The congregation of the Ebenezer Baptist church was first organized in December, 1843. The original members were

William P. Ramy Catherine Rainy William Watkins
Alexander T. Stevenson Andrew Parker John Dantice
Sallie Wood Elizabeth Whoberry Susan Martin
Martha Carter Sallie Whoberry Julian Woolery

The first church building was erected in 1852-3. It is a brick and cost $1,500. Elder James F. Smith served as pastor from January, 1844, to March, 1850; Elder Robert Kaylor from 1850 to 1866; Elder William Cleveland from 1866 to 1867. Elder Robert Kaylor from 1867 to 1868; Elder William Cleveland from 1866-1867; Elder Robert Kaylor from 1867-1868; Elder D. V. Inlow from 1868-1874; Elder C. S. Taylor from 1874-1876; Elder A. Rhodes from 1876-1879; Elder C. S. Taylor from 1879-1880, and Elder Thomas Smoot, the present pastor, has served the church since 1880. Them number of present membership is 192.

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