The township of Warrenis well supplied with public schools of a high character for efficiency andgeneral excellence.

In township 57, range 8, there is an excellent school in the village of Warren. The central school or independent district was organized in April, 1875. The school-house, a frame was built in 1881, costing $700. The average number of pupils in attendance is 41,and school is taught seven months in the year.

District No. 3 has a fine frame school-house, 32×20 feet in size, built in 1873, and costing $1,000.It is well furnished with patent seats, maps and other apparatus. There are 75 children of school age in the district and school is taught eight months in the year.

District No. 4 was organized in 1873 and contains nine square miles. The school-house, a frame, was built in 1869 and together with the furniture cost $1,200. It is well supplied with apparatus. Number of school. children in the district, 90 of these; 37 are colored. Six months of school per year.

District No. has a good frame house, built in 1870, and well furnished. Miss Pocahontas Waller, a popular teacher, has taught the last three schools.

In township 57, range 7, there are some good schools. Excellent houses are on the southwest quarter of section 20, thE northeast quarter of 26, the northwest quarter of 26 and the northwest quarter of 11. A Sabbath school is conducted regularly in the last named house.