J. H. Boughton, 118 North Main;

George A. Collins, 110 North MainĀ Street


Jacob Harris, 111 North Main Street;

Peter Henry, 321 North Main,

Israel Kaufman, 119 North Main;

Marsh and Morgan, 112 South Main;

E. Morris, 121 North Main;

Jacob Harris, 111 North Main Street;

Peter Henry, 321 North Main,

Israel Kaufman, 119 North Main;

Marsh and Morgan, 112 South Main;

E. Morris, 121 North Main;


George Brown, Main and Center Street;

John Castello, Broadway and Market;

H. R. Grady, between Center and Bird on Main;

William Hamilton, listed as South Hannibal;

Fred Heilman, 803 Broadway;

B. Miller, Fourth Street, south side;

Picken and Harris, 216 Broadway;

William Roland, 311 North Main;

William McDaniel, 103 North Main;

James Ridgway, 516 Broadway,

Mrs. F. Smith, Union and Sixth Streets;

John Zimmerman, Main Street, south side.


Ault, Youmans and Company, 108 North Fourth Street;

Ayres and Richmond, Broadway and Main Street;

J. B. Brown, 217 North Main;

Brittingham and Brother. 313 Main Street;

J. A. Cheever and Brother, 203 Broadway;

Carstarphen and Company 218 Broadway;

Kizer and Ayres, 313 Broadway;

Orynski and Company, Broadway and Fourth;

James Reynolds, 415 Broadway;

Russ, 121 Market;

John Russ, South Main Street.


C. Albertson, Market Street;

Brittingham and Strong, 214 North Main;

Brady and Brothers, 322 North Main;

W. H. Brown, 66 Broadway;

Collins and Breed, 210 North Main;

Cohn and Lesem 212 Broadway;

Drescher and Payne, 122 North Main;

George R. Green, 108 North Main;

Frank Mahoney Market;

Rand and Cobb, 106 North Main;

Shenker and Company, Broadway and Third Street;

Srghnor and Yancy, 114 North Main;

J. Steinhart, 125 North Main;

Jonathan Smith, 202 North Main Street


Thomas Brice, 309 Broadway;

Greathouse and Watson, 116 South Main;

H. C. Schultz, 207 North Main.


J. C. Anderson Fourth and Broadway;

Bacon and Foster 64 Broadway;

Brady Bros.322 Main;

Bowles and Nutter 209 Broadway;

G. Clayman Palmyra Avenue;

Coleman and Winn 60 Broadway;

Chatman and Taber Broadway and Fourth Street;

R. E. Coontz and Son 110 North Third Street;

J. B. Clement Market and Arch;

Catlett and Murphy 411 Broadway;

Jacob E. Chinn Broadway and Seventh;

Donley and Shannon 62 Broadway;

M. Doyle 100 North Third;

M. V. B. Emery Market Street;

Fleming and Northcott 124 South Main;

E. J. Folsom 138 Market;

Fisher and Barnes Market;

Mrs. A. Fay Market and Coontz Streets;

William Fenner 302 Broadway;

H. C. Graham 207 Broadway;

R. D. Glenn Market;

Givan and BrothersĀ  304 Main;

Hixson Nash and Company Broadway and Seventh;

John I. Hollister 417 Broadway;

G. W. Hubbard 814 Broadway;

Thomas Jackson Palmyra Avenue;

Johnson and Swanson Broadway and Market;

John Kaup 421 Broadway;

H. C. Kleine Broadway opposite city park;

B. Knoepfel Market;

M. M. Lacy 105 Hill Street;

C. McKenna Broadway and Market Street;

C. W. Mills 423 Broadway;

Jacob Neth 304 Broadway;

H. Nerlich Market;

Oliver and Davis Fourth Street south side;

H. H. Owens 710 Broadway;

E. H. Pierce 316 North Main Street;

F. G. Roth Palmyra Avenue;

Robison and RoBards Broadway and Third Street;

Robison and McClain Fourth Street south side;

P. Shepherd Broadway and Sixth;

A. Sproul 210 Broadway;

J. H. Smith Market;

John Sultzman 106 Palmyra Avenue;

B. Stillwell and Son Main and Hill Street;

W. D. Waller and Company 315 Broadway;

William Yancey 227 Union Street.



W. C. Busby and Company, 212 North Main Street;

Bishop and Warner, 126 South Main;

J. O. Farmer, 204 North Main;

P. A. Hickman and Brothers, 303-05 North Main;

William Kansteiner, 805 Broadway


Brown Brothers, Main and Center Streets;

B. Cohen, southeast corner of Main and Bird;

H. Ewalt, 200 North Main;

J. M. Gibbs, 311 Broadway;

Lewis Heiser, Main and Broadway;

W. C. Lackner, 205 Broadway;

George Mitchell, 208 Broadway;

Charles Walden, 209 Bird Street


M. Boedecker, 107 North Third Street and South Fourth Street;

Briggs, Palmyra Avenue;

E. Conrad, Market;

Hill and Son, 214 Broadway;

Hixson, Nash and Company, Broadway and Seventh Street;

Andy Kilian, 306 Broadway;

M. Kilian. 204 North Third;

G. A. Noble, Third Street, south Hannibal;

John L. Rauh, 604, Broadway;

Fred Rommel, Market Street


Ayres and Fletcher, 102 North Main Street;

Mrs. F. Berkley, 314 Broadway;

Mrs S. C. Brooks, 109 North Main,

Mrs. H. W. Crosby: 105 North Main;

Covington and Company, 201 Broadway;

W. H. Dulany, 218 North Main;

W. H. Homans, 104 North Main;

Mrs. J. H. Hall, 103 South Main,

Miss L. Lackner, 205 Broadway

Mrs. L Schanbacher, 704 Broadway

Mrs C. Wolf, 218 Bird Street


W. F. Cary, 308 North Main;

Peter Essig, South Main Street;

R. Fitzpatrick, 315 North Main;

T. Flanigan, South Main Street;

William Gerleman, Broadway and Market;

Edward Harrigan, Lyon near Fourth Street;

T. J. Higgins, 706 Broadway;

George Mueller, 200 Broadway;

J. F. Mangles, Market Street;

F. Moser, 215 Center;

John Madden, 905 Broadway;

Owen Phelan, Broadway between Main and Third;

H. Sandifer, North Fourth;

F. Waller, 905 Broadway;

Jacob Yost, Broadway and Market Street.


J. H. Bassen, Bird Street between Main and Third;

F. Ebinger, 110 South Main;

H. C. Frost, 112 North Main;

Southard and Waller, 107 North Main;

H. Smith, 116 North Main;

B. Wenzel, 117 North Main Street