December 21, 1857

On Sunday, 21st, a fire broke out in Hannibal, in the large three story building of Dr. Anderson, on Main, near the corner of Hill street. The first efforts were to save the large and valuable stocks of goods stored in the houses adjacent to, and in the burning building; and in an astonishingly sort space of time, the entire stocks of Marienthal, Block & Co., clothing merchants, on the corner of Main and Hill streets; of Messrs. Lewis & Co., grocery merchants, occupying the first story of Dr. Anderson’s building; of Mr. R. D. Brewington, wholesale and retail saddle, harness and leather merchant; of Mr. M. Strong, dry goods merchant, and Mr. B. F. McElroy, book and stationery merchant, were removed, and put in a place of safety.

July 5, 1860

A fire at Hannibal, Mo., yesterday morning at 3 o’clock, destroyed property to the amount of $50, 000, upon which there was insurance of $19,000. The principal losers are:

J. Riley, wholesale grocery and liquor store, $20,000—insured $10,000

G. W. Caplinger’s carriage repository, $3,000—insured $2,000

G. P. Ray, druggist, $3,000—fully insured

Robert Buchanan, on the building, $4,000-no insurance

Wm. Shoat, on building, $4,000-fully insured.

The minor losses were not ascertained.

February 22, 1897

Hannibal, MO

Four people lost their lives in the fire which destroyed the dry goods store of M. M. Marks at 3 o’clock this morning. The rooms above the store were occupied by the Marks family and a number of lodgers. The flames had gained considerable headway when discovered, and the occupants of the rooms on the second and third floors made a wild rush for safety. Those who escaped were obliged to leave behind all wearing apparel and personal effects.

In the ruins were found the bodies of Proprietor Marks and his two young sons, Irvin and Harold, and that of William Reed, a barkeeper, who roomed on the second floor. Reed lost his life by returning for his clothing after he had made a successful escape from the building. The fire loss was $10,000.