Remaining uncalled for in the Post Office of
Hannibal, Missouri, on
To obtain any of these letters, the applicant must call for advertised letters, giving the date of this list, and pay one cent for advertising. If not called for within one month, they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office.

A.G. McDANIEL, Postmaster.

Ladies List


Buckner, Maria Melleret, Mary
Benton, Sarah A. Miller, Mrs. John S.
Baker, Lizzie Nancy, Plen
Baker, Mrs. Porter, Mollie.A.
Cunnard, Mary Alice Pain, Bettie
Cooper, Mrs. H. D. Rogers, Mollie
Ford, Nannie B. Sullivan, Mary
Farrill, Bridget Smith, Paulina Y.
Glaspy, Mattie Swizer, Emeline
Henderson, Fannie Tanderner, Ellen Y.
Keiser, Caraline H. Thew, Jennie P.
Kemp, Mrs. A. White, Ollie
Kealy, Anna Williams, A.A. Mrs.
Lovell, Hanna Young, Margaret A.
Leary, Mary E.




Ashman, Robert Mahanna, John
Ashcraft, Edward Murphy, George
Austin, David McClure, Clarkson
Byle, Jas. O. Murphy, John
Borne, N.H. Nichol, Thos. M. 2
Beaton, John O’Toale, Jas. O.
Botchie, John Powell, J. W.
Casaday, John Powts, George
Cooper, Joseph Rankin, George
DeLong, Wm. Reynolds, Frank
Grogan, Ed Sewell, Joseph
Huser, Marion Simpkins, George W.
Holland, John Smith, Grey B.
Hirsch, John Smith, Dophis
Horton, George W. Turner, Cyrus
Heartt, Frank Wood, W. B.
Hograt, C. West, Albert
Kellum, John Woods, Edward
Kelly, John Williams, Henry W.
Kenan, Michael Winn, Wm. J.
Livick, John


Source: Hannibal Daily Courier, 29 November 1873, page 1, column 3