The New Providence church was organized August 3, 1834. The first church building was erected in 1842, and was a frame structure. The present building is also a frame, and was built in 1866, at a cost of $2,600. The first church building was located on section 24, the last on section 11, township 59, range 8. The dedicatory services of the latter building were conducted by the Rev. J. A. Darrah, Oct. 14, 1866. The original members of this church were:

Maj. Wm. Bohon
Nancy Bohon
Joseph McAfee
Priscilla A. McAfee
Wm. Wilson
Maria Wilson
Nancy Wilson
John C. McAfee
Matilda McAfee
Jos. Blackwood
Walter T. Bohon
Wm. J. Bohon
Miss E. J. Bohon
Henry Sanford
Mrs. M. A. Knott

The church for some three years was supplied with ministers from the Marion College, some of whom were the Revs. George C. Wood, Allen Gallaher, S. C. McConnell, John Blatchford, Wm. S. Potts, and C. Goodrich. The Rev. F. R. Gray was called in 1837, and remained until 1846, and after that the Revs. H. H. Hays, T. H. Tatlow, J. A. Darrah, L. W. Dunlap, G. F. Dvis, J. L. Jones, Thos. Gallaher, and W. W. Whipple. The first child baptized in the church, was Rebecca Jane McAfee, by the Rev. David Nelson. There have been about 200 baptized since. The present membership is 72.