Transcriber’s Introduction

The original copy of The Genealogy of Our Parentage was discovered in the possession of Emmett Lee Clark (1901-1975) and Vernon Lloyd Clark (1906-1982) of Philadelphia, Marion County, Missouri on August 19, 1974. Emmett and Vernon are the sons of Lewis Edward Clark (1870-1951), and grandsons of William Clark and Purlina Clark (nee Tuley) listed on page 8 of this history. They graciously allowed me to borrow the little booklet and photocopy it in nearby Hannibal, Missouri. Emmett and Vernon Clark never married and now rest in the Philadelphia Cemetery in Marion Co., MO. I have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the original at this time. In the late 1970’s I donated a photocopy of the original to the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort, Kentucky while visiting there and believe it is still available to researchers. Spelling and punctuation in this transcription is as it appears in the original copy. I have included some additional information and corrections to known errors. Any information not found in the original is contained in footnotes.

Mia K. Adkins Fleegel

Descendant of Rhoda Dudley Collins (nee Vannoy), daughter of William R. Vannoy and Mary Ellen Vannoy (nee Clark)

April 2000


The Genealogy of Our Parentage

by R. M. Clark


The genealogy of our parents as handed down by our father to brother J. D. Clark some thirty years ago. As he gave a portion from memory there may be some omissions and mistakes but in the main correct.

Our great-grand father John Clark, was born in England about the year 1750 of Scotch-Irish parentange. He came when quite a lad to America, married in Maryland to a Miss Baker about the beginning of the Revolutionary war. He moved to Kentucky in the latter part of the seventeenth century, before what was known as the Dark Days. He was a rugged eccentric Scotchman prosperous and charitable. He had much grain when that country was stricken with famine and he opened the doors to his graineries and gave it away. All through his life a widow was never charge a cent for grain to make bread.

He was converted to the Methodist religion through the Wesley meetings in London and always adheared to that belief. He built the first log church that was in that section of Kentucky on his farm and named it Pisga, the sight of the church is yet known.

The Baker family were ardent Revolutionist giving their means and some of them their lives to the cause. By agreement John Clark stayed with the family while the Baker boys joined the army.

Of this marriage three children were raised, two girls and one boy. One of the girls married Josiah Vanschoaick[1]The marriage of Hezikiah Vanschiack and Sarah Clark, daughter of John Clark, was recorded in Mason Co., KY on July 16, 1798. The marriage of Josiah Vanschoiack and Rebecca Eubanks was recorded in … Continue reading the other a Mr. Tewell. Samuel, the son born May 18th, 1777, died March 12, 1858, on a farm formerly owned by Robert Vanschoiack, in Mason county, Kentucky, on the Mayesville and Lexington road.

Samuel Clark, our grandfather, married Miss Sallie Fife, who was raised near Gilford Court House, Virginia[2]Guilford Court House is located in Greensboro, North Carolina – not Virginia as stated in this piece.. She was eight years old when the battle of that place was fought. She always remembered the sound of the fire arms and confusion of the day when it was announced that General Green was repulsed. Her father was in the battle and lived to welcome LaFayette on his first visit to that place after Independence was acknowledged. The Fifes were Scotch, being very early settlers in that State.

Samuel and family settled in Kentucky in the latter part of the Seventeenth Century accompanying his father. In character a high roller, fight, sing drink whiskey and for a good time in general, for all, was genial and charitable, twice rich and three times poor. All that knew him loved him. At his funeral the greatest gathering that was ever known in that country. As a fighter was never whipped, in his last fight defeated the bully of Bourbon county, in a pitch battle.

Their first home was on Shannon River in Nicholas county, having bought a small farm, a mill and a distillery was on the farm as was the custom in those days; the house and mill was below the dam and one night the dam broke and all had a narrow escape for their lives. Many funny incidents our father would tell as grand-father had told him of their ups and downs in the early settlement of the State.

Of this family there were four children born all boys, namely: Singleton, James, John and Daniel, the families of Singleton and Daniel still live in Kentucky, the families of James and John in Missouri.

James, our father, born in Nicholas county, Kentucky, February 28th, 1800, he married Polly Vanshoaicke, near Mayesville, Mason county, Kentucky, March 15th, 1826, who was born at that place February, 23rd, A. D. 1806.

They emigrated to Missouri in the fall of 1830, with Robert Vanschoaicke and family and all lived together in a log house hastily built that winter; it being the winter of the deep snow. The house is standing near Woodland on the farm owned by Wm. Howell.

In the spring of 1831 moved on a track of land near South River. In the summer of 1836 sold out to a Mr. Jack Snell, of Kentucky, that was during the time of the Muldrow and Ely boom. Mr. Snell agreed to give two thousand dollars for the 160 acres, paying four hundred dollars down, the remaining sixteen hundred dollars was to come at a fixed date to Monticello, Lewis county, Missouri, by a certain man of Kentucky. When father received word that the money was ready for him he went to Monticello after it, it was in gold and silver, mostly silver, so he carried it in a small hemp sack on the pommel of his saddle from Monticello to near where Woodland is. Snell never settled on the land but sold it to a Mr. Smith.

The fall after selling to Snell father bought land and moved to Warren Township near Shannon’s Mill and Distillery, there lived and died January 29th, 1876. Polly our mother, dying two years previous.

Of this family there were ten children born, seven sons and three daughters.

Robert Vanschoaicke, our grand-father, was born in Pennsylvania[3]Robert was born in Monmouth Co., New Jersey. of Dutch parentage about 1773. He married Elizabeth Allen about 1793, they moved to Kentucky soon after, and improved a farm in Mason county on the Mayesville and Lexington Road, twelve miles from Mayesville. They built the first brick residence in that part of the country. He sold the farm in 1830 and came to Missouri traveling overland crossing the Mississippi River at St. Louis.

He settled on the land now owned by Wm. Howell remained their a few years and sold out; he then moved to Monroe county settling on a farm about 4 1/2 miles south of Hunnewell, where he died February 20th, 1853. He possessed the Dutch characteristics in many ways. In religious belief a Baptist. He served in the War of 1812 under General Shelby[4]Robert was a private in the company commanded by Capt. George Matthews, 2nd Regiment of Kentucky mounted Volunteers, Commanded by Lieut. Col. John Dannalson in Gov. Shelby’s Corps to upper … Continue reading. He was at the Battle of the Thames River where the Indians were defeated and the great Tecumseh was killed. He saw Tecumseh charge on General Johnson but Johnson did not kill him and many of the soldiers fired on him at the same time and his body was pierced by several bullets. He always deplored the fact that the body of the old chieftian was afterward mutulated.

Elizabeth Allen was born in 1770 and married Robert Vanschoiacke as previously stated. She was English, and East Virginian Tuckeyhoe. Part of the Allen family moved to Ohio and became famousfin politics of that State. Another branch moved to Kentucky from there to Missouri.

Of this marriage there were born seven sons and three daughters, all born in Kentucky.

Hezikiah married in Kentucky to a Miss Nancy Grover. Jesse was married to a Miss Patsy Howser. Enoch was afflicted and died soon after coming to Missouri.

William married in Marion county, Missouri, to a Miss Susan Lair, a daughter of William Lair who lived near Woodland.

Robert married a Miss Holley near Woodland. Samuel married a Miss Ary Ann Ragsdale of Monroe county. Alfred to a Miss Louisia Frazier of Monroe county.

Louisa married Joseph Ragsdale her first husband, her second husband was John Milan. Nancy married James Williamson of Monroe county. Polly married James Clark. These are the names of the children of Robert and Elizabeth Vanschoaicke and all came to Missouri with their parents. The mother died in Monroe county on the farm July 3rd, 1844.

Samuel Clark, our grandfather, was born March 18th, 1777 died March 12th, 1858. Sallie Clark, nee Fife, was born August 19th, 1775, died January 9th, 1856. James, our father, born February 25th, 1800, died January 20th, 1876.

There is one characteristic of grand-father Samuel Clark that should ever be held in rememberance by his descendants which is well brought out by one act of his life. The continued wars in Europe by the great Napoleon, and the Embargo on our shipping and the War of 1812, had greatly advanced the price of bread stuffs, especially wheat from Kentucky. At that day there was great difficulty in getting a market, their only market could be reached by grinding their wheat into flour and flat boating it down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans. He had binned up a big lot of wheat, several thousand bushels, sold it for a dollar a bushel and contracted for land extensively. Before the wheat was delivered Napoleon was overthrown and the war of 1812 was ended; wheat went down to twenty cents a bushel. The contractor for the wheat said the contract was honest and square, and said, “Sam if you say so I will take the wheat, but I will be a ruined man.” Samuel Clark said to him, ” I have never caused the ruin of any man, I will release you from your contract, I being the ruined man.” Thus it was he began his financial life anew.

This noble trait of our grand-father was largely inherited by our dear father, strictly honest, a devoted christian and gloried in the simpler life, though a poor financier he was faithful to his friends, a kind father. A life I truely hope each and every one of his descendants may sincerely study and emulate. He departed this life from senile decay of the body, his mind seemed to grow brighter as the body grew weaker. His desire was to be thus to the final dissolution, when unable to raise hand or foot or to speak he rejoiced by smiles and expressions and would thus answer questions until his eyes closed in death. Peace be to his ashes and all that may follow.

– Taken from a copy directed by Dr. J. D. Clark and written by Mrs. Jessie V. Clark, his wife. Copied by R. M. Clark.


There were born to our father and mother ten children, seven sons and three daughters, namely : Samuel Vanschoaicke Clark, born in Mason county, Ky., February 5th, 1827 crossed the plains to California in 1850, returned June 1853. He united in marriage with Margaret Anderson of Marion county, Mo., September 27th, 1853, no children were born to this union. Margaret, his wife, was born December 9th, 1828, and died August 29th, 1865. His second wife was Amanda Anderson, a cousin of Margaret’s, to this union three children were born James, Clemmy and Polly. Samuel V. and Margaret united with the Cumberland Presbyterian church near the year 1855, under the ministry of Rev. Pearson. He lived and died on the farm near Palmyra, of typhoid fever November 15th, 1899, and was laid to rest by the side of Margaret in the Crane burying ground[5]The Crane burying ground is located near Philadelphia, Marion Co., MO.

Robert Mason Clark, born in Mason county, Ky., October 8th, 1828, crossed the plains to California in 1850, returned January 23rd, 1852, united in marriage with Sarah Jane Gosney in Marion county, Mo., October 27th, 1853. She was born in Adams county, Ohio, September 23rd, 1828, emigrated with her parents to Marion county, Mo., in 1844. In the fall of 1848 she was converted and joined the Methodist church, South, in a revival meeting conducted by Brother Pinkard and “Uncle” Dick Sharp, at what was known as the Perarie School house. Departed this life, January 28th, 1905, of pneumonia and was laid to rest in Mt. Vernon cemetery, Marion county, Mo., to await the resurrection morn. Peace to her ashes. We walked side by side as husband and wife bearing the joys and sorrows of this life for over fifty-one years. I was converted and joined the church in Mercer county, Missouri in the year of 1858.

James David Clark, our eldest son was born in Shelby county, Mo., August 15th, 1854. Was joined in holy wedlock with Louisa Hager in the fall of 1878, she being born in Ralls county, Mo., October 27th, 1854, to this union one son, Leck, was born September 19th, 1880.

Sarah Elizabeth Hagar, nee Clark, was born in Marion county, Mo., January 31st, 1856, married John W. Hagar, October 30th, 1877. John W. Hagar was born in Ralls county, Mo., May 7th, 1852, to this union there is two children, a son and daughter, Frank and Bessie Blanche. Frank born August 8th, 1878, and Blanche born April 22nd, 1887.

Frank Hagar and Addie O’Brien were married February 21st, 1900, to this union there is one heir Mackie Jane, born May 18th, 1902. Addie was born November 4th, 1878.

Ary Ann Clark, was born in Mercer county, Mo., June 22nd, 1857, and died September 8th, 1857.

Mary Francis Clark was born in Mercer county, Mo., June 8th, 1858, and departed this life in Marion county, Mo., December 18th, 1876.

Emma Jane Clark born in Mercer county, Mo., April 27th, 1860, departed this life August 15th, 1860.

Robert Alexander Clark was born in Mercer county, Mo., Sept. 25th, 1861, united in marriage with Miss Rachael Margaret Baker, of Illinois, January 13th, 1886 to this union there is one son Carl, born May 30th, 1895. Alex and Margaret have an adopted son, Clarence. I failed to get his dates.

Laura Bell Clark, was born June 25th, 1866, departed this life September 7th, 1867.

Samuel Wilson Clark was born in Marion county, December 30th, 1868. Was joined in the holy bonds of matrimony with Helen Marsh Baird, of Shelby county, Mo., the daughter of John G. and Eunice Elizabeth Baird, nee Gibson, January the 12th, 1893. Helen, his wife, born April the 4th, 1876, united with the M. E. Church at Union Chapel in the fall of 1899. To this marriage there is six heirs born, three sons and three daughters namely: Charles O. Clark, born December 3rd, 1893. Emmet Mason Clark, born December 15th, 1895. Lotie H. Clark born November 25th 1896. Vincil Heather Clark born January 14th 1898, died January 8th, 1898 [sic]. Edna L. Clark, born March 6th, 1901. Callie Clark, born February 20th, 1903. We laid little Vincil to rest in the cemetery at Union Chapel church.

Ollie Bell Clark, born in Marion county, Mo., August 25th, 1869.

Lenora Clark, born March 16th, 1875, died July 18th, 1876, and there was two little girls who died very young, numbering twelve in all, four sons and eight daughters. Little brother John Clark died of croup whilst we lived near South River about 1832 in his second or third year; he was buried on the farm a short distance from the cabin.

Brother William was born in Marion county, Mo., January 7th, 1833. Joined in marriage with Miss Purlina Tuley, October 6th, 1859. She was born in Kentucky, February 14th, 1837, died November 16th, 1877. She lies sleeping in Mt. Vernon cemetery, their to await the resurrection morn. To this union there were five children born, four sons and one daughter namely: James, Charles, Julia, Lewis and Robert. Purlina joined the Methodist church, South at Mt. Vernon in 1857. Brother Will married Mrs. Sarah Smith his second wife, March 8th, 1880. She was born February 11th, 1838 and died March 29th, 1903.

William R. Vannoy, born May 3rd, 1829, Mary Ellen Clark, born October 19th, 1834 united in marriage July 28th, 1852. To this union there were born six sons and three daughters: Rhoda D. Collins (nee) Vannoy born Sept. 2nd, 1853, married October 12th, 1879. Died May 6th, 1893. John William Vannoy, born June 19th, 1855. Milton C. Vannoy, born February 25th, 1857 married June 22nd, 1881. Robert H. Vannoy born December 24th, 1859, married February 8th, 1893. Died May 25th, 1895. Sarah E. Yost nee Vannoy, born April 3rd, 1863, married February 22nd, 1885. Died September 15th, 1897. James F. Vannoy, born September 19th, 1866, married September 10th, 1895. Mary P. Vannoy, born May 31st, 1868 died June 3rd, 1876. Arthur S. Vannoy, born November 27th, 1874. Emmet Vannoy, born June 16th, 1878 died February 10th, 1879. These departed ones lie sleeping in the Oak Dale cemetery.

John Thomas Garner was born May 8th, 1841. Elizabeth Jane Clark, born September 1st, 1836. Joined in marriage to John T. Garner April 27th, 1859. To this union there were ten children born: Mary C. Garner, born February 5th, 1860. John Samuel Garner, born May 18th, 1862. James R. Garner, born February 12th, 1864. Andrew J. Garner, born December 10, 1866. Robert Garner, born January 1st, 1869. William Edward Garner, born April 19th, 1871. Milton Alonzo Garner, born March 26th, 1873. Thomas J. Garner, was born September 11th, 1875. Floran Garner, was born October 7th, 1871.

John T. Garner and Mrs. Elizabeth Rector, his second wife, were married October 23rd, 1887. To this union there were born one son, Irl Garner, born April 6, 1889.

John Samuel Garner and Miss Ella C. Bush were married March 25th, 1884. James R. Garner and Mollie Rector were married March 6th, 1890. Alonzo Garner and Annie Rector were married March 2nd, 1897. Floran Garner and Ada Garner were married December 28th, 1898.

Andrew T. Garner died December 2nd, 1867. Robert Garner died January 16th, 1869. Will Edward Garner died November 2nd, 1877. Thomas J. Garner died October 18th, 1877. Elizabeth Jane Garner died at Nevada, Mo., and was laid to rest in the cemetery at that place. She joined the church at Mt. Vernon in 1858. John Thomas Garner died at Monroe City, he came to Monroe City on a visit and died while there.

There were three children born to the union of John S. Garner and Ella Garner, his wife. Velpo, born in Palmyra March 27th, 1888. Elizabeth born November 23rd, 1892. Died November 25th, 1892. Robert Francis, born October 13th, 1902.

Sarah F. Clark was born July 31st, 1838, was married to Elias M. Tuley, March 3rd, 1875, by Rev. Boling. To this union there was one heir, Ida Belle Tuley, born April 20th, 1878. Elias M. Tuley was born in Kentucky September 22nd, 1815. Died July 3rd, 1898.

Robert Newland Howell, born July 16th, 1868, was married to Ida Bell Tuley, October 24th, 1901.

Sister Elizabeth and sister Sarah joined the M. E. church, South, at the same time in 1858, at Mt. Vernon church.

James Daniel Clark, born December 22nd, 1843. Jessie Valient Clark, nee Valient, born June 16th, 1853 united in marriage November 7th, 1888. He graduated in medicine at the old Missouri Medical College at St. Louis, March 1886. He practiced in the old neighbothood until November 1887, when he moved to Pal-myra, following his profession until March 1901. He was elected mayor of Palmyra in April 1892, served six years. He was County Physician nine years. After giving up his practice they lived on their farm near the city.

Little brother Marion’s life numbered only a few days. The youngest son was still born August 17th, 1854, numbering ten children in all, seven sons and three daughters. Of those born to our dear father and mother there remain only four living, three brothers and one sister, Robert M., William, Sarah F., and Dr. J. D. Clark.

Of the children born to R. M. and Sarah Jane Clark there is five living: James David, Sarah Elizabeth, Robert Alexander, Samuel Wilson, and Ollie Bell Clark.

Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson, nee Hardcastle, the wife of James Wilson, was born on the Eastern shore of Maryland October 27th, 1772. Died in Marion county, Mo., December 2nd, 1842 and laid to rest in the Parker cemetery.

David Gosney, was born in West Virginia, near Wheeling, December 10th, 1797. Ann Wilson, the daughter of James and Elizabeth Wilson, was born on the Eastern shore of Maryland, December 4th, 1803. She emigrated with her parents to West Virginia when in her fifteenth year. She united in marriage with David Gosney December 9th, 1824, and they emigrated to Adams county, Ohio, about the year of 1826, from there they emigrated to Marion county, Mo., in the spring of 1844. He lived and died on a farm near See’s Creek. David departed this life July 10th, 1863. His wife died November 16th, 1877 and was laid to rest in the Parker grave yard. To this union there were born nine children, five boys and four girls. Robert H., the eldest, born in West Virginia September 10th, 1825, was married to Miss Martha Morgan in the fall of 1854. To this union there were three sons and six girls born. Elizabeth Gosney born in Adams county, Ohio, December 24th, 1826, was married to Henry P. Shaw, December 9th, 1852. Died March 9th, 1889. To this marriage was born one son and two girls, Robert Henry Shaw, Emma Francis and Ann Bell Shaw. Emma Francis married David Gay. Anna Bell married Olander Waters of Illinois. The parents were laid to rest side by side in the Andrew Chapel cemetery[6]Andrew Chapel cemetery is located near Emden, Marion Co., MO. Sarah Jane Clark, nee Gosney, was born September 23rd, 1828, as previously stated.

James W. Gosney was born in Adams county, Ohio, September 23rd, 1830. He crossed the plains to California in 1850 and returned in the fall of 1852. He was united in marriage with Miss Alice Hagar in the winter of 1855. To them were born thirteen children, there are four boys and five girls living. Alice, the mother, spent her entire married life in Shelby county, Mo. She died at Clarence of typhoid fever July 2nd, 1896, and was laid to rest in the Clarence cemetery. Peace be unto her ashes and all that may follow.

Alexander Gosney was born in Adams county, Ohio March 3rd, 1832. Emerine Gosney, nee Mefford, was born January 28th, 1828. She united in marriage with Alex Gosney, August 20th, 1854. She united with the M. E. Church, South, when in her fifteenth year, he in November 1869. To this union there were born six children, three sons and three daughters, namely: William W., Laura Ann, Thomas Leonard, David Watson, Sarah Alice, and Senora Margaret. The mother always adhered to the Methodist doctrine. She departed this life March 17th, 1896, and was laid to rest in the Brown cemetery near Hunnewell.

William W. Gosney, born April 24th, 1855. Departed this life July 7th, 1855.

Laura Ann Gosney, now Mrs. J. C. Stoddart, of St. Paul, Minnesota, was born May 11th, 1857. To this union there was born one son and one daughter, Clarence and Emerine.

Thomas Leonard Gosney, born March 4th, 1860, and was married to Miss Effie May McMurry, September 3rd, 1885. To this marriage were born two daughters, Elizabeth Vance Gosney, born May 5th, 1887. Helen Gosney, born September 4th, 1862

David Watson Gosney born May 17th, 1862. Died June 17th, 1862.

Sarah Alice Gosney, born August 21st, 1864. She married Oliver C. Vaughn in 1898. Departed this life November 5th, 1902. She sleeps in the Brown cemetery.

Senora Margaret Gosney, was born September 20th, 1868. She joined the M. E. church, South, in 1883 when in her fifteenth year. She was married to Joshua H. Gentry, December 22nd, 1897. To them was born a son and daughter, Christie Alexander Gentry, born October 15th, 1898. Emerine Evada Gentry, born August 17th, 1902.

William Fredric Gosney, was born in Adams county, Ohio, November 13th, 1835, and came with his parents to this state in 1844, and now lives on the old homestead where his father settled, lived and died.

Lucretia Gosney, nee Hagar, daughter of Thomas Hagar, an early settler of Ralls county, being here the winter of the deep snow. Lucretia was born in Ralls county, December 24th, 1836. United in marriage with W. F. Gosney, January 4th, 1866. She was a great sufferer through life, being sorely afflicted for many a year, although she bore her affliction with great fortitude. To this marriage there were seven children born, four sons and three daughters, namely: James Gosney, their first-born, was born December 23rd, 1866, and died May 5th, 1876. Six remain living.

Della Bell married Lee Wright. Mary Ann married Harvey Graves.

William A. Gosney, born May 17th, 1871. Emma Francis McCann, born September 4th, 1871 united in marriage April 17th, 1895. To this union there was a daughter and son were born, Francis Marie Gosney, born January 30th, 1896. Everett Fredric Gosney, born April 4th, 1901

Ida Jane Gosney married Henry McCann.

We failed to get the date of the births of John T. Gosney, and David Gosney, Jr.

Miss Fannie Estelle Cassady, was born January 6th, 1885, united in marriage with David Gosney, Junior, March 15th, 1905. Lucretia Gosney, nee Hagar, departed this life January 17th, 1905, and was laid to rest in the Monroe City cemetery. Peace be to her ashes. This contains the generation of W. F. Gosney and Lucretia Gosney.

There was one other a son of David and Ann Gosney, named David, born and died in Adams county, Ohio, whose dates we failed to get.

Mary Ann Gosney died September 10th, 1844, aged three years. She sleeps in the Parker cemetary.

Eliza Maria Gosney was born in Adams county, Ohio, January 27th, 1843 and departed this life November 12th, 1877. She was joined in marriage about 1863 with Charles Gosney, who was born in Kentucky in 1832. He died February 14th, 1888. To this union there were born seven children, five sons and two daughters. William Gosney, born in 1864. John Gosney, born in 1865.

Ella Gosney, born in 1868. She was united in marriage to William Gibbons, December 14th, 1898. To this union there is four children born, two sons and two daughter. The eldest, a son, died quite young.

Richard Wilson Gosney was born in Hunnewell, Shelby county, August 21st, 1870. Ninna Viola Gosney, nee Howe, was born June 6th, 1875, united in marriage January 3rd, 1894. To them there is born four sons and one daughter. Yancey Howard, born April 9th, 1896. Charles William, born July 26th, 1898. James Laban, born June 7th, 1901. Resford Thomas, born September 3rd, 1903. Eunice Francis, born August 31st, 1905[7]August 31, 1905 is the latest date recorded in this history..

Edward Gosney, born in 1872. Julia Ann Gosney, born in 1874.

James Theodore Gosney, was born November 26th, 1876. Anna Maria Gosney, nee McElroy, was born November 26th, 1880, united in marriage with J. T. Gosney, January 7th, 1903. To this union there is two sons. Elmer Pearl, born October 3rd, 1903. James Everett, born May 27th, 1905.

As I must now close. I will only say to you, my dear friends and relatives, to accept and practice these noble traits of character that is set forth by our worthy ancestry, that we may so live and our walk be so upright through life that we may be permitted to spend a blissful eternity with those whom we have loved on earth.


1 The marriage of Hezikiah Vanschiack and Sarah Clark, daughter of John Clark, was recorded in Mason Co., KY on July 16, 1798. The marriage of Josiah Vanschoiack and Rebecca Eubanks was recorded in Mason Co., KY on Sept. 13, 1810. Hezikiah and Josiah are brothers of Robert Vanschoaicke.
2 Guilford Court House is located in Greensboro, North Carolina – not Virginia as stated in this piece.
3 Robert was born in Monmouth Co., New Jersey.
4 Robert was a private in the company commanded by Capt. George Matthews, 2nd Regiment of Kentucky mounted Volunteers, Commanded by Lieut. Col. John Dannalson in Gov. Shelby’s Corps to upper Canady in the war with Great Britain. He served from Aug. 8th to Nov. 3rd 1813 and was awarded 40 acres Bounty Land on Mar. 20th 1852. Certificate No. 47109
5 The Crane burying ground is located near Philadelphia, Marion Co., MO
6 Andrew Chapel cemetery is located near Emden, Marion Co., MO
7 August 31, 1905 is the latest date recorded in this history.