Under the law taxing incomes, Marion county had 112 persons who for the year 1869 reported an income in excess of all exemptions. Below are the names of those who paid taxes on $1,000 and upwards:–

Alex Bowling$6,000
Geo. Bacon Sr.$1,383
R. L. Bacon$1,310
Geo. Bacon Jr.$1,310
J. J. Cruikshank, Jr.$5,666
James Carr$4,000
H. H. Courtwright$1,012
David Dubach$3,300
H. S. Dubach$2,300
S. D. Eaton$2,522
J. G. Eaton$1,161
G. O. Godfrey$4,800
John Harriman$3,040
Josiah Hunt$2,513
S. O. Hendren$2,084
George S. Harris$1,565
Wm. P. Harrison$1,770
John S. Lathrop$4,458
Walker Louthan$4,980
S. T. McKnight$3,715
John D. Meredith$1,000
Geo. H. Nettleton$3,487
J. B. Price$3,982
E. H. Petring$1,020
J. H. Russell$2,499
Jos. Rowe$3,692
J. L. Robards$1,115
A. J. Stillwell$7,331
A. Shenker$1,400
Geo H. Shields$1,285
Henry Seitz$2,590
T. E. Thompson$1,339
John Ure$2,731
J. R. Winchell$1,754
J. Winters$1,100
H. H. Winchell$1,100

Source: History of Marion County