December 25, 1849

From letter published in the Missouri Whig, Palmyra March 21, 1850

We make a few extracts from a letter from George W. Lane, to his brother in this place. It is dated Sacramento City, Dec. 25, 1849:

DEAR PRESS– I have just received your kind and very acceptable letter of the 16th August and I assure you I never received a letter which did me so much good. Just imagine for a moment, that for the last nine months, I may say with great truth, I have been out of the pale of civilization, and to get a letter from home was truly gratifying. You will have to excuse the briefness of this epistle, as Mr. Owlsey, who I have just met with, will start for the States by daylight in the morning. I will, however, give you in as short space as possible, a few items about myself. Shortly after our arrival in the Territory, the “Muldrow Company” broke up. As for A. No. 1 this is my home certain. If I only had my brothers here. I would be contented, as I conceive this to be the place for a young man. But at the same time, I would not advise any person to come here, and particularly any of my brothers. It is surprising to see the alterations that a trip across the plains makes in a person; it breaks many of the very best constitutions. As for myself, I have enjoyed excellent health.

Oliver and John Terrell, and myself, are going to build a tavern on the road from this city to Columo, (or Sutter’s mills) which I am sure will do a good business, if I can judge by the past. The snow drove me out of the mines, and I will probably remain here till March.

Should you or any of your friends determine to come to this country, and by the overland route, take the left hand road at the Sink of Mary’s river, (or the Carson route, which is the same.) This is the best and nearest route; but they are all bad enough. So soon as I can get to my cabin, which is 60 miles from here, I will send you my “Tour on the Plains.”

Transcribed courtesy of Kathleen Wilham