A Woman Near Hannibal, Mo.

Murdered by a Former Lover

December 10, 1882

Charles L. Lamb, son of Dr. C. J. Lamb, a wealthy and highly-respected citizen of Hannibal, Mo., while very drunk late Friday night went to the house of a man named Hull, living in a dreary hollow a mile or two from town, to a woman with whom it is said he was formerly intimate, but who had recently married Hull. Lamb became abusive and was ordered out of the house. He refused to go, and in a scuffle to put him out he knocked the woman down. Hull then struck him with a poker, knocking him out of the door, which was closed on him. The drunken man then reeled round to the side of the house and discharged a pistol through the window, the ball taking effect in Mrs. Hull’s left side, killing her almost instantly. Lamb fled on a Wabash train, but was captured at Chapin, Ill., brought back yesterday, and taken to Palmyra jail last night, after having been arraigned for murder in the first degree. Lamb is a grandson of Claiborne F. Jackson, the noted Rebel Governor of Missouri, and very highly connected.