The following submission is from Fleta Aday who so graciously

offered to share this important document with us.


Commonly referred to as the Terrill Cemetery

in Marion County, Missouri

two miles southeast of Philadelphia.

Listing transcribed from the records of Lily Hazel Bates of Palmyra, Missouri,

a descendant of Cyrus Powell & Matilda Porter Crane Powell.

The Powell, Crane & Bottom families came to Marion Co. from

Washington County, KY in the 1830’s.

Asa L. Bottom 1808-1833

Elizabeth L. Crane Bottom 1812-1879

James Alva Bottom 1849-1923

James W. Bottom 1837-1876

Mary F. Bottom 1839-

Matilda C. Powell Bottom 1862-1882

Pregellie Bottom 1860-1861

Amanda Crane

Charles B. Crane 1834-1840

Joseph L. Crane 1843-1866

Mary (Polly) Crane 1796-1844

Tarleton Lee Crane 1783-1849

Thomas L. Crane 1842-1845

Zachary Taylor Crane 1820-?

George B. Johnson 1862-1863

George R. Johnson 1869-1893

Jennie Johnson’s Baby Boy

G. P. Netherland 1802-1864

George Netherland 1862-1864

Minnie B. Netherland 1864-1864

Nellie A. Pafford

Al Thurston Powell 1880-1903

Charles Talton Powell 1836-1912

Charles Powell 1880-1928

Cyrus Powell 1808-1898

Cyrus Powell 1861-?

David M. Powell 1878-1879

Falconer Obediah Powell 1856-1921

Fannie Powell

George Washington Powell 1838-?

G. M. Powell (infant) 1868-

G. Powell

Ina and Tiny Powell (Twins) Died Young

Jennings Powell Died at 18 Mos.

Lazarus Powell Died at Birth

Luther Powell 1896-1896

Martha Powell 1810-1869

Martha Powell Crane 1858-1928

Mary E. Powell 1847-1935

Matilda Crane Powell 1815-1903

Meridosa Powell 1869-?

Mollie Turner Powell 1848-1935

Mollie Powell 1889-?

Sally Powell 1856-1882

Sarah Bottom Powell 1839-?

Silas Powell

Richard Powell 1854-1902

Taylor D. Powell 1876-1896

Taylor Green Powell 1878-1908

Taylor Powell Jr. 1896-

Tom T. (Little Tom) Powell 1867-

Winnie Frances Powell 1862-1938

Vermon Clarence Powell 1904-

Almeda Powell Ward 1863-1942

Lucy J. Proctor 1824-1904

Columbus Proctor 1810-1865

John C. Proctor 1858-1868

Montgomery Proctor 1815-1870

Cassandra Bottom Porfitt 1850-