Many Injured

A St. Louis and Hannibal Train Derailed in Missouri

St. Louis, May 14, 1895

Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad, 1860

Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad, 1860

A special from Felix, Mo., to the Post-Dispatch, says that at 8 o’clock this morning the south-bound passenger train on the St. Louis and Hannibal Railway was derailed by a broken rail two miles from here, and was thrown down a twenty foot embankment. The entire track for a distance of 100 feet was torn up, some rails being thrown off the right of way. Very few of the passengers and train crew escaped injury.

  • C. Myer of St. Louis was instantly killed.

The following were injured:

  • E. Sullivan, engineer, of Hannibal, MO; probably fatally injured.
  • J. A. Jordan, general manager, Hannibal, MO; shoulders injured.
  • Perry Wood, attorney for the road, New London, Mo: dangerously injured.
  • Charles Yancy, Hannibal, head slightly cut.
  • S. M. Smalley, Hannibal, slightly injured.
  • Mrs. Lizzie Crawford, Cyrene, Mo., head cut and internally injured.
  • Charles Van Hester, Keokuk, Iowa, head injured.
  • Andy Dick, baggage master, head severely cut.
  • C. P. Carwood, St. Louis, spine injured.
  • C. H. Peters, St. Louis, slightly hurt.
  • J. R. Smith, Salem, Mo.; injured ribs and side
  • B. H. Johnson, St. Louis, bruised
  • E. V. Dieckhaust, St. Clements, MO., arm bruised.
  • Caroline Dieckhaust, St. Clements, MO.; arm bruised.
  • Joseph Dieckhaust, St. Clements, badly bruised.
  • W. F. Oglesby, Clarksville, MO, chest injured.
  • Jack Marand, brakeman, back and arm injured.
  • C. A. Lewton, fireman, hip injured.
  • K. H. Wright, Vandalia, Ill., slightly hurt.
  • William Boyd, Vandalia, Ill, face cut
  • Jesse Jones, Frankfort, Mo., collarbone broken.
  • C. W. Hurst, Customhouse, St. Louis, slightly injured.