Methodist Episcopal M. E. South

Submitted by: Sherry D.

Located on blacktop route A north west of Palmyra, this brick church was built on land given by James and Mahala Maddox. Book 62 page 451 at the court house in Palmyra, Missouri has the record. It is part of E ½ SW ¼ section 7 township 58, range 6 west, Marion county, Missouri, This general warranty deed is dated 26 Sept. 1873. The church foundation measured 29 feet by 41 feet and it was 18 inches wide. This being all that is left now.

In the book “History of Marion Co” page 737, it states Mahala Maddox was born in 1806 and had been a member of ME. Church South since she was 20 years of age. The Church may have met at a different location. James and Mahala were married 22 Feb, 1830, went to California and moved to Marion Co., Missouri in the fall of 1834. Mary Morton, wife of Benjamin D. Morton died 25 March, 1866. She was their daughter. She is buried in a field near the Church.

Magdaline Clouser and Bartholomew M. Bauernfiend were married at Pleasant Grove Church 8 April, 1896 by Reverend L. T. Fawks. Magdaline and her parents Barbara Ann Springer and David Baker Clouser, also Francis Marion Bailey, Anna Bailey Young and several Clouser relatives are buried there.

Some pastors listed are H.P. Bond (1890), Rev Sharp (1902), Rev. Mitchell (1919), Rev. Mangold or Mungold.

Meeting time was 3:30 P.M.

1883-1896 Sunday School Teachers

Mrs Mary Moore
Mr. A. O. Anderson
Wm Rose
Mary Moon
Mr. Bloomer
Mr. W. J. Maddox
Mrs. C. K. LaFon
Miss Nellie LaFon
Clara Battson
Mr. J. D. Battson
Miss Ann McDaniel
Clara LaFon
S. LaFon
Logan Keller
S. J. Keller
Frank Keller
Mrs. Fanny Keller
Mrs. Bowles
Mrs. Mary Keller
Mrs. Mary Moon
Mary Shaller.


John D. Battson, Supt,
Miss Daisy Battson, Librarian
A. G. Anderson, Asst Supt.
D. R Kimble
J. S, Battson, Sec.
Ira Moore, Sec
W. B. Moore, Treas.
Fannie Keller, Treas.
L. J. Keller, Library
E. B. Maddox, Sec.
Mrs. May Carter, Sec.
Wm A. Hornhack, Sec.
Will Lydick, Asst. supt.,
E. B. Maddox, Supt.
D. B. Clouser, Treas.
Mr. Springer, Asst. Supt
Mr. Charlie Donelson Sec.
Miss Mabel Bloomer, Treas.
A. B. Springer, Asst Supt
Ira Moon Sec.
P. H. Bloomer Treas.
Organist; Miss Etha McLeod
James Johnson
David Johnson
Mrs. Ethel Battson
Miss Jennie Lydick
Miss Allie Donelson
Hattie Moore
Mrs. E. B.Taylor
Mrs. Rose

Attendance ranged from 19 to 80. Offering from a high of $5.20 in 1886 to 10 cents in 1889. When the Church needed something they took up a collection to pay for it, otherwise they didn’t take any, novel idea!

Other names mentioned in this time era. Mrs. Moon, A. B. Springer, F. B. Keller, Clara Battson, Clara LaFon,Mr.Shaller, Mr. McLeod, Nellie Dawson, Mr. 0. Kimble or Kibble, Mrs. M. Hornback, Ed. Bloomer, L. H. Bloomer, James Johnson, E. B. Taylor, Lutie Anderson, Bennie Keller, Walter Anderson, Win. H. Caner, Win. Wade, Gottrnan, Addie Springer, Pike Moore, W. Rose,Bro. Kincaid.

1900-1925 Sunday School Teachers

Mr. J. Anderson, Mr. W. O. Rose, Mrs. E. B. Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. L. C. McLeod, Virginia Gardhouse, Mr. Gardhouse, Mr. Sharp, Mr. L. J. Keller, Mr. Y. G. Keller, Mr. Russell Maddox, Mr. Frank Johnson, Mr. Richards, Elise McLeod, Pauline Keller, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Mitchel, Litty LaFon, Mrs Clark, Miss Clark, Mrs. Slates, Mrs. Morton, Russell Maddox, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Carson, Mrs. McReynolds, Mr. Gray, Ira Widebrook, Maude Bloomer, Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Frank Mc Pike, Miss A. W. Daniel Mr. R. Haycraft. Officers;

Mr. L. H. Sharp, Supt., Mr. J. W. LaFon, Asst Supt. Mr. Frank McPike, Supt, Marion McLeod, 5cc, Mary Margaret Gardhouse, Sec, A. E. Gardhouse, Supt, John Richards, Treas, Mr. Rose, Supt, Rev Mitchell (1919) Miss Pearl Clouser, Sec. Mr. Howard Keller, Librarian. Organist; Elise McLeod, Russell Maddox, Mrs. Slates, Mrs. F. M McPike.

Attendance ranged from 8 to 40 and collection from 40 cents to $3.00.

Other names mentioned

Bro Payne, Maurine McPike, Jeff McPike, Virginia LaFon, Miss Claudia Gray, Luther Gottman, Indras McPike, Eunice Morton, Edward McPike, Frances Gardhouse, Robert Morton, Addie Scherer, and Dorothy Gottman.

A fence was built around the cemetery in 1955 at a cost of $93.73. Materials were purchased at Fagans Farm Store. Paid for by, Oscar Stone, Elmer Stone, Clara (Stone) Burton, Iva (Jefferson) Geist, Elsie (Bauernfiend) Arp, Mary (Bauernfiend) Downing, Frank Bailey, Win. Young, Harry Maddox, Charlie Jefferson, Jake Gottman, Jake Patre, Jim Mooter, Mrs. Minnie Schaffer, Marion Fible and Raymond Haggert.

Palmyra Methodist Episcopal Church~South

This church was organized about the year 1830. The following were some of the first members: John Randall, Stephen B. Carnegy, John Lydick, A. D. Huntsberry, Samuel Y. Lee, John Walker, Cornelias Malone, and – Deane. The first church building was of brick and was built in 1830 or 1831. The present building is also a brick structure, erected in the year 1839, at a cost of about $4,000. It was dedicated the same year. Some of the pastors of this church have been : Rev. Brown, Rev. Richard Sharp, Rev. Light, Rev. Horace Brown, Rev. Bewley, Rev. McMurray, Rev. Tutt, and Rev. E. M. Marvin. The lot where the church building stands was presented to the church as a Christmas present December 25, 1837, by John Randolph, John E. Copelin, John Lydick, Tlios. B. Parker, Thos. J. Wise, S. W. B. Carnegy, Henry Millan, George Bacon and Benj. Davies. The present membership of this church is 156.

Source: R. I. Holcombe. History of Marion County, Missouri: Written and Compiled from the Most Authentic Official and Private Sources : Including a History of Its Townships, Towns, and Villages, Together with a Condensed History of Missouri, the City of St. Louis, a Reliable and Detailed History of Marion County, Its Pioneer Record, War History, Resources, Biographical Sketches and Portraits of Prominent Citizens : General and Local Statistics of Great Value, and a Large Amount of Legal and Miscellaneous Matter, Incidents and Reminiscences, Grave, Tragic and Humorous. St. Louis : E. F. Perkins, 1884.