Becomes Sheriff

Mrs. Alcinda E. Turner

Palmyra, Mo., June 14, 1931. – Alcinda E. Turner, widow of the late Sheriff A. E. Turner, became sheriff of Marion County, Missouri, Saturday, the oath of office being administered by County Clerk M. K. Byrum. Mrs. Turner is the first woman sheriff Marion County has ever had and was appointed by the Marion County court to serve in her late husband’s office until the election and qualification of a new sheriff at a special election to be held on Tuesday, July 7. Mrs. Turner has announced that she will be a candidate for the remaining one and a half year of her husband’s term which would terminate on Dec. 31, 1932.

Mrs. Turner has appointed three deputies: J. Will Mefford, D. G. Lefever, and J. W. Christian, all of whom have accepted and qualified. The three men were deputies under her husband.