This old and influential organization had its first existance in the city as early as the year 1835. It has been conspicious for its earnest devotion to the cause of religion and has embraced within its fold many of the best men of the city. Its present membership is 192; its Sabbath School numbers120 scholars and about 20 teachers. Rev. H. B. Watson is the present pastor – a man of exhaulted christianity, enable and earnest preacher, thoroughly consecrated to his work. The Head of Stewards consists of Wm. Eddy, J. P. Rayne, Geo. Shyrock, John *. Johnson, P. A. Hickman and Obey Carstarphen. The following gentlemen compose its Board of Trustees: Jno. L. RoBards, Thos. H. Bacon, John Ure, Robt. F. Lakenan, John Herriman, Jaboc Chinn, John Johnston, Geo. Shryock and Joseph Catron. Superintendent of Sunday School Jno. L. RoBards, Esq. With such a host of able and efficient members, this church will not fall to be both prosperous and powerful. Its church edifice was erected in 1840 and has a seating capacity of about 400. As soon as the times will justify it they design erecting a new and elegant house of worship in keeping with the ability and influence of the organization.