Warren Missionary Baptist Church

This church was first organized under the name of Harmony Baptist in August,1842, by Elders Jeremiah Taylor and A. C. Broaddus. Rev. Taylor was the first pastor and Wm. T. Keith the first regular clerk. Among the first members were:

A. W. Johnson Andrew B. Hawkins Edward Searcy
Judith P. Searcy Wm. T. Keith Eliza Hawkins
Philomelia Johnson Mary Reno W. H. Pepper
W. F. G. Lonsdale Ann T. Wallace Jane Ann Couch
Rebeeca Ann Corder H. A. Johnson Francis Evans
Nancy Jane Turner Rachel Sands Hannah Day
Sarah Ann Cobbs M. H. Couch Elvira Couch
Delilah Johnson Joseph Sands Nancy Ann Sands
Marsena Maxey Mary Vanlandingham Sarah Pepper
Thomas Day Sarah S . Reed Emeline Toliver
Milton Crockett Elizabeth Pepper Robert Lewis
Henry M. Nicol Eliza Nicol Charlotte Glenn
J. Q. Christian


The congregation first occupied a church in conjunction with the Old School Presbyterians. The first church house was built in the fall of 1877. It is a frame building, 3O x 4O, seating comfortably 300 people, and cost about $950. It was dedicated the same fall by Rev. W. Pope Yeaman, D. D., then of St. Louis,now of Columbia, Mo. The present membership is 77. B. P. Hixon is the pastor;Mr. J. Christian is and has been for 30 years the clerk.

Ebenezer Baptist Church

The congregation of the Ebenezer Baptist church was first organized in December, 1843. The original members were

William P. Ramy Catherine Rainy William Watkins
Alexander T. Stevenson Andrew Parker John Dantice
Sallie Wood Elizabeth Whoberry Susan Martin
Martha Carter Sallie Whoberry Julian Woolery

The first church building was erected in 1852-3. It is a brick and cost$1,500. Elder James F. Smith served as pastor from January, 1844, to March,1850; Elder Robert Kaylor from 1850 to 1866; Elder William Cleveland from 1866 to 1867. Elder Robert Kaylor from 1867 to 1868; Elder William Cleveland from 1866-1867; Elder Robert Kaylor from 1867-1868; Elder D. V. Inlow from 1868-1874; Elder C. S. Taylor from 1874-1876; Elder A. Rhodes from 1876-1879; Elder C. S.Taylor from 1879-1880, and Elder Thomas Smoot, the present pastor, has served the church since 1880. Them number of present membership is 192.

M. E. Church South

The Mt. Vernon church building was erected in 1850, on section 15, township 57, range 7. it is one of the stations in the Hydesburg circuit. The original members of this church were J. A. Sharp and wife, Jas. Clark and wife, Jno. Randall and wife. J. F. Cassady and wife, W. P. Jackson and wife, Samuel Griffith and Wife, E. H. Griffith and wife, S. S. Williams and wife, J. B.Randall, Ann Randall, A. Randall, W. L. Robinson and wife, Jno. Stephens, Jno. Taylor, W. Drescher and wife, Mrs. G. Drescher, Jesse Payne and wife and Elisha Tuley and wife.

Unfortunately no fuller or more complete histories of the churches of this township can be given, owing to a failure on the part of certain persons to furnish certain promised information.