Mrs. A. J. Stillwell, of Hannibal, Mo., was awakened a few nights ago by hearing her husband say:

“Fannie, is that you? Fannie, is that you?”

Startled by her husband’s strange question, Mrs. Stillwell partly arose, and just at that moment saw a man standing with his back to her, and at or near the foot of Mr. Stillwell’s bed. A moment later she heard a whirring sound, as of something thrown violently through the air, followed by the noise of some one running down the stairway. She then ran to Mr. Stillwell’s bed and found that he had been murdered.

Mrs. League, who lives just across the street, says that a little after 2 A.M. some one rang her door bell twice, and upon looking out of the window, she saw Mrs. Stillwell in her night dress and barefooted. “Oh” she exclaimed, ” tell Will to come over to the house quick; some one has murdered Mr. Stillwell.”

Mr. William League, accompanied by a young man in his employ, ran across the street and found Mr. Stilllwell in a half kneeling position. The body was almost immersed in blood, Across the left ear and left side of the head, there was a horrible gash, deep enough to penetrate the brain, and which had evidently been inflicted by some sharp instrument.