The message below was received on the Northern California Rootsweb list and it mentions several people from Pike Co., MO who had gone to California, in a letter dated 1850. This was forwarded to the local GenWeb mail lists by Sharon Young Jebavy of Columbus, Ohio. Thank you Sharon!

The following interesting letter was received by Mrs. S. A. Colvin, of Spencerburg, from her husband, who left his county with the Pike train last spring. The news it contains is not the latest, but is of general interest to those of this section of the State who have friends in California on account of its particularizing names. We omit that portion of it which relates to the trip across the plains.

Nevada City, Upper California, County of Yuba, Oct. 6th, 1850

I found here a number of my old acquaintances who came out last year, to wit: Robert Shaw, Dudley Phears, Harvey Wilson, Isaac and Joel Riperdan, Macur Ocheltree and C. F. Kirtley of Palmyra, Mo. I also saw George Ogle, D. J. Almond, Henry Crow and Dr. B. F. Todd, who came this year. They were all in good health, except Ogle, who looked quite badly, but he was able to work. George told me he had seen T. Ford a few days before on the Yuba river, he was well, but had had bad luck, he bought some cattle to sell again and had driven off by Indians. As there are many here who had relations and friends in Pike and adjoining counties, who may be anxious about them, I wish you to send a copy of this to the Banner and Record, at Louisiana, and have it published, and keep the original yourself.

I will tell you their names and places of abode at present, so far as I know: Mr. Crow and Co., are at the mouth of Feather river with their cattle, J. Z. and T. H. Jameson of Lincoln county, Mo. are on Yuba river, 25 miles distant, Z.W. and Robert Brown, of the same county, are on Bear river, 15 miles, Ephrian Culloip, Dennis Grandfiele, B.A. Williams, H. C. Reeds, John F. McNutt, Wm Coffee, George Hammock and J. R. Myers of Lincoln, are here at Nevada, J. W. Gilmore of Lincoln, on the Yuba.

I will now give the names from Pike: J. P. Patterson of Paynesville is here, John Worthley and William F. Jacobs, are on Bear River, 15 miles. Leonard Peck went with Crow to Mr. Vernon at the mouth of Feather river, also James T. Eastin, T. C. Johnson, William Doake, and Richard Ficklin. Francis and William McManama, from Scotland county, with Crow. J. W. Gillum of Lincoln is at Steep Hollow. I sent by express to Sacramento City for letters, but did not get any, nor have I received a single line from any one since I left home. I concluded not to write till I got news from Sacramento, but being disappointed in getting letters, thought proper not to wait any longer, thinking you would be anxious to hear from me as soon as possible. Martin Crow received a letter bearing the sad intelligence of our afflictions in the death of our little babe, and Sarch A. Corker. I did not see the letter, and could not learn the dates of their…..

Sincerely, Blanche Spence in Montana