This church was first organized under the name of Harmony Baptist in August, 1842, by Elders Jeremiah Taylor and A. C. Broaddus. Rev. Taylor was the first pastor and Wm. T. Keith the first regular clerk. Among the first members were:

A. W. JohnsonAndrew B. HawkinsEdward Searcy
Judith P. SearcyWm. T. KeithEliza Hawkins
Philomelia JohnsonMary RenoW. H. Pepper
W. F. G. LonsdaleAnn T. WallaceJane Ann Couch
Rebeeca Ann CorderH. A. JohnsonFrancis Evans
Nancy Jane TurnerRachel SandsHannah Day
Sarah Ann CobbsM. H. CouchElvira Couch
Delilah JohnsonJoseph SandsNancy Ann Sands
Marsena MaxeyMary VanlandinghamSarah Pepper
Thomas DaySarah S . ReedEmeline Toliver
Milton CrockettElizabeth PepperRobert Lewis
Henry M. NicolEliza NicolCharlotte Glenn
J. Q. Christian

The congregation first occupied a church in conjunction with the Old School Presbyterians. The first church house was built in the fall of 1877. It is a frame building, 30 x 40, seating comfortably 300 people, and cost about $950. It was dedicated the same fall by Rev. W. Pope Yeaman, D. D., then of St. Louis, now of Columbia, Mo. The present membership is 77. B. P. Hixon is the pastor; Mr. J. Christian is and has been for 30 years the clerk.