     Clifford (Willie)                Emp. Burch's                  613 Mark Twain
CUTCHINS                   Mrs. Rosa (Wid.)                                               4 Hogg Place
CUNNINGHAM                 Mrs. Lizzie                                                    412 Lemon
DAILEY                     Granville                        Emp.  C. B. & Q               814 Hill
DAILEY                     Mrs. Bessie, Herman, student                                   814 Hill
DAILY                      Ed                               Emp. White Star Laundry       rear 1909 Settles
DAMMONS                    Charley (Ada)                                                  2027 Broadway
DAMIC                      Pearl (Mary)                     Emp. Rubber Plant             1228 Center
DAN                        Mrs. Ella, (Wid.)                                              2200 Garth
DANT                       Charley and Mrs. Mary, retired                                 2112 Spruce
DANT                       Miss Dora and Miss Eloise                                      2212 Spruce
DANT                       Jerome and Melvina               Labor                         2212 Spruce
DANT                       Henry                            Retired                        619 Haydon
DAVIS                      Alfonzo                          Emp. White Star Laundry       318 N. Main
DAVIS                      Alfonzo                          Labor                         821 Hill
DAVIS                      Mrs. Florence                                                  1006 Collier
DAVIS                      Mrs. Lucy (Wid.)                                               2004 A Spruce
DAVIS                      John (Mary)                      Labor                         913 Rock
DAVIS                      Jeriah                           (Wilifred)                    2016 Gordon
DAVIS                      W. A. (Dorothy)                  Chauffeur                     1626 Broadway
DAY                        Ernest (Laura)                   Emp.  C. B. & Q.              2021 Spruce
DEALEY                     James (Jennie)                   Labor                         429 S. Arch
DEALY                      P. F.                            Prop. Grocery                 410 N.9th
DICKSON                    Jim                                                            1032 Bacon
DICKSON                    Louis (Emma)                     Emp. Shoe Factory             1032 Bacon
DICKSON                    Levi (Susie)                     Trucker                       1403 Laurel
DIGGS                      Mrs. Anna Mae (Wid.)             Prop. Grocery                 1003 North
DIXON                      Wallace (Sarah)                  Emp. Shoe Factory             2005 Spruce
DOOLEN                     Francis                                                        1263A Collier
DOOLEN                     Mrs. Sdsen (Wid.)                                              1259 Essig
DOOLIN                     Miss Arzetta                                                   610 John St.
DOOLIN                     J. L. (Lydia)                    Emp. Standard Printing Co     610 John St.
DOOLIN                     Jacob (Bertha)                   Emp. Foundry                  1239 Church
DOUGLAS                    Walter (Arlene)                  Emp. C. B. &                  2002 Spruce
DOUGLAS                    Jimmie                           Emp. Glissons                 1000 N. 18th
DOUGLAS                    Sam  (Genevieve)                 Emp. C. B. & Q                412 Willow
DOOGLAS                    Joe                              Emp. C. B. & Q                1110 Colfax
DOUGLAS                    Mrs. Blanche                     Chef Texas Caf�               313 Hill
DRAKE                      Gilbert                          Labor                         2108 Irvin
DUBALL                     Mrs                                                            205 Section
DUGAN                      Tom                                                            1208 Patchen
DUNCAN                     James (and wife)                 Labor                         1102 Lindell
DUNCAN                     James (Gertrude)                                               rear 1035 Vermont
DUNCAN                     Mrs. Jannie Miss Anna                                          rear 1035 Vermont
DYERS                      Earl (Mate)                                                    705 Bridge
EARLY                      Roy (Betty)                                                    646 N. 8th St.
EARLY                      James (Nora)                     Truck Driver                  1019 S. Arch
ELLISON                    Miss Laura                                                     2325 Bolden
ELY                        Clifford (Cora)                  Emp.  C. B. &                 2319 Hope
ELY                        Wm. (Dottie)                     Labor                         1000 N. 18th
ERVIN                      Wm. (Dorothy)                    Emp.  C. B. & Q               2020 Spruce
ESLEY                      Mrs. Mary                                                      1273 Collier
ESQUE                      Ossa                             Emp.  C. B. & Q               206 Olive
ESTELL                     Mrs. Martha                                                    2004A Spruce
FSTELL                     Lawler                                                         1244 Ledford
EVANS                      Mrs. Lizzie (Wid.)                                             1260 Collier
EWING                      Mrs. Lois                                                      251 Summit
FELTERS                    Mrs. Francis                                                   516 N. 9th St.
FEITH                      Charley (and wife)               Emp.  Luthern School          709 Vermont
FIKE                       Mrs. Carrie (Wid.)                                             2329 Bolden
FIKE                       Charley and Floyd, student       Labor                         2323 Bolden
FIKE                       Wm. (Susie)                      Emp.  Cement Plant            1712 Wardlaw
FOLEY                      Charley                          Emp.  Mark Twain Hotel        545 A. Bridge
FOLEY                      George (Emma)                    Emp.  Storrs                  545 A. Bridge
FLOOD                      Monroe (Hattie)                  Trucker                       614 N. 9th St.
FORD                       Ezra (Velma)                     Emp. Wheel Foundry            210 Willow
FORD                       Robert-Anna                      Emp. Wheel Foundry            512 N. 9th
FORD                       Mrs. Fannie (Wid.)                                             1612 Broadway
FORD                       Mrs. Emma (Wid.)                                               2210 Gordon
FOSTER                     Ed.                              Emp. Union Station            1275 Collier
FOSTER                     Miss Jennie                                                    1275 Collier
FOUCHS                     J. H. (Iona)                     Chauffeur Breeding's          21 11 Hope
FOUNTAIN                   Wm. (Georgia)                    Labor                         901 Dewitt
FOUTES                     Gertrude                                                       600 Butler
FOX                        Dr. A. W.                        Physican And Surgeon-Phone 1981216 Center
FOX                        Mrs. Jessie                                                    1216 Center
FRANKLIN                   Mrs. Helen (Wid.)                                              1001 Rock
FRAZIER                    Vincent (May D.)                                               508 N. 9th
FROPSHIER                  Mrs. Hattie                                                    203 Section
FUGATE                     Barber Shop                                                    1631 Market
FUGATE                     Albert                           Prop., Barber Shop            Wardlaw
FUGATE                     Mrs. Carrie                                                    Wardlaw
FUGATE                     Miss Katherine                                                 20 Myers Place
FUGATE                     Mrs. Carrie                                                    2003 Settlers
GALBRETH                   Arthur                           Emp. Rubber Plant             1909 Settles
GARDENER                   George (Daisy)                   Labor                         1909 Spruce
GARDENER                   George (Daisy)                   Emp. Foundry                  1909 Spruce
GASBERRY                   Harrison (cripple)                                             2117 Gordon
GASBERRY                   Mrs. Amanda                      Matthews And French           2117 Gordon
GASKIN                     Floyd                            Emp.  Shoe Factory            710 Vermont
GATES                      Lester                                                         17121/2 Wardlaw
GAY                        Zanie (Gertie) and Miss Ruth C                                 1229 Ledford
GAY                        Oscar (Lizzie)                                                 2109 Patchen
GIBSON                     A. D                                                           1620 Broadway
GIBSON                     Rolert (Ida Lee)                 Labor                         1017 Vermont
GIBSON                     Dan (Nadine)                     Emp.  Cement Plant            1017 Vermont
GIBSON                     Mrs. Ellen                                                     2109 Hope
GITSON                     Mrs. Evelene and Janet                                         1017 Vermont
GIBSON                     Edward                           Musician                      206 Olive
GIBSON                     Robert                           Emp.  Mark Twain Hotel        206 Olive
GILL                       Henry                            Emp.  Hannibal Machine Wks    108 Hill
GILL                       Mrs. Susie                                                     1228 Center
GILLAM                     Albert                           Prop.  Shining Parlor         1909 Settles
GILLAM                     Shining Parlor                                                 315 S. Main
GIVENS                     Mrs. Mary (deaf and dumb)                                      913 S. Arch
GIVENS                     Horance (deaf and dumb)                                        913 S. Arch
GOLDEN                     Richard                          Emp.  Rock Quarry             822 North
GOREE                      Wm. (Gracel)                     Mechanic                      1235 Center
GOSS                       Mrs. Beulah                                                    1226 Broadway
GRANT                      Ambrose (Ludy)                   Emp.  Gas Plant               1023 S. Arch
GRANT                      Sallie (Wid.) and Shannon        Student                       1110 Colfax
GRANT                      Gracie                                                         1110 Colfax
GRANT                      Robert (deaf and dumb)                                         1110 Colfax
GRAY                       Mrs. T. (Wid.)                                                 423 S. Section
GRAY                       Mrs. (Wid.)                                                    2307 Spruce
GRAY                       Ulyssis (Rosa)                   Emp.  Gas Plant               1021 Arch
GRAYS                      George (Mary)                                                  2103 Irvin
GREEN                      Mrs. (Wid.)                                                    rear 900 North
GREEN                      Arthur (Essie)                   Prop. Cafe                    112 Bird
GREEN                      Mr. and Bessie                   Emp.  C. B. & Q               2104 Irvin
GREEN                      Daniel (Louisia)                 Emp.  Wheel Foundry           2337 Bolden
GREEN                      Earl (Geneva)                    Emp. Rubber Plant             1517 Turn
GREEN                      Ellis                                                          319 Mark Twain
GREEN                      Mrs. Hazel (Wid.)                                              1917 Settles
GREEN                      Spotless Kitchen                                               112 Bird
GRIFFIN                    George (Lily)                    Chef Cook                     219 N. Section
GRIFFITH                   Wm. (Harriet)                                                  115 rear Paris Ave
GRIFFITH                   Lee                              Retired                       1273A Collier
GRIFIE                     Charley                                                        5 Myers Place
GRIGSBY                    Clarence                         Porter                         315 N. Center
GRIGSBY                    Major (Lily)                     Labor                         2523 Hope
GRIGGSBY                   Mrs. Eula                                                       2715 Pine
GRIGGSBY                   Major (Bertha)                   Chauffeur                     1919 Settles
GROSS                      Nelson                                                         1229 Ledford
GUNN                       Mrs. Gertrude (Wid.)                                           4 Hogg Place
GUNN                       Oscar                                                          4 Hogg Place
HAGANS                     Mrs. Julia (Wid.)                                              117 Girard
HALE                       Vernie                           Emp. Rubber Plant             1023 Vermont
HALL                       C. H. (Georgia)                                                1714 Wardlaw
HALL                       James (Maggie)                   Emp. Shoe Factory             003 Spruce
HALL                       Mrs. Laura B                                                   715 Hill
HALL                       Mrs. Ada (Wid.)                                                273A Collier
HAMILTON                   John (Beulah)                    Emp. Wheel Foundry            2016 Irvin
HAMILTON                   Miss Marcella                                                  2016 Irvin
HANCOCK                    Mrs. Geneva (Wid.)                                             1272 Collier
HARRIS                     Arch (Anna)                      Emp. U. S. Post Office        2002 Settles
HARRIS                     Mrs. Anna                        Prop. Poro Beauty Parlor      2006 Gordon
HARRIS                      Arthur                                                        539 Bridge
HARRIS                     Mrs. Anna (Wid.)                                               1620 Broadway
HARRIS                      Mrs. Amanda (Wid.)                                            724 N. Section
HARRIS                     Earl                             Undertaker Office Phone 188   1204 Essig
HARRIS                     Elliott                          Emp. C. B. & Q                1216 North
HARRIS                     Franklin (and wife)              Emp. Robinson Paint Shop      219 Rock
HARRISON                   G. W.                            Salesman                      319 Mark Twain
HARRIS                     Hilbert (Lenora)                 Chicken Dresser               724 N. Section
HARR.'S                    H. D.                            Prop. Harris Grocery          2103 Irvin
HARRIS                     Mrs. Luvennia                    Prop. Rooming House           1216 North
HARRIS                     Mrs. Mable                       Residence Phone 3092          1254 Essig
HARRIS                     Nathaniel (Lula)                 Labor                         2004 Gordon
HARRIS                     Mrs. Pearl (Wid.)                                              1622 Broadway
HARRIS                     Robert                           Labor                         2707 Mark Twain
HARRIS                     Robert (Ollie)                   Janitor                       1915 Settles
HAMILTON                   Mrs. Harriet                                                   1706 Wardlow
HARRISON                   Mate (Belle)                     Emp.  Cement Plant            906 Butler
HART                       Mrs. Anna                                                      902 S. Arch
HARVEY                     Roscoe (Viola)                   Emp.  Mark Twain Hotel        417 S. Section
HAWKINS                    Miss Laura Belle                                               6 Myers Place
HAWKINS                    Romeo                                                          12 1/2 Myers Place
HAWKINS                    W. J. (Leedonia)                 Teamster                      1108 Rock
HAYFORD                    Joe                              Emp.  Wheel Foundry           426 Munger
HEGGS                      Robert (Mamie)                   Chef Cook                     1237 Center
HEGGS                      Mrs. Emma (Wid.)                                               1237 Center
HENDERSON                  Mrs. Charlotte (Wid.)                                          1225 Center
HENDERSON                  Kenneth                          Student                       722 Vermont
HENDERSON                  Mrs. Laura (Wid.)                                              227 N. Secton
HENDERSON                  Pearl (Viola)                    Emp.  Cement Plant            1013 S. Arch
HENDERSON                  Ralph                            Prop.  Transfer               1516 Pleasant
HERRINGTON                 W. L. (Essie)                    Emp.  Cement Plant            27 15 Broadway
HILL                       Mrs.M. Willa (Wid.)                                            2511 Hope
HOBBS                      Mrs. Betty                                                     210 N. Pine
HOBBS                      Mrs. Ella Belle                                                1505 Turr
HOBBS                      Samuel W.                        Emp.  Country Club            1505 Turn
HOCKER                     Mrs. Betty (Wid.)                                              2209 Spruce
HOGANS                     Mrs. Bobbie (Wid.)                                             12% Myers Place
HOLEMAN                    Mrs. Arzola (Wid.)                                             1917 Spruce
HOLEMAN                    Wm.                              Emp. Rock Quarry              426 Munger
HOLLIDAY                   Miss Mary                                                      171 0 Wardlaw
HOLMAN                     Ed                                                             2718 Broadway
HOLMAN                     Nosh (Pearl)                     Emp. C. B. & Q                426 S. Arch
HOLMAN                     Velma                            Emp. C. B. & Q                426 S. Arch
HOLMES                     Elex.                            Emp. Wheel Foundry            1018 Rock
HORNBERGER                 Leo                              Painter's Helper              1718 Wardlaw
HORNBERGER                 Nathan (Laura)                   Emp. Rubber Plant             1718 Wardlaw
HOUSE                      James H. (Vina)                  Labor                         1914 Spruce
HOUSTON                    Clarence (Virginia)              Emp. Windsor Hotel            628 N. 9th St.
HOWARD                     Benj. (Anna)                     Labor                         208 N. 8th St.
HOWARD                     Eddie (Helen)                                                  813 Hill
HOWARD                     Earl (Hazel)                     Emp. Rock Quarry              516 S. Haydon
HOWARD                     Mrs.Mary                                                       1011 Rock
HOWARD                     Torn and Wilbur and Rufus                                      2005 Gordon
HOWARD                     Wm                                                             609 S. 15th
HOWARD                     Wm. (Sarah)                      Emp. Rock Quarry              191 0 Settles
HUBBARD                    Mr. and Mrs. Maud                                              1907 Spruce
HUDSON                     Mrs. Carrie (Wid.)                                             208 N. Section
HUGHES                     Charley                          Labor                         706 Vermont
HUGHES                     John (Addie May)                 Labor                         927 S. Arch
HUGHES                     John                                                           203 Section
HUGHES                     Sam                                                            1005 Bacon
HUGHES                     W. D. (Bernice)                  Teacher                       2111 Pachen
HUMAN                      Miss Allie                                                     1624 Wardlow
JACK                       Hollie                           Emp. C. B. & Q                1631A Market
JACKSON                    Charley (Anna)                                                 25 Myers Place
JACKSON                    C. J. (Ethel)                    Teamster                      1014 Rock
JACKSON                    Cassie                           Emp. C. B. & Q                908 Butler
JACKSON                    Mrs. Emma Woodson                                              2511 Hope
JACKSON                    Edward & wife                    Emp. C. B. & Q                1230 Center
JANUARY                    Edward M. (Ella)                 Teacher                       1106 North
JACKSON                    Mrs. Emma (Wid.)                                               821 Hill
JACKSON                    James W. (Maggie)                Emp. Wabash                   1906 Settles
JACKSON                    Mrs. Lottie                                                    603 Butler
JACKSON                    Aliss Helen                                                    813 Hill
JACKSON                    Mall (Nannie)                                                  1220 Ledford
JACKSON                    Monroe                           Labor                         2103 Irvin
JACKSON                    Ollie                            Trucker                       621 Bridge
JACKSON                    Rufus.                                                         rear 810 North
JACKSON                    Thomas A.                        Hod Carrier                   2511 Hope
JENKINS                    Benj.                            Labor                         1233 Ledford
JENKINS                    Roxie                                                          2112 Patchen
JENKINS                    Miss Gladys                      Prop. Blue Haven-Rooms        115 Hill
JENNINGS                   Joe (Dollie)                     Emp.  Gas Co                  1233 Ledford
JENKINS                    Jim                              Labor                         2728 Pine
JENKINS                    Mrs. Lucille                                                   1005 Bacon
JOHNSON                    Mrs. Ada                                                       1243 Ledford
JOHNSON                    Charley and Earl                 Mechanic And Labor            labor2301 Spruce
JOHNSON                    Charley (Geneva)                 Labor                         707 S. Hayden
JOHNSON                    Earl (Martha)                    Labor                         1273A Collier
JOHNSON                    Mrs. Eva and Mrs. Lottie                                       2004 Spruce
JOHNSON                    Edna                                                           1106 Colfax
JOHNSON                    Mrs. Effie                                                     2015 Spruce
JOHNSON                    Mrs. Frankie (Wid.)                                            204 N 8th
JOHNSON                    Frank                            House Cleaner                 414 N. 9th
JOHNSON                    Mrs. Fannie (Wid.)                                             2301 Spruce
JOHNSON                    George                           Labor                         16406 Broadway
JOHRSON                    Mrs. Ida                                                       817 Hill
JOHNSON                    James (Ella Mae)                 Emp. Foundry                  206 N. Section
JOHNSON                    Jim (Bert)                                                     2120 Gordon
JOHNSON                    J. R.                            Elder. Church Of God In Christ2004 Spruce
JOHNSON                    Mrs. Liza (Wid.)                 Generaldelivery               top Union St.
JOHNSON                    Mrs. Maggie (Wid.)                                             2607 Spruce
JOHNSON                    McKinley                         Hod Carrier                   206 N. Section
JOHNSON                    Miss Maggie                                                    601 Collier
JOHNSON                    Robert-Miss Rosa Lee                                           810 North
JOHNSON                    Sam                              Labor                         1273A Collier
JOHNSON                    Van and Neal                                                   1263A collier
JOHNSON                    Mrs. Virgie (Wid.)                                             2721 Pine
JOHNSON                    Wm. (Ada)                        Emp. Stone Quarry             716 N. Section
JOHNSON                    W. L.                            Pastor Church Of God In Christ2004 Spruce
JOHNSON                    Walter (and wife)                                              611 S. 15 St.
JOHNSON                    Wm                               General Delivery-Top Union St top Union St.
JOHNSON                    Wm. (Lola)                       Janitor                       107 Carr
JOHNSON                    Wm. (Anna)                       Emp. Shoe Factory             2425 Hope
JONES                      Mrs. Cordelia                                                  2005 Spruce
JONES                      Mrs. Jennie                                                    537 Bridge
JONES                      Lyman                            Emp.  Dodge Agency            606 N. 3rd
JONES                      Paul (Margarite)                                               2205 Spruce
JOHNSON                    Clarence                                                       405 N Main
JOHNSON                    Mrs. Vivian                                                    318 N. Main
JUNIORS                    Warren                           Emp. C. B. & Q.               2009 Gordon
JULIUS                     Wm. (Emma)                       Janitor                       1218 Girard
KYER                       Caf�                                                           1631 Market
KINSLOW                    Carson                           Emp. Foundry                  1004 Collier
KYER                       Mrs. Dora                                                      703 Vermont
KYER                       Emma & Elmer                     Emp. C. B. & Q.               703 Vermont
KYER                       Elmer (Helen)                                                  923 S. Arch
KYER                       Miss Emma & Elmer                Student                       703 Vermont
KELLEY                     Sam                              Labor                         708 Vermont
KEMP                       Isaac                                                          311 S. Levering
KEMP                       Mrs. Winnie                                                    rear 815 S. Arch
KENNADY                    Jack                             Labor                         417 S. Section
KEYS                       Mrs. Nora                                                      2216 Spruce
KINCHELOW                  Frank (Lulu)                     Labor                         1272 Collier
KING                       H. E. (Ella)                                                   703 Vermont
KYER                       John & wife                                                    703 Vermont
KYER                       Sidney                           Chef Marion Hotel
LACY                       Arthur                                                         12 1/2 Myers Place
LAKENAN                    Byron                            Janitor                       719 Hill
LAKENAN                    George                                                         719 Hill
LANCASTER                  Mrs. Maggie                                                    426 Munger
LANGDON                    Wm. (Emma)                                                     1430 Gordon
LASHLEY                    George                           Barber                        rear 111 North
LASLEY                     C. C.                            Prop.  Smoke House            2113 Hope
LASLEY                     Columbus (Edna)                                                2111 Hope
LASLEY                     Mrs. Edna                                                      2113 Hope
LAWS                       Will (Della)                                                   2308 Spruce
LAWRENCE                   Mrs. Hattie (Wid.)                                             804 Mark Twain
LAYSON                     Mrs. Emma                                                      703 Vermont
LEE                        Moses                            Labor                         621 Bridge
LEEWNGHT                   Wallace (Stella)                                               1012 Collier
LEISURE                    Mrs. Lettie (Wid.)                                             19 Myers Place
LETCHER                    Ed.                              Emp. C. B. & Q                1913 Settles
LETCHER                    Jessie (Ella)                                                  rear 1114 Paris Ave.
LETCHER                    John (Mildred)                   Switchman C. B- & Q           900 Rock
LETCHER                    Wm. Henry                        Interior Decorator            115 Clinton
LETCHER                    Will                             Emp. By City                  3 Myers Place
LEWIS                      Frank (Edith)                    Emp.  Post Office             2011 Gordon
LEWIS                      Frank (Ida)                      Emp.  Gas Co                  1706 Wardlaw
LEWIS                      Mrs. Lillie (Wid.)                                             1019 Vermont
LEWIS                      Mrs. Minnie                                                    1263 Collier
LEWIS                      Mrs. M. B                                                      421A Broadway
LEWIS                      Martin                           Principal Douglas School      216 S. Arch
LEWIS                      Mrs. Nellie                                                    216 S. Arch
LEWIS                      Norman (Clara)                   Emp.  Rubber Plant            1011 Vermont
LEWIS                      Sam (Bertha) -Miss Mary Lucille                                1032 Vermont
LEWIS SMOKE HOUSE                                                                         1208 Broadway
LEWIS                      Xenophen                         Prop.  Smoke House            421A Broadway
LONG                       Fred                             Prop.  Texas Cafe             818 N. Main
LONGMIRE                   Ray (Tankie)                     Emp.  C. B. & Q               1810 Texas
LONGMIRE                   Fred (Floy)                      Emp.  Cement Plant            1019 Rock
LUCAS                      Eugene                           Publisher Of Hannibal Director1216 North
LUCAS                      Mrs. Ella Mae                                                  1216 North
LUCKETT                    Marshall                                                       612 Butler
LUCKETT                    L. Y. (Melvina)                  Labor                         20 Myers Place
LUCKETT                    Ira (Ruby)                       Labor                         1236 1/2 Church
LUCKETT                    Wesley                                                         1024 Vermont
LYLES                      Arch (Lucy)                      Emp. Wheel Foundry            604 S. Haydon
MCAFEE                     Arthur                           Emp. Buick Garage             318 N. Main
MCAFEE                     Sam (Nora)                       Emp.  C. B. & Q               2012 Gordon
MCBRIDE                    Joseph (Lola)                    Labor                         2325 Bolden Ave.
MCBRIDE                    Miss Cora                                                      2325 Bolden Ave.
MCDONALD                   Mrs. Alves                                                     1250 Ledford
MCDOWELL                   Rev. C. R.                       Pastor Helping Hand Baptist Ch1228 Center
MCELROY                    Angus (Josephine)                Truck Driver                  412 N. 9th
MCELROY                    Charles H.                       Hot Tamales Vender            600 15th St.
MCELROY                    Mrs. Eliza Gerald & Helmeth      Laborers                      600 15th St.
MCCORMICK                  J.                               Labor                         409 Lemon
MCDOWELL                   Mrs. Lydia (Wid.)                Beauty Culturess              1228 Center
MCELROY                    Mrs. Louisia (Wid.)                                            412 N. 9th
MCELROY                    Marion L.                        Labor                         1921 Settles
MCELROY                    Vivian                                                         618 S. Ash St.
MCFADDEN                   Artemus (Josephine)              Prop. Crystal Ice Co          900 N. 9th
MCGERRY                    Miss Ardella                                                   208 N. Section
MCGINNES                   Claude                           Emp.  C. B. & Q               2301 Spruce
MCMECHAN                   Dr. H.  B. (Hullsee)             Physician And Surgeon         1217 Church
MCPIKE                     Mrs. Alice                                                     2306 Hope
MCPIKE                     Mrs. Celia (Wid.)                                              2120 Gordon
MCPIKE                     Norman D. (Lois)                 Houseman                      2014 Hope
MCPIKE                     Wrn.                             Emp. Rupp Plumbing Co         2306 Hope
MADDOX                     Robert                           Hod Carrier                   1309 Gordon
MADDOX                     Mrs. Lena                                                      1309 Gordon
MASON.                     Mrs. Susie (Wid.)                                              1014 Vermont
MASON                      George                           Labor                         2009 Spruce
MARCELLUS                  James                            Teamster                      2003 Spruce
MARCELLUS                  Thomas                                                         1119 S. Arch
MARKET SHINING PARLOR      Mack Tyler                       Prop.                         1237 Market
MARTIN                     Harvey (Katherine)               Emp.  Cement Plant            822 Hill
MARTIN                     Lewis                            Labor                         516 N. 9th St.
MATSON                     Ray (Tankie)                     Prop. Taxi, Phone 879         1033 Lindell
MARTIN                     Mrs. Thomas (Wid.)                                             521 Bridge
MARSHALL                   Dave                             Emp. Rupps Junk Yard          722 N Section
MAXWELL                    Mrs. Gertrude (Wid.)                                           406 N. 9th
MARSHALL                   Jim                              Labor                         722 Section
MARSHALL                   Jim (Sinnie)                                                   1011 Rock
MAXVILLE                   Morton                           Emp. Library                  1210 North
MAXVILLE                   Mrs. Minnie                                                    1210 North
MAXWELL                    Sam                              Labor                         708 Vermont
MARSHALL                   Wm. And Richard                  Emp. Rupps                    1011 Rock
MARSHALL                   Wm.                              Labor                         313 N. Center
MARSHALL                   Wm                               Emp. C. B. & Q                824 N. 9th St.
MAYFIELD                   Claude (Lillie                   Hair Dresser)                 312 S. Levering
MILLER                     Mrs. D                                                         1919 Spruce
MINOR                      Mrs. Florence                                                  203 Section
MILLER                     George (Nettie)                                                1011 Rock
MILLER                     Gabel and Woodrow                Paper Hangers                 1011 Rock
MILLER                     Gabel (Sabra) retired                                          2111 Patchen
MILLER                     J. W.                            Pensioner                     420 Section
MILLER                     Miss Jessie                                                    607 S. 15th
MINOR                      Mollie                           Transfer                      203 Section
MILLER                     Will                             Plaster                       2722 Pine
MILES                      Miss Addie                                                     1920 Texas
MILES                      John L. (Fannie)                                               1402 Fairview
MILLS                      Earl                             Emp.  Palace Barber Shop      111 North
MONDAY                     Charles (Susie)                  Teamster                      1917 Settles
MONDAY                     Mrs. Lucy                                                      205 Section
MOORE                      Mrs. Bertha                                                    1909 Settles
MOORE                      Mrs. Gussie (Wid.)                                             1905 S. Arch
MOORE                      John                             Emp.  Windsor Hotel           1035 Vermont
MOORE                      Jeff (Mable Lee)                 Emp.  C. B. & Q               925 S. Arch
MOORE                      Warren                           Emp.  Cement Plant            723 Hill
MONROE                     George (Daisy)                   Labor                         2007 Gordon
MONROE                     John                                                           2008 Gordon
MORGAN                     Mrs. Carrie                                                    1307 Elm
MORGAN                     Edward                           Labor                         1307 Elm
MORGAN                     Sam                                                            146 Ledford
MORRISON                   Arthur (Janet)                   Emp. C. B. & Q                1917 Spruce
MORRISON                   Ben (Minnie)                     Emp. Rubber Plant             2000 Settles
MORRISON                   Dewey                                                          1265 Collier
MORRISON                   Willie (Leta)                    Emp.  C. B. & Q               1704 Wardlaw
MOSS                       Mrs. Rosie (Wid.)                                              105 Carr
MURRY                      Escabelle                                                      1006 Collier
MURRY                      Wm. (Ella Mae)                                                 900 Dewitt
MYERS                      Mrs. Hattie                                                    1006 Collier
MYERS                      Mrs Martha and Mrs. Anna Sue (Wid's)                           3 Myers Place
NEACE                      John (and wife)                                                913 S. Arch
NEARING                    Bert (Lula)                      Emp.  C. B. & Q               824 N. 9th St.
NELSON                     Mrs. Cornelia (Wid.)                                           302 Willow
NEWBOLT                    Ralph                            Emp.  C. B. & Q               2003 Gordon
NEWBERRY                   Lois                             Emp.  Stove Foundry           1405 Laurel
NEWBERRY                   W. F.                            Emp.  Stove Foundry           1405 Laurel
NICKENS                    Mrs. Emily (Wid.)                                              1018 Vermont
NICKINS                    Mrs. Myrtle                                                    1210 1/2 Broadway
NICKENS                    Mrs. Marguerite (Wid.)                                         1614 Pine
OFFORD                     Wm. (Allie)                      Labor                         818 Hill
OFFORD                     Omar                             Emp. Foundry                  318 N. Main
OFFORD                     Roy                              Porter                        537 Bridge
OWENS                      Jessie                                                         651 N. 9th St.
OWENS                      Mrs. Olevia                                                    1001 S. Arch
PALACE BARBER SHOP                                          Major Turner, Prop.           405 N. Main
PARSONS                    Mrs. Anna (Wid.)                                               1926 Texas
PARSONS                    Grant                            Labor                         428 S. Arch
PAYNE                      Wm. (Geneva)                     Retired                       1925 Market
PETERS                     Mrs. Bessie                                                    1023 Vermont
PELSUE                     Felix                            Emp.  Hebmeyers               2209 Spruce
PEOPLE'S GROCERY           John Austion                     Prop                          1216 Broadway
PERKINS                    Harry (Goldie B.) emp.  Jessup Motor Co                        211 Section
PELSUE                     Mrs. Inaz                                                      2209 Spruce
PERRY                      Mrs. John (Wid.)                                               2103 Patchen
PERKINS                    Noah (Sarah)                     Emp.  Mark Twain Hotel        2006 Spruce
PICKETT                    Mr. (Fannie)                                                   2010 Gordon
PINKARD                    Amos (Mary)                      Emp.  C. B. & Q               1106 Lindell
PHILLIPS                   Mrs. Mary (Wid.)                                               2025 Broadway
PHILLIPS                   Frank                                                          1232 Ledford
PHILLIPS                   Mrs. Mary (Wid.)                                               2020 Spruce
PHILLIPS                   Mrs. Sophie and Mrs. Georgia                                   1017 S. Arch
POENIX                     Mrs. Alice                                                     Gen.  Del. Crescent
PORTER                     Deb (Minnie)                     Emp.  Wabash                  722 Vermont
PORTER                     Erine                            Labor                         2133 Patchen
PORTER                     Frank (Minnie)                   Emp.  Rubber Plant            1028 Vermont
PORTER                     James                            Labor                         106 Carr
POWERS                     Francis (Wid.)                                                 1902 Settles
PRATER                     Geo. And Edward                  Laborers                      400 block Hickory
PRICE                      Mrs. Maude                                                     1011 Rock
PRICE                      George (Emma)                                                  2719 Pine
PRICE                      Eugene                                                         2721 Pine
PRICHETT                   Mrs. Jennie (Wid.)                                             105 Carr
PRENTISS                   R. C.                            Emp. Texas Caf�               318 N. Main
QUARRY                     Nelson                           Labor                         1208 North
QUEEN                      Mrs. Leah D. (Wid)                                             1325 Lyon
QUEEN                      Miss Velma                       Teacher                       1325 Lyon
QUITENSBERRY               Mr.                                                            rear 519 S. Haydon
RAINEY                     Mrs. Ella (Wid.)                                               618 Ash
RANDOLPH                   Charley                                                        416 Lemon
RAY                        Mrs.  Myrtle                                                   308 S. Griffith
RAY                        Rev. Batie                       Pastor Scott's Chapel M. E. Ch308 S. Griffith
RICHMOND                   George (Russie)                  Teamster                      1115 Colfax
RICHMOND                   Marvin                                                         1909 Spruce
RIDDING EDWARD (ELLA)                                                                     1002 S. Arch
RIDING                     Wm. (Nadine)                     Teamster                      905 S. Arch
RIDING                     Charey (Leona)                                                 8 Hogg Place
RIPPETOE                   Mak P. (Evelina)                                               417 S. Hayden
REED                       Mrs. Bertba                                                    2009 Spruce
RIPPTOE                    Mrs. Evalena (Wid.)                                            714 S. Haydon
PIPPTOE                    Mrs. Susie (Wid.)                                              2108 Irvin
REDD                       Rev. Ernest                      Pastor, Center St. Baptist Chu204 N. 8th St.
REED                       John D. (Jannie)                 Trucker C. B. & Q             902 Butler
REDD                       M rs. D. J.                                                    204 N. Sth St.
REDD                       Harry and Miss Ruth L                                          204 N. Sth St.
REED                       Willie                           Pool Hall Prop                1328 E. Gordon
REED                       Will                                                           23 Myers Place
REED                       Wm. (Lina)                       Emp. C. B. & Q.               1806 Texas
REDMOND                    Mrs. Ella and Albert             Car Washer                    1402 Paris
REDMOND                    Ernest                           Transfer And Wood Dealer      1402 Paris
RHODES                     Charley                          Mechanic                      319 Mark Twain
ROACH                      Miss Eliza                                                     912 North
ROACH                      Mrs. Liza (Wid.)                                               512 N. 9th
ROACH                      Carl                             Student                       2323 Bolden
ROBERTS                    Funeral Parlor-Phone 171                                       1218 Broadway
ROBERTS                    G. E. (Bertha) Undertaker-Phone 347                            1104 North
ROBERTS                    John                             Labor                         Gen. Del. Top Union
ROBERTS                    Lorena (Wid.)                                                  1026 Vermont
ROBINSON                   Miss Ada                         Emp. Levering Hospital        2013 Spruce
ROBINSON                   Mrs. Cora (Wid.)                                               1236 Church
ROBINSON                   Dayl, Himita, Edward & J. T.                                   1913 Spruce
ROBINSON                   Ernest (Della)                   Emp. Rubber Plant             514 N. 9th
ROBINSON                   George R. and Miss Wyeona        Labor                         1913 Spruce
ROBINSON                   Mrs. Gabel (Wid.)                                              417 S. Section
ROBINSON                   Harvie (Missouri)                Emp. C. B. & Q                912 North
ROBINSON                   Johnie                           Emp. Market St. Shining Parlor1237 Market
ROBINSON                   Kessie                           Emp. Shoe Factory             2511 Hope
ROBINSON                   Mrs. Kate and Miss Emma                                        2033 Iryin
ROBINSON                   Kato                             Plaster                       2013 Spruce
ROBINSON                   Mrs. Levana                                                    1913 Spruce
ROBINSON                   Lee (Laura)                      Keeper Of Robinson Cemetery   2516 Hope
ROBINSON                   Mrs. Mary (Wid.)                                               706 Vermont
ROBINSON                   R. S.                            Teacher                       1913 Spruce
ROBINSON                   Mrs. Susie                                                     1250 Ledford
ROBINSON                   Sylvester (Clara Belle)          Emp.  C. B. & Q               1913 Spruce
ROBINSON                   Mrs. Sentha (Wid.)                                             2013 Spruce
RUBEN                      Erxie                            Emp.  Lime Kiln               1032 Bacon
RUBIN                      Grant (Lucy)                                                   1018 Vermont
RUBBIN                     Vivian                                                         1716 Wardlaw rear,
RUDD                       Tony (Mary) and Issac                                          1004 S. Arch
RUCKER                     John (Bertha)                    Emp.  C. B. & Q               1035 Vermont
RUSSELL                    Elex (Mary)                      Trucker                       1104 Colfax
SANDERS                    Miss Anna E.                     Dressmaker                    2518 Hope
SANDERS                    Miss Francis S.                  Dressmaker                    2518 Hope
SCOTT                      John (Bertha)                    Emp C. B. & Q.                1032 Lindell
SCOTT                      J. W.                            Chef, Greens Spotless Kitchen 112 Bird
SCOTT                      Maceo and Mrs. Clara (Wid.)                                    206 Willow
SCOTT                      Tom                              House Man  Mark Twain         115 Hill
SCOTT                      Wm.                              Transfer                      1920 Texas
SETTLES                    Mrs. Ivory (Wid.)                                              1226 Broadway
SHARP                      Augustus                         Porter                        1919 Settles
SHAW                       Wm. (Iva)                        Emp. Gas House                606 S. 15th
SHERMAN                    John                             Trucker                       712 N. Section
SHROPSHIRE                 Arthur (Willa Mae)               Labor                         1203 Rock
SHROPSHIRE                 Mrs. Hattie                                                    203 Section
SIDLES                     James (Missouri)                 Emp. Windsor Hotel            1221 Girard
SIMMS                      Edward (Hattie) emp. C. B. & Q                                 2001 Spruce
SIMMS                      Ernest                           Emp. American Trust Co        2001 Spruce
SIMMS                      Ed. (Hattie) and Earnest                                       2001 Spruce
SIMONS                     James (Hattie)                   Emp. Windsor Hotel            920 North
SIMON                      Frank                            Gardener                      712 N. Section
SIMON                      Jessie Lee and Flora Jane                                      1712 N. Section
SIMON                      Mrs. Lola Belle (Wid.)                                         315 N. Section
SIMON                      Richard (Irene)                  Mechanic                      817 Hill
SIMPSON                    W. H. (Minnie)labor                                            2115 Gordon
SIMPSON                    Edward                           Emp. Rock Quarry              1622 Broadway
SLATEN                     Mrs. Daisy (Wid.)                                              2197 Irvin
SLAYTON                    Boom (Birdie)                                                  1820 Texas
SLAYTON                    Mrs. Lora                                                      1100 North
SLAYTON                    Mary (Wid.)                                                    1100 North
SLAYTON                    Mrs. Ella                        Emp.  Texas' Cafe             318 v. Main
SLAYTON                    Richard (and wife)                                             Gen.  Del., Crescent
SMITH                      Miss Amanda                                                     403 S. 6th
SMITH                      Mrs. Alice (Wid.)                                              2104 Irvin
SMITH                      Mrs. Charley                                                   1620 Wardlaw
SMITH                      Charles L. (blind)                                             613 S. 15th
SMITH                      Mrs. Clay                                                      612 Butler
SMITH                      Mrs. Della (Wid.)                                              424 Munger
SMITH                      Miss Gladys                                                    417 N. 9th
SMITH                      Grover (Eyris)                                                 1316 E. Gordon
SMITH                      Hudson                           Porter                        606 S. 15th
SMITH                      James                            Contractor                    613 S. 15th
SMITH                      James (Fannie)                   Labor                         918 Butler
SMITH                      Harry (Bernice)                  Retired                       643 N. 8th
SMITH                      Harry                            Emp. Foundry                  18 Myers Place
SMITH                      Mrs. Lucinda                                                   715 Turn
SMITH                      Mrs. Leverne                                                   end of Arch
SMITH                      Mrs. Mary (Wid.) and Harry       Student                       606 S. 15th
SMITH                      Sadie                                                          1265 Collier
SMITH                      Van (Ruth)                       Emp. Gas Plant                606 S. 15th
SMITH                      Wm. (Mary)                       Janitor Douglas School        412 Willow
SPENCER                    Avertis (Clara).                 Emp. Shoe Factory             1311 E. Gordon
SPENCER                    LeRoy                            Emp. Rubber Plant             rear 1909 Settles
ST. JAMES                  Luke (Jennie)                    Labor                         rear 1035 Vermont
STAMPS                     Berton                                                         1031 Vermont
STAMPS                     Mrs. Lizzie and Misses Gene and Florine                        1031 Vermont
STEVENS                    Charles (Bessie)                 Emp. High School              1100 Lindell
STEVENS                    Mrs. Betty (Wid.)                                              1003 Rock
STEVENS                    Miss Inez and Henry              Student                       1003 Rock
STEVETON                   John                                                           1243 Ledford
SUMMERFIELD                Thomas                           Emp. Rock Quarry              1909 Spruce
SUMMERFIELD                Jess and John                    Laborers                      1011 Rock
SUMMERS                    Miss Leona                                                     315 N. Center
SUTTON                     Mrs. Susie (Wid.)                                              605 Mark Twain
SUTTON                     Joe (Marguerite)                                               2325 Bolden
TALBERT                    Leroy (Betty)                    Core Maker                    1603 Broadway
TAPLEY                     Gurner                           Emp.  Lime Kiln               1012 Vermont
TAYLOR                     Alberta                                                        1904 Settles
TAYLOR                     Howard (Nonnie)                  Emp. Shoe Factory             2720 Broadway
TAYLOR                     Mrs. Lula                                                      1644 Broadway
TEXAS CAFE                 Fred Long                        Prop                          318 N. Main
THOMAS                     Carl                             Shoe Shiner                   1904 Settles
THOMAS                     Floyd                                                          7 Myers Place
THOMAS                     John (Rachel)                    Retired                       2119 Gordon
THOMAS                     Mrs. Maude (Wid.)                                              1904 Settles
THOMPSON                   Mm Clara                                                       18 Myers Place
THOMPSON                   Gilbert (Willena)                Emp.  Burlington              1716 Wardlaw
THURSTON                   Miss Helen and Marvin                                          1030 Vermont
THURSTON                   J. F. (Alma)                     Emp.  Shoe Factory            1030 Vermont
THURSTON                   Margrite E. and Miss Mattie Ella                               1036 Vermont
THURSTON                   T. H. (N. E.)                    Emp. Cement Plant             1036 Vermont
TODD                       Harry (Sarah)                    Cleaner                       819 Hill
TODD                       Miss Josie                                                     815 Hill
TOOLEY                     Marshall (Berths)                Emp. Cement Plant             914 North
TROY                       Uray (Ruby)                      Chauffeur                     1908 Settles
TURNER                     Henry (Ruth)                                                   2 Hogg Place
TURNER                     Major (Mattie)                   Barber                        317 S. Arch
TURNER                     Roscoe (Katherine)               Emp. Gas Plant                725 Hill
TURNER                     Toni (Gertie)                    Carpenter                     2129 Irvin
TURNER                     Theo. (Artemas)                  Emp. Rubber Plant             702 Paris
TUTTLE                     J. C. (Martha)                                                 709 Bridge
TYLER                      Andrew (Clara)                   Emp C. B. & Q.                1220 Girard
TYLER                      Andrew                           Emp C. B. & Q.                1908 Settles
TYLER                      Mack                             Prop. Market Shining Parlor   1407 Laurel
UPTEGROVE                  Mrs. Alice                                                     Gen.  Del., Crescent
UPTEGROVE                  Clarence                                                       Gen.  Del., Crescent
VANDIVER                   Freddie (blind)                                                621 Bridge
VAUGHN                     Mrs. Nancy (Wid.)                                              2007 Spruce
VAUGHN                     Roy                              Emp. Lewis Smoke House        421A Broadway
WALKER                     Mrs. Gladys                                                    319 Mark Twain
WALKER                     Miss Gladys                                                    115 Hill
WALLACE                    Albert (Anna)                                                  1101 Lindell
WASHINGTON                 Foster (Bernadene)               Labor                         2215 Gordon
WASHINGTON                 Roy                              Cook, Mark Twain              607 Bridge
WASHINGTON                 Wm. (Birdie)                     Emp.  Rutherford's            419 Lemon
WASHINGTON                 Wm                                                             212 S. 11th St.
WATSON                     John (Francis)                   Labor                         601 Collier
WATTS                      Archie (Nellie)                  Mechanic                      2203 Spruce
WEBB                       Elmer C. (Beulah)                Porter                        417 N. 9th St.
WEBB                       Isaac (Marguerite)               Grading Contractor            2129 Irvin
WEBB                       Millie (Wid.)                                                  1900 Texas
WEBSTER                    Neal (Mary)                      Labor                         630 N. 9th St.
WEBSTER                    Rev.  C. S. (Flossie)            Methodist Elder               2109 Hope
WEBSTER                    Wm. (Nettie)                     Emp.  Cement Plant            1708 Wardlaw
WELCH                      Mrs. Nellie (Wid.)                                             818 Hill
WESLEY                     Bose (Callie)                    Emp. Mcintyre & Jones         1706 Wardlaw
WESIEY                     Jim (Ella)                       Emp.  Emporium                221 N. Section
WESLEY                     John                             Labor                         1023 S. Arch
WESLEY                     Howard (Rosa)                    Labor                         2329 Bowlin
WHEELER                    Evans (Lizzie)                                                 1265 Collier
WHEELER                    Mrs. Francis (Wid.)                                            1021 Vermont
WHEELER                    Louis                            Emp.  Foundry                 219 N. Section
WHITE                      Walter (Mattie)                  Prop Cafe                     408 Lemon
WILLIAMS                   Mrs. Cornelius                                                 1203 Rock
WILLIAMS                   Charles                          Labor                         2127 Irvin
WILLIAMS                   Frank (Ella)                     Emp. White Star Laundry       1914 Spruce
WILLIAMS                   Richard (Emma)                   Emp.  C. B. & Q               210 N. Pine
WILLIAMS                   Edward                                                         12 1/2 Myers Place
WILLIAMS                   Edward                                                         1265A Collier
WILLIAMS                   Mrs. Essle (Wid.)                                              310 Mark Twain
WILLIAMS                   Howard (Francis)                 Emp.  Sonnenbergs             2708 Pine
WILLIAMS                   James (Betty)                    Chimney Sweep                 710 Vermont
WILLIAMS                   Mrs. Kate (Wid.)                                               418 Lemon
WILLIAMS                   Lawrence                         Labor                         804 Mark Twain
WILLIAMS                   Louis                                                          915 Rock
WILLIAMS                   Ura (Winnie)                     Emp. Cement Plant             2507 Hope
WILLIAMS                   Miss Velzora and Cornelius       Students                      915 Rock
WILLS,                     Miss Gracie Belle                                              420 Section
WILSON                     Mrs. Anna                                                      904 Butler
WILSON                     Mrs. Corine                                                    1263A Collier
WILSON                     George (Blanche)                                               1310 E. Gordon
WILSON                     Maceo,                           Leader Of Orchestra           206A Olive
WILSON                     Mrs. Sylvia                                                    206A Olive
WILSON                     Charley,                         Mechanic                      1407 Laurel
WING                       Mrs. Carrie                                                    223 N. Section
WOODALL                    Mr. and Mrs                                                    2031 Irvin
WOODALL                    Mrs. Elmira                                                    1224 Broadway
WOODS                      John (Gladys)                    Labor                         rear 2115 Gordon
WOODS                      Frank W. [Elizabeth]             Emp. Stove Foundry            1300 Paris
WOODS                      Harry (Helen)                    Labor                         2028 Irvin
WOODS                      Irene                                                          1208 Patchen
WOODS                      Mrs. Liza                        Wid.                          2028 Irvin
WOODSON                    Jimmie & Ida                     Emp. Shoe Factory             1210 1/2 Broadway
WRIGHT                     George H.                        Editor & Publisher Hannibal Re920 North
WRIGHT                     Mrs. Rosie                                                     920 North
WRIGHT                     Webb (Josephine)                                               819 S. Arch
YOUNG                      J. A. (Ida)                      Emp. C. B. & Q.               2527 Hope