This church was organized September 25, 1859. The original members were:

James B. Reed J. P. Nelson J. R. Yeager E. Hansbrough
R. M. Brown J. Redd Nelson Lovelace Lucy Nelson
Sarah Coons Fannie Dingle Susan Nelson Mary Mathews
E. Coons.

The church is a brick building and was built in 1871, on the southeast quarter of section 14, township 59, range 6, at a cost of about $3,000. The pastors that have served this church have been Thomas Sheppard, S. M. Doyle, R. L. Cave, B. H. Smith and D. R. Lucas. The present membership is 50. The present elders are James A. Scott and Jerry Taylor. The deacons are Samuel Connell and Wm. L. Nelson. The latter is also clerk.

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