The abstracts given here include all of the probate records listed in Book B and cover the years of 1853-1887. The names are spelled as they appear to be in the original records, sometimes being spelled two different ways in one document.

See Also: Abstracts of Wills & Administrations – Book A – 1827-1837

Abbreviations used in these records:

Decd. – deceased Admr, Administrator Admrx., Administratrix
Exr. – Executor Exrx. – Executrix Wit. Witnesses
Died intestate – d. int. without a will


Sec., – Security or those who vouched for bond posted by the admr. or exr. Admr. de bonis non – when f or some reason the previous admr. or exr. had not completed settlement of an estate, the court appointed a new one.

William Archer
Julia Stockton (no relationship given) Written: Nov. 14, 1853 Probated: Dec. 17, 1853 Adm.: Aylwin Ingraham Witnesses: Terrel M. Browning, W. P. Pitts

Henry Schneider
Written: Probated: Dec. 17, 1853 Adm.: Francis Schneider

James I. Arbogast
Written: Probated: Dec. 17, 1853

Aaron G. Gano
My wife: Sophia S. Gano My sons: John S. Gano, Chas. L. Gano, Daniel Gano, William G. Gano My daughters: Frances Mary Iglehart, Cornelia H. Gano, Maria I. Anderson My grandson: Spencer Gano Anderson, son of daughter, Maria I. Anderson, deceased Written: Mar. 25, 1854 Probated: Dec. 13, 1854 Executors: John Gano, Charles Gano, Dan Gano, and William Gano Witnesses: Geo. W. Shields, James Ashmore

Harvey Hance
My wife: Mary Hance Written: Jan. 7, 1854 Probated: Jan. 21, 1854 Witnesses: Rich F. Richmond, B. T. Norton

Sarah Lieter
Caroline Ross, wife of Wm. Ross, Sarah A. Ross, dau. of said Caroline Ross (no relationship shown) My brothers: John T. Lieter, William Lieter, and Corde H. Lieter Written: Feb. 18, 1857 Probated: Feb. 27, 1857 Witnesses: John B. Lewis, Thos. F. Foster, Mary R. Green Executor: Moses P. Green

John Garth
My sons: John H. Garth, David I. Garth My daughter: Elvira Smiley My grandchildron: Children of Elvira Smiley, Deceased: Matilda F. Smiley, Elvira G. Smiley, John I. Smiley, David G. Smiley Written: Mar. 31, 1857 Probated: Apr. 23, 1857 Executor: David I. Garth Witnesses: Jno. S. Stevenson, W. C. Hoy

Mary Gano
My daughters: Sarah G. Tiley, Catherine Gano, Mary G. Burnett My son: Daniel Gano My brother: Aaron Goforth Written: July 9, 1856 Recorded: Apr. 12, 1858 Probated: Sept. 11, 1857 Witnesses: Annie E. Williams, John L. McGill

Joseph Bennett
My brother: Martin Bennett Written: Dec. 22, 1857 Probated: Jan. 25, 1858 Executor: Martin Bennett Witnesses: Lucien Birdseylle and Nath. P. Freeman

Daniel L. Russell
Creditor, Wm. H. Russell My sons: Daniel B. Russell and William H. Russell My daughter: Ann Matilda Russell Written: Mar. 3, 1858 Probated: Mar. 31, 1858 Executor: Dr. T. S. Foster Witnesses: L. B. Seaton and F. Levering

Mary B. Darr
My son: Virgil C. Darr My sister: Sarah Ann Singleton Written: July 27, 1858 Probated: Sept. 6, 1858 Executor: Dr. David T. Morton Witnesses: William Lees and Littleton Taylor

Lucy L. Gurnsey
My son: James J. Guernsey My daughters: Ann Armenella Rector, Jane E. Ingraham Written: Oct. 19, 1857 Probated: Mar. 6, 1858 Adm; Wm. H. Rector Witnesses: Thos. A. Harris and Thomas S. Foster

Ann W. Arnall
My father: Henry B. Sannders My brother: Elisha S. Sannders Written: Aug. 18, 1858 Probated: Mar. 1, 1859 Admr.: Robert D. Honeyman Witnesses: John S. Stevenson and Daniel A. White

Marry Massie
My husband: John Massie, dec. My brother: John P. Smith, dec. and Thomas J. Smith My nieces: Mary Smith, daughter of sister Elizabeth Wallace, and wife of William Smith My nephew: William Wallace My sisters: Harriet Taylor, Elizabeth Wallace, dec. My brother-in-law: William Wallace, husband of Elizabeth Wallace, both dec. Written: Apr. 23, 1859 Probated: Nov. 18, 1859 Executor: Dr. Richard A. Taylor

Henry Webb
My wife: Nancy Webb Written: July 13, 1860 Probated: July 18, 1860 Witnesses: T. R. Selmes, Jas. G. Brittingham, John G. Hock

Nathaniel Fuqua
My wife: Mary Ann Sarah Fuqua My sons: Anderson Fuqua, Archibald Fuqua, and Nathaniel Fuqua My daughters: Susan Fuqua and Virginia Fuqua Written: May 17, 1847 Probated: Aug. 22, 1860 Executors: David T. Morton and William T. Hill Witnesses: Geo. Bacon and William Kidd

James Rackliffe
My wife: Matilda E. Rackliffe My sons: Charles J. Rackliffe, Sidney A. Rackliffe, John Rackliffe, Edwin A. Rackliffe, Washington P. Rackliffe Written: Nov. 13, 1860 Probated: Nov. 13, 1860 Executors: Matilda E. Rackliffe and Charles J. Rackliffe Witnesses: Jno. Leighton, D. J. Garth, Thos. K. Collins

Marion F. Brown
My wife: Elenor V. Brown My brother: Jas. B. Brown Written: June 25, 1859 Probated: June 25, 1861 Executor: Elenor V. Brown and Jas. B. Brown Witnesses: James Thompson, R. D. Brewington

Archibald L. Robards
My wife: Amanda C. Robards My son: John L. Robards My son-in-law: Joseph H. Rogers Written: Apr. 25, 1862 Probated: July 14, 1862 Executors: John L. Robards and Joseph H. Rogers

Margaret H. Wilson
My brothers: Robert Houston, John W. Houston, Dr. David H. Houston My sister: Elizabeth W. Dunning, widow of Henry Dunning My nephews: John H. Dunning, William Edwin Dunning My niece: Clara E. G. Dunning Robert H. Griffith Written: July 27, 1859 Probated: Oct. 20, 1863 Executor: John W. Houston Witnesses: Myers R. Fisher and David S. Arnell

Benjamin N. Crump
Lizzio Groat, wife of P. B. Groat Elizabeth Crump Written: July 15, Probated: Aug. 29, 1864 Executor: Elizabeth Crump Witnesses: Geo. A. Haws and J. M. Armstrong

Daniel S. Howell
My wife: Sarah G. Howell Written: Nov. 1852 Probated: Mar. 10, 1865 Executor: Sarah G. Howell Witnesses: James Slaughter and Beverly L. Blakey

Joseph Schneider
My wife: Elizabeth Schneider My sons: Joseph Schneider and George Schneider written: May 19, 1865 Probated: Oct. 6, 1865 Witnesses: David Dubach, Robert Wachindorfer, John B. Lewis

John Picken
My wife: Anne Eliza Picken My son: Benjamin S. Picken My daughters: Ann L. Picken and Anna Picken Written: July 5, 1866 Probated: Nov. 17, 1866 Executrix: Anne Eliza Picken Witnesses: Arthur B. Wilson and Benjamin Stevens

Robert J. Bell
My wife: Virginia H. Bell Written: Oct. 15, 1867 Probated: Oct. 22, 1867 Executor: Rev. Patrick Cronin Witnesses: Bello O’Neill and Thos. W. Hawkins

Samuel Coleman
My sons: James Coleman, Samuel Coleman, Robert Coleman, Turner Coleman My daughters: Harriet Coleman and Ann Coleman Written: Nov. 6, 1856 Probated: Apr. 9, 1867 Executors: P. Harrison and Martha Elliott Witnesses: William O. Simmons, James Murphy, and Silvester Hagan

Louisa Farmer
My nieces: Marie Louise Elgin and Mary Eliza Elgin My nephews: John O. Farmer, George Buck Elgin, and Lee Elgin Written: Apr. 5, 1867 Probated: Apr. 15, 1867 Executor: A. R. Levering Witnesses: Miss Artemisia Marsh and Royal P. Cobb

Jacob E. Grove
My brother: John A. Grove, Sr., St. Clausville, O. My nieces: Elizabeth Brown, wife of Dr. Joshua Brown of McConnellsville, O.; Mary Louisa Right, wife of Joshua Ian Right, Belmont, O.; Sarah Dillon, wife of Hanson Dillon, Arlington, Ill.; Eliza Jane Dillon, wife of Abner Dillon, Belmont, O.; Zephenia Grove, widow of deceased nephew William A. Grove Written: Oct. 13, 1867 Probated: Oct. 19, 1867 Executors: Wm. Booker and Hugh H. Wardlow Witnesses: William P. Harrison and Benj. Stevens

Patrick Hinch
My brothers: John Hinch, Michael Hinch, Jerry Hinch My sister: Joan Hinch Written: June 20, 1867 Probated: July 1, 1867 Witnesses: B. J. Bell and Charles F. Clayton

Peter Holtzman
My wife: Marie Magdalene Holtzman Written: Oct. 25, 1867 Probated: Dec. 1867 Executrix; Marie Magdalene Holtzman Witnesses: Adam Theis and Windelin Simsenmany

George Ausustus Sinclair
My wife: Emma Sinclair My daughter: Emma Augustus Sinclair My brother: Francis Savage Sinclair Written: Oct. 23, 1868 Probated: Oct. 30, 1868 Executor: Francis Savage Sinclair Witnesses: Francis Savage Sinclair, Alfonso C. Stuart, and Moses P. Green

Slicer Wicks Milton
My wife: Emiline Catherine Milton Written: Jan. 7, 1868 Probated: July 16, 1868 Executrix: Emiline Catherine Milton

James Hewitt
My wife: Clarissa Hewitt Written: Sept. 24, 1864 Probated: Dec. 21, 1867 Executrix: Clarissa Hewitt Written: Parnett Duncan, M. O. H. Norton, J. F. Crosby

James Whaley
My wife: Margaret Whaley My sons: James William Whaley, Stephen Whaley, Oliver Whaley, Edward Whaley My daughters: Sallie Whaley, Zarilda Whaley, Nancy Whaley, Ann Whaley, Maggie Whaley Written: Oct. 10, 1869 Probated: Oct. 18, 1869 Executors: Stephen Whaley and Oliver Whaley Witnesses: Thomas Proctor and John R. Withers

William T. League
My wife: Joanna H. League My sons: William G. League, Kirby Miller League My daughters: Martha Ann League, Netty Alice League Written: Apr. 18, 1868 Probated: Aug. 27, 1870 Executor: Franklin Levering Witnesses: R. F. Lakenan and Thomas Henry Bacon

Mrs. Mary E. Courtney
My niece: Mary Thomas Johnson My brother: Thomas Long Written: May 12, 1869 Probated: July 26, 1870 Executor: Husband, David H. Courtney Witnesses: John R. Flowerree and Balthazer Knoepfel

Emeline S. Duffield
My husband: Edward Duffield Written: Nov. 21, 1866 Probated: May 17, 1870 Witnesses: S. T. Brittingham, A. R. Alexander, and R. W. Brittingham

Moses H. Fuqua
My wife: Susan Fuqua My daughters: Sarah Brown, Adelaide Sauser, and Mary Ann Ruffner My sons: Calvin Chaddock Fuqua, Henry C. Fuqua My son-in-law: William Sauser Written: Aug. 3, 1865 Probated: Jan. 10, 1870 Witnesses: Jas. S. Brittingham, Milton Strong

David B. George
My wife: America George Written: Oct. 4, 1870 Probated: Oct. 31, 1870 Executor: Daniel M. Dulany Witnesses: Geo. W. Hubbard and William H. Dulany

Rebecca Holmes
My daughters: Francis Jane Turner, wife of H. F. Turner, Charlott G. Tomer, wife of Isaac Tomer, Alica B. Horris, wife of J. C. Morris (relationship not given), Georgia Ann Holmes Turner, adopted daughter My grand-daughter: Mary G. Turner Written: Feb. 23, 1870 Probated: Mar. 10, 1870 Witnesses: E. A. Lockwood and Abial K. Thomas

Lucy B. Hunt
My father: Josiah Hunt My sister: Caroline B. Sot My aunt: Mary F. Leland My sister: Lizzie Logan Hunt Written: Oct. 19, 1871 Probated: Nov. 3, 1870 Executor: Joslah Hunt Witnesses: B. T. Norton and Cornelia C. Evans

Franklin B. McElroy
My wife: Ann F. McElroy My sons: James P. McElroy, Charles F. McElroy, William McElroy, and Franklin McElroy My daughters: Ann F. Fuller and Mary McElroy Written: Feb. 5, 1871 Probated: Feb. 15, 1871 Executors: Ann F. McElroy and Charles F. McElroy

Johanna Kernin
My husband: Peter Kernin My sons: William H. Bishop and John T. Bishop My daughter: May F. Bishop (father was Thomas Bishop, dec.) Written: July 30, 1871 Probated: Witnesses: James Murphy, Edw. B. Smith, W. L. Stavely

Patrick Cronin
My son: Michael Cronin My daughter: Mary Swanson, wife of John Swanson Written: Oct. 7, 1871 Probated: Oct. 20, 1871 Witnesses: Charles Moore and Mrs. Julia A. Bower

Robert H. Griffith
My wife: Mary Ann Griffith My nephews: Robert G. Ellegood, Edward R. Richards My sister: Ann H. Ellegood Written: Aug. 9, 1855 Probated: Jan. 29, 1864 Recorded: May 9, 1871 Witnesses: F. B. McElroy and James Brady

George Holmes
My son: John Holmes My daughter: George Ann Timmins My grand-daughter: Hanna Holmes My grandsons: George Timmins, Peoria, Illinois, George Church, Breenfield, Illinois, George Homes, David Holmes-relationship not given Written: Apr. 24, 1871 Probated: Executors: John Sproul and Joseph Payton

Theodore Venneman
My wife: Elizabeth Venneman My son: Henry Venneman My daughter: Dora Frey Venneman Written: Oct. 24, 1867 Probated: Feb. 3, 1872 Witnesses: Adam Theis, H. D. Deiman

James McWilliams
My daughters: Cinthia Jane Wilson, wife of Ephraim J. Willson, Sarah Ann King, wife of Thomas H. King, Elizabeth D. Gordon, wife of William M. Gordon, Mary Ellen Gash, wife of William Jefferson Gash My sons: James G. McWilliams, Charles H. McWilliams Written: Dec. 25, 1854 Probated: Feb. 12, 1872 Executors: Thomas H. King and Charles H. McWilliams Witnesses: Benjamin Davis and Franklin Whaley

Barbara Schanbacher
My husband: Michael Schanbacher, dec. My daughters: Bertha Helm Schanbacher, Georgiana A. Schanbacher, Laura M. Schanbacher, Christine Wenzel, wife of Benjamin Wenzel, and Mary Lincoln, wife of George Lincoln My brother: Phillip Miller Written: Apr. 3, 1872 Probated: Apr. 6, 1872 Executors: Phillip Miller and Benjamin Wenzel Witnesses: Albert Neitebock, Adam Theis, William Schanbacher

Thomas Rice
My wife Written: Jan. 22, 1872 Probated: June 11, 1872 Executor: C. O. Godfrey Witnesses: Richard H. Fleming, Alex Velie, Edward Price

John B. Helm
My first wife: Jane P. Helm My second wife: Mary A. Helm Children Of Jane P. Helm: Daughters: Haria L. Clayton, Mathilda J. Johnson Son: Cyrus T. Helm Children of Mary A. Helm: Sallie C. Robards, Eliza B. Helm, Mary N. Helm Written: Oct. 8, 1867 Probated: June 24, 1872 Executor: Cyrus T. Helm Witnesses: C. L. Lamb and Charles T. Clayton

Barton S. Green
My wife: Martine S. Green Written: Oct. 25, 1870 Probated: July 17, 1872 Executor: Martine S. Green Witnesses: Arthur B. Wilson, William A. Hunt

Ephraim Boren
My wife: Rebecca Boren My son: George W. Boren My daughter: Emily Bynum Written: Feb. 28, 1872 Probated: Feb. 13, 1873 Witnesses: William F. Williams, Thomas Proctor

Samuel Miller
My wife: Sarah Miller My sons: James T. Miller, William F. Miller My daughters: Malinda Maupin, wife of William Maupin, Silvia Maupin, wife of Boliver A. Maupin, Ruth E. Donaldson, wife of Robert Donaldson Written: June 20, 1870 Probated: Feb. 13, 1873 Executors: Sarah Miller, James T. Miller Witnesses: Preston Bird, George H. Jones, Burr F. McPherson

Ephraim Wilson
My son: John F. Wilson and George M. Wilson My daughters: Sarah C. Lane, Mary L. Kennedy, and Medora Whaley, wife of Charles E. Whaley My grandsons: Children of son, George Wilson, Samuel P. Wilson, Castidion C. Wilson, and George Wilson Written: May 13, 1871 Probated: Feb. 14, 1873 Trustee: Alax Gillispie Executor: Charles E. Whaley Witnesses: Raylor Chandler, A. D. Sprague, William T. Payne

Edward Duffield
My wife: Margret A. Duffield My daughter: Anna Emmeline Duffield Written: Feb. 15, 1873 Probated: Mar. 1, 1873 Executor: Margaret A. Duffield Witnesses: H. Stephenson and H. W. Bennett

Clemens Koch
My wife: Gertrude Koch Written: June 23, 1870 Probated: Apr. 9, 1873 Executrix: Gertrude Koch Witnesses: Adam Theis, Dorenge Knaebal

Thomas J. Vail
My wife: Maria N. Vail Written: Sept. 18, 1872 Probated: July 17, 1873 Executrix: Maria N. Vail Witnesses: David S. Eby, E. H. Pierce, Jonathan Pierce

Sarah R. Ingraham
My sister: Laura Holmes My brother: Aulinger Ingraham My brother-in-law: C. W. Bryan Written: Aug. 27, 1874 Probated: July 19, 1873 Executor: William Holmes Witnesses: James A. Walker, Jerome C. Boarman

Michael Schum
My wife: Caroline Schum Written: Jan. 14, 1870 Probated: July 28, 1873 Executrix: Caroline Schum Witnesses: Adam Theis, L. A. Hofbauer

Elizabeth Horr
My husband: Benjamin W. Horr My son: Jno. Horr and Benjamin Horr My daughters: Elizabeth N. Horr and Laura Buckingham Written: Mar. 20, 1866 Probated: Sept. 9, 1873 Witnesses: M. P. Green, Barton S. Green, Orpah E. Martin

Julia M. Stockton
My son: Edward M. Stockton, and his wife Cassander E. Stockton Written: Feb. 11, 1873 Probated: Aug. 23, 1873 Executor: Aquilla P. Hornback

James Reynolds
My wife: Caroline Reynolds Written: Sept. 24, 1873 Probated: Nov. 18, 1873 Witnesses: E. J. Folsome and James H. Smith

Stephen G. Williams
My wife: Faustina S. Williams Written: Oct. 31, 1873 Probated: Dec. 2, 1873 Executor: Jesse M. Armstrong Witnesses: J. G. Armstrong, William J. Marsh

William McFarland
My wife: Julia A. McFarland My daughters: Julia A. McFarland, Mary J. Brown, wife of Nelson Brown, Fanny E. Shannon, wife of Walter E. Shannon My sons: Easton McFarland and Elliott McFarland Written: June 1870 Probated: Feb. 9, 1874 Executrix: Julia A. McFarland Witnesses: T. H. Bowles and F. M. Stone

George W. Dubach
My mother: Maria C. Dubach My sisters: Charlotte M. Dubach and Mary A. Gillet My brothers: Frederick L. Dubach and David Dubach Written: Dec. 23, 1868 Probated: Feb. 10, 1874 Executor: Frederick L. Dubach or David Dubach Witnesses: John Ure and George G. Gould

Leah James
My husband: Robert M. James My children: Frank C. James, Floyd C. James, and Pearl V. James Written: Feb. 4, 1874 Probated: Feb. 12, 1874 Executor: Robert M. James Witnesses: Walter D. Anderson and Thomas Proctor

John B. Helm
First wife: Jane P. Helm Second wife: Mary A. Helm Children of first wife: Maria L. Clayton, Cyrus T. Helm, Matilda J. Johnson Children of second wife: Sallie C. Robards, Eliza B. Helm, and Mary N. Helm Written: Oct. 8, 1867 Executor: Cyrus T. Helm (after his demise, John L. Robards) Witnesses: C. L. Lamb and Charles F. Clayton Witnesses to 1st codicil dated Feb. 10, 1870: John F. E. Phillips and Wm. R. Gannaway Witnesses to 2nd codicil dated Feb. 18, 1870: Wm. R. Gannaway and Henry G. Bowne Witnesses to 3rd codicil dated Mar. 10, 1870: A. W. Lamb and Charles J. Rackliffe Witnesses to 4th codicil dated Sept. 5, 1870: Thomas Bowling and Peter B. Groat Witnesses to 5th codicil dated Aug. 29, 1871: R. D. Honeyman and L. T. Brittingham Witnesses to 6th codicil dated Feb. 4, 1872: L. F. Brittingham and Charles W. Mills

George Bacon
My wife: Catherine L. Bacon My sons: Thomas N. Bacon, Robert L. Bacon, and George Bacon, Jr. My daughter: Mary C. Cruikshank Written: Apr. 4, 1872 Probated: Executor: Thomas H. Bacon Witnesses: George A. Hawes, A. R. Levering, J. N. Armstrong

Catherine Inskeep
My husband: Joseph Inskeep My daughters: Victoris Overton and Rebecca Frances Inskeep My brother: William F. Brown Written: Oct. 9, 1874 Probated: Executor: William F. Brown Witnesses: Charles M. Teagel and Thomas Proctor

Jennie F. Holme
My husband: Charles G. Holme My daughters: Florence T. Holme, Mary F. Holme, and Anna H. Holme My son: Charles G. Holme My brother-in-law: Henry Holme, guardian of children Written: July 16, 1874 Probated: Executor: Henry Holme Witnesses: Jas. M. Lawrence, Mary W. Fitzgerald, and J. R. Wadsworth

John Aydelott
My wife: Nancy G. Aydelott My daughters: Elizabeth Ann Aydelott, Ury Adelott, Sarah Aydelott My son: Peter Aydelott (deceased) My grandson: Son of Peter Aydelott-name not given Written: Nov. 8, 1873 Probated: Mar. 15, 1875 Executrix: Ury Aydelott Witnesses: John L. Robards and George C. Robards

Clarice Hewitt
My husband: James Hewitt, deceased My daughter: Fanny Hewitt Fearn, wife of John Walker Fearn, New Orleans, La. My sons: Charles Henry Hewitt, Louisville, Ky.; Lewis W. Hewitt, Corsicana, Tex.; James Hewitt, Jr., deceased My grand-daughter: Marie Hewitt, New York City, sole child of deceased son, James Hewitt, Jr. Written: Apr. 9, 1875 Probated: Apr. 22, 1875 Executor: J. Walker Fearn, husband of Fanny Hewitt Fearn, or in case of death, son, Lewis Hewitt Witnesses: Newton Buckner, Hewitt Morton

Robert Buchanan
My wife: Rebecca M. Buchanan My daughters: Lethina Curts, wife of Charles W. Curts; Frances E. Velie, wife of Alexander Velie My sons: Henry Charles Buchanan, Joseph Elija Buchanan, and Robert Holeman Buchanan Written: Mar. 30, 1875 Probated: Aug. 2, 1875 Executors: Charles Henry Buchanan and Samuel D. Barnes (also named as Trustoed) Witnesses: Andrew J. Settles and Johathan Smith

Thomas Carr
My wife: Barbara Carr My daughter: Mary Jane Galbally My son: Charles Carr My grandsons: Charles Carr, son of Charles Carr; John My foster daughter: Theresa Voerge Written: May 5, 1874 Probated: Oct. 15, 1875 Executor: William Schanbacher Witnesses: John England, Adam Theis

Henry A. Harris
My wife: Margaret Jane Harris My daughters: Caroline Virginia Harris and Mary Nancy Harris My son: Ben James Harris My sisters: Emily W. Harris, Richmond, Va. and Sarah Ellen Brauch, St. Louis, Mo. My brother-in-law: William W. Davis Written: July 25, 1873 Probated: Sept. 23, 1875 Executor: William W. Davis Witnesses: Charles R. Meyers, Henry Tilbe, B. J. Sanner, and William W. Davis

Mary Ann Ruffner
My sons: Jonas F. Ruffner, Moses M. Ruffner, and William F. Ruffner My daughter: Susan F. Lear, wife of Thomas G. Lear My brother, Calvin C. Fuqua, trustee of Susan F. Lear Written: May 20, 1873 Executor: Charles F. Clayton Witnesses: Wray Brown, Adam Theis, and George M. Harrison

Hannah Cooper
My son: Joseph J. Cooper, Gabriel J. Cooper (deceases) My daughters: Sarah A. Carter, Rebecca M. Slaughter, wife of William L. Slaughter My grand-daughter: Mary Alice Cooper, daughter of Gabrie J. Cooper Written: Oct. 17, 1869 Probated: Oct. 22, 1875 Executor: Joseph J. Cooper Witnesses: Robert Kearns and Ellen C. Kerns

R. D. Welton
My wife: Mary Welton My sons: Manly Mansford Welton; William R. Welton, heir of Henry Dyer, Rockville, Ontario; Robert Dyer Welton; Uzia Vivian Welton My daughters: Cecilia R. Seba, wife of John Seba; Ellen Ruffner, wife of Morton Ruffner, Joanna Welton; Charlotte Mary Welton Written: Feb. 26, 1876 Executors: Job Basket; John Hendren, guardian of son, William R. Welton until he becomes of age; H. C. Whaley, Trustee of daughter Joanna Welton, until she reaches age of 22 years Testator: Rufus Dyer Welton Witnesses: Robert B. Campbell, Stephen Glascock, Uzziah B. Welton

William Wait
My wife: Mary Wait My sons: Edward Wait and James Wait My daughters: Synthia Beymer, wife of Washington Beymer; Martha Monroe, wife of Joseph Monroe; Jane Savage My grandchildren: James Jones; William Jones; Mary Jones; Moses James, deceased (relationship not given) Written: Mar. 29, 1876 Probated: Apr. 3, 1876 Executor: James Wait Witnesses: Minor J. Winn and Preston Priest

Frank Aubel
My wife: Nina M. Aubel Written: Apr. 20, 1876 Witnesses: L. S. Allen, W. C. Lewis, and Arthur B. Wilson

Charles Robbins
My wife: Mary Robbins My niece: Arabella C. Robbins Written: Mar. 21, 1876 Witnesses: Beorge Bupp, Wm. G. Eaton, Norval Craig

Thomas E. Brittingham
My wife: Littleton T. Brittingham Irwin B. Brittingham Elenor E. M. Hickman Written: Mar. 20, 1865 Witnesses: James J. Brittingham, Milton Strong, and John Jordon

Chapel Carstarphen
My sons: James E. Carstarphen; William P. Carstarphen; John C. Carstarphen; Oney Carstarphen My daughters: Sarah Jane Wellman; Mary Elizabeth Lanius My grandchildren: Margaret P. Wellman and Harry Wellman Written: June 29, 1874 Probated: July 20, 1876 Executor: Oney C. Carstarphen Witnesses: A. R. Levering; Wm. H. Boughton; Thomas H. Bacon Codicil: May 1, 1876 Stephen D. Whaley, Trustee of Mary Elizabeth Lanius Witnesses: Allen E. Dent, John F. Drescher, Thomas H. Bacon

Daniel Houck
My wife: Rachel Houck My sons: Cyrus W. Houck; William H. Houck; Samuel A. Houck; David Houck; John B. Houck My daughters: Aurelia A. Kitchen, wife of H. F. Kitchen; Susan Minerva Houck, wife of Samuel A. Houck; Mary F. McCurry, wife of James McCurry Written: Dec. 22, 1873 Probated: Dec. 11, 1876 Witnesses: Wm. Bird and Preston Bird

Bernard Law
My wife: Bridget Law Written: Dec. 4, 1876 Probated: Jan. 20, 1877 Administratrix: Bridget Law Witnesses: Sam Williams, John Gillan, Joel C. Richmond

Thomas H. King
My wife: Sarah Ann King My sons: Albert Jefferson King; John William King; James Edward King; Charles Henry King; Thomas Welley King My daughters: Sarah Ellen King; Martha Emma King; Cornelia Ann King; Mary Elizabeth King Glasscock; Amanda Jane King Whaley Written: Jan. 4, 1877 Probated: Feb. 10, 1877 Executor: James E. King and Harrison C. Whaley Witnesses: Frank E. Turner and J. T. O’Connor

William Greathouse
My wife: Catherine M. Greathouse My sons: James F. Greathouse; John F. Greathouse My daughters: Martha Ann Lyle, wife of John J. Lyle; Virginia H. Wilkinson, wife of John E. Wilkinson; Sarah A. Smith; Mary E. Watson, wife of Henry Watson My grandchildren: Louisa F. Robinson, daughter of John F. Greathouse (deceased); Hally Wilkinson, daughter of Ginny M. Wilkinson; Virginia G. Smith, Euphrates W. Smith and Eugene L. Smith, children of Sarah A. Smith; Mary Willie Walker, daughter of Mary E. Watson; John W. Greathouse, Eliza Greathouse, daughter of James F. Greathouse; James G. Smith, John Fletcher Smith, Mata Bell Watson Written: Mar. 15, 1875 Probated: Dec. 29, 1876 Trustee: John J. Lyle, trustee of grand-daughter, Ann H. Hughes Executor: Henry Watson and Samuel D. D. Barnes Trustee: Thomas Robinson, trustee for daughter, Sarah A. Smith; children of Sarah A. Smith: James G. Smith; Virginia Smith, Fletcher Smith, Ufrate Smith, Eugene L. Smith, S. A. Smith Dr. John J. Lyle, trustee for Ann Hughes Executor: Samuel D. Barnes, Henry Watson, James F. Greathouse Witnesses: J. M. Armstrong and A. R. Levering

Joseph G. Easton
My wife: Jane C. Easton My daughters: Mary S. Easton, Medora B. Smith, Louisa G. Bohon My grandson: Joseph G. Easton, son of Edward B. Easton My nephew: Joseph G. Easton, son of brother, Langdon G. Easton Written: July 13, 1871 Probated: Apr. 10, 1877 Executrix: Jane E. Easton Witnesses: Alvin Shenker and Chas. J. Vanbrough

James Murphy
My wife: My daughter: Alice W. Murphy (only child) Written: June 10, 1877 Probated: July 19, 1877 Executor: Charles P. Heyward Witnesses: John Watson and George M. Harrison

Emma Edmanston
My sisters: Mrs. Emma Sample, wife of John Sample of State of Mississippi; Mrs. Elizabeth Smilty, wife of David Smiley, Illinois; Mrs. Nancy Eckles, wife of Oscar Eckles, Texas; Mrs. Sallie Morris, wife of George Morris Written: Mar. 1878 Probated: Apr. 8, 1878 Executor: Henry Morris Witnesses: Lizzie Pratt and James A. Nelson

Joseph Lafon
My wife: Pauline B. Lafon My daughters: Mary Susan Tatlow, wife of Rev. Thomas A. Tatlow; Kate A. Winchell, wife of Joseph R. Winchell; Martha P. Easton, wife of Edward Easton Written: June 11, 1868 Probated: Apr. 18, 1878 Executrix: Pauline B. Lafon Witnesses: M. L. Pierson and John I. Campbell

Juliet Mitchell
My husband: Joshua Mitchell My brother: Armistead Williams, St. Louis, Mo. My nieces: Cornelia F. Anderson, wife of Rufus E. Anderson; Virginia Payne, wife of Warren E. Payne; Juliet Mitchell Anderson, daughter of Cornelia F. Anderson My nephews: David H. Eby; Edwin J. Thompson, Quincy, Ill; Hattie Payne, daughter of Warren E. Payne Written: May 12, 1876 Probated: Apr. 23, 1878 Executor: Rufus E. Anderson Witnesses: J. L. RoBards, Frances A. Williams, W. E. Payne

John P. Turner
My daughters: Sallie G. Sweem; Anna Triplet, wife of Jack Triplet; Frances Gregory, wife of Levi Gregory My sons: Gabriel R. Turner; William Hudson Turner My grand-daughter: Ida Turner, daughter of William Hudson Turner John H. Turner and Margaret Turner (Relationship not given) Written: Oct. 19, 1875 Probated: July 9, 1878 Executor: Geo. M. Harrison Witnesses: S. M. Carter; N. B. Donley; John A. Roberts

John Smarr
My wife: Hary Ann Smarr My daughter: Mary Frances Bragg My son: Robert O. Smarr Written: June 24, 1878 Probated: Aug. 12, 1878 Executor: Robert O. Smarr Witnesses: W. F. Williams and Thos. Proctor

William Eddy
My wife: Martha J. Eddy My son: Theodore O. Eddy Written: Jan. 4, 1874 Probated: Aug. 31, 1878 Executor: Theodore O. Eddy Witnesses: A. J. Settles; J. M. Patton; Geo. A. Hawes

Chas. D. Morehouse
My wife: Abigail Morehouse My daughter: Alice C. Stuart, wife of William P. Stuart of St. Joseph, Mo. My son: Philo C. Morehouse, Chicago, Ill. Written: Nov. 9, 1877 Probated: Oct. 15, 1878 Executor: Abigail Morehouse Witnesses: Henry W. Shedd and John B. Price

Peter H. Holme
My sons: Henry A. Holme, Richard Holme, John T. Holme, Charles G. Holme My daughters: Mrs. Anne Hollister, wife of John I. Hollister; Mrs. Cornelia Morrison, wife of Dr. William N. Morrison of St. Louis; Mary Holme My grandson: Charles G. Holme, son of deceased Charles G. Holme My grand-daughters: Florence T. Holme and Mary Annie Holme, daughters of deceased son Charles G. Holme Written: Jan. 10, 1878 Probated: Jan. 31, 1879 Witnesses: A. I. Russell, M. D., John I. Hollister

Frederick Ulmer
My wife: Maria Ulmer My daughters: Rosina Dusen Schoen and Maria Schenerz My step-son: John Ulmer Written: Feb. 1, 1872 Probated: Feb. 8, 1879 Witnesses: Adam Theis, H. D. Duman, Jo. T. Tisdale

Susan Catherine Kiser
My husband: Jacob S. Kiser Written: Feb. 10, 1879 Probated: Apr. 16, 1879 Executor: Jacob S. Kiser Witnesses: Susan E. Young, Anna S. Hadder, Lucinda Holland

Frederick Mangels
My wife: Sop’h Mangels Written: Aug. 7, 1876 Probated: Aug. 11, 1879 Witnesses: C. E. Bode, Henry Henning, C. Mangels

Henry W. Cole
My mother: Mrs. A. J. Cole Written: Oct. 10, 1879 Probated: Oct. 13, 1879 Executor: Edward Price Witnesses: Henry C. Chapman; T. D. Wallace; Thomas H. Bacon

Frank M. Turner
My wife: Maria R. Turner My son: Charles A. R. E. Turner My daughter: Isabella P. Turner Written: Dec. 16, 1878 Probated: Nov. 10, 1879 Executor: Waltor D. Anderson Witnesses: Jasper Turner and Sandy J. Gregory

Mary Hidchink
My sons: Joseph Midchink; Frank Midchink; John Midchink; William Midchink My daughter: Christena Walker Written: Sept. 22, 1879 Probated: Nov. 11, 1879 Executor: William Midchink Witnesses: Wenzel Martinowsky; Thomas F. Gatts

William F. Givan
My wife: Katie M. Givan My brothers: James F. Givan; Samuel P. Givan; Alexander J. Givan My sister: Martha E. Hopkins Written: Dec. 17, 1879 Probated: Jan. 3, 1880 Executor: Samuel P. Givan Witnesses: C. S. Lamb, M. D.; Samuel Weister

Preston Bird
My brothers: William Bird; Harrison Bird; George Bird My niece: Sarah Lucy Bird, daughter of deceased brother George Bird Written: Aug. 21, 1869 Probated: Dec. 8, 1879 Witnesses: Geo. Hosman; David R. Scyoc; Thos. W. Hawkins Executor: William Bird and Harrison Bird

Patsy Doolin
former Patsy Jackson My son: John Jackson My grandsons: Harry Jackson and Willie Jackson Written: Probated: Mar. 17, 1880 Witnesses: Charlotte Lewis; Thomas Smith; John B. Lewis

Charles W. Mills
My wife: Mary A. Mills My sons: Henry Clay Mills; Charles Wesley Mills; James Tyra Mills My daughters: Addy Creamer, wife of Wm. Creamer; Anne Gentry, wife of Jas. D. Gentry My grandson: James D. Gentry Written: Dec. 27, 1879 Probated: Mar. 25, 1880 Executor: Thomas H. Bacon Witnesses: James Thaddeus Ray; Peter Johnson

Joshua Mitchell
My wife: Juliet Mitchell (deceased) My brothers: Levin Mitchell (deceased); Robert Mitchell My nephews: Robert Mitchell and William Mitchell of Griffin, Ga.; Henry Mitchell; Eugene Mitchell, son of brother Levin Mitchell; Robert W. Mumford My nieces: Margaret V. Calloway, daughter of deceased brother Levin Mitchell; Laura Johnson, daughter of deceased brother Levin Mitchell; Margaret Mumford, daughter of Robert Mitchell Joshua Mitchell Brown, son of W. B. Brown and Emma Brown, Juliet Mitchell Brown, daughter of W. B. Brown and Emma Brown; Eleanor W. Rock, widow of Wm. Rock of Maryland, deceased; Eliza Short, wife of Thomas Short; Cornolia F. Anderson, wife of Rufus E. Anderson; John B. McFavin, agent of publishing house of Mothodist Episcopal Church; Virgie Payne, daughter of Warron E. Payne and Virginia Payne Written: Nov. 19, 1878 Probated: Apr. 9, 1880 Executor: Rufus E. Anderson Witnesses: Robert I. Fleming; Millard F. Campbell; Alvin Shenker

Susan E. Murray
My daughter: Caroline A. Murray Written: Aug. 25, 1880 Probated: Oct. 12, 1880 Witnesses: Franklin Lee; Mary G. Willis; Homer B. Leach

John W. Teichman
My wife: Ann Teichman My half-brothers: John Hoffman of Bavaria, Germany; Michael Hoffman; Gottlob Hoffman; George Hoffman of Massachusetts My half-sisters: Mrs. Elizabeth Ultsch; Mrs. Hargaret Wagner; Mrs. Maria Iochakob; Mrs. Katherine Wild; Mrs. Barbara Kienle, all of Mass. Written: Oct. 6, 1877 Probated: Jan. 20, 1881 Executor: Thomas K. Collins Witnesses: W. E. Foreman; Benjamin Hill

Carrie H. Murray
Will makes arrangements for remains of father to be disinterred at Topeka, Kan. and buried in Mo. (Hannibal) Written: Feb. 14, 1881 Probated: Mar. 12, 1881 Executor: Frank Lee Witnesses: J. M. Armstrong and Sarah E. Felter

Susan Galleher
My son: William R. Galleher My daughter: Maria R. Allen My grand-daughter: Susan Allen, daughter of Maria R. Allen My grandson: Thomas V. Wilson Written: Dec. 28, 1876 Witnesses: John I. Campbell, B. T. Norton, Thomas H. Bacon

John C. Morris
My wife: Sarah W. Morris Written: Jan. 12, 1870 Probated: June 19, 1882 Executor: Sarah W. Morris Witnesses: Moses P. Green and Barton S. Green

John P. Foreman
Presbyterian Minister My wife: Mattie L. Foreman (second wife) My brothers: W. C. Foreman and A. H. Foreman My sons: William Samuel Foreman; Charles Preston Foreman; John Carswell Foreman Uncle and Aunt of sons: Mr. and Mrs. Benj. McElroy Written: Jan. 12, 1870 Probated: June 19, 1882 Executor: W. C. Foreman or A. H. Foreman Witnesses: D. B. West; B. N. McElroy

Catherine E. Swift
My sons: Joseph P. Swift; Harvey L. Swift My daughter-in-law: Mary L. Swift, wife of Harvey L. Swift Written: Aug. 7, 1880 Probated: Aug. 12, 1882 Executor: Harvey L. Swift Witnesses: Wm. Leighton; Robert Elliot

Thomas Cain
My wife: Mary E. Cain My son: Thomas Cain My daughters: Ella A. Cain; Jennie V. Cain; Annie M. Cain Written: Apr. 11, 1881 Probated: Sept. 18, 1882 Executor: Hary E. Cain Witnesses: Geo. F. Reimann; R. M. Cheesman

Thomas T. Manual
My wife: Margaret E. Manual My sons: John L. Manual; George Manual; Richard Manual My daughters: Josephine Smith; Jane Baker; Anno Laura Watson; Clive Manual My grandchild: Burrill Manual Written: Sept. 4, 1882 Probated: Nov. 20, 1882 Executrix: Margaret E. Manual Witnesses: Adam Theis; John England

Phillip Reddick
My wife: Sarah Elizabeth Reddick My son: Thaddeus Reddick My daughter: Otilda Hatton Written: Mar. 22, 1881 Probated: Mar. 8, 1883 Executrix: Sarah Elizabeth Reddick Witnesses: A. C. Helton; G. A. Heinze; Abram H. Breneman

Ellen Kent
My husband: John Kent My first husband: William Francis, deceased Written: Mar. 13, 1883 Probated: Mar. 24, 1883 Witnesses: Adam Theis; Patrick Smith

Robert F. Lakenan
My wife: Mary M. Lakenan My sons: Robert F. Lakenan, Jr.; Richard Lakenan; William T. Lakenan My daughters: Mary Price, wife of Edwin M. Price, of Boone Co., Mo.; Kate B. Lakenan My nephew: Thomas N. Bacon Written: May 9, 1883 Probated: May 21, 1883 Executor: Russell M. Lakenan or Thomas N. Bacon Witnesses: J. P. Richards; J. C. Hearn

Alexander Atkins
My wife: Margaretha Atkins Written: Sept. 7, 1877 Probated: May 1, 1883 Witnesses: H. C. Dreyer; Henry Atkins; Fred Atkins

Lewis B. Seaton
My wife: 1st: Fannie R. Seaton; 2nd; Emma E. Seaton My daughters: Maggie Chinn, daughter of Fannie R. Seaton; Lois Beatrice Seaton, daughter of Emma E. Seaton My father: William Seaton Written: Apr. 28, 1883 Probated: May 28, 1883 Executor: Emma E. Seaton Witnesses: Jacob E. Chinn; J. L. RoBards

John Lacy
My wife My sons: John L. Lacy; Harry Lacy; Robert Lacy; Lewis Lacy; Alexander Lacy My daughters: Eleanor McDermott; Jennie Lacy; Nellie Lacy; Mary Mafford My nephew: John B. Shepherd Written: July 17, 1883 Probated: Nov. 12, 1883 Executor: John B. Shepherd Witnesses: G. Porter; W. D. Anderson

Temple H. Davis
My wife: Frances A. Davis My sons: Arthur F. Davis; William M. Davis; Everett O. Davis My daughters: Sarah A. Briggs; Margaret M. Mortenson; Nannie Graves; Emma Davis My grandson: Harold Mortenson My grand-daughter: Maggie Briggs Written: Nov. 8, 1883 Probated: Jan. 18, 1884 Executors: Arthur F. Davis, Wm. M. Davis, Samuel P. Briggs Witnesses: Oliver Whaley; William B. Curd

Thomas Hanley
My sister: Catherine Hanley My niece: Eliza Feeny My nephew: Matthew Feely, son of William Feely and Catherine Hanley, Hartford, Conn. Written: May 26, 1884 Probated: June 13, 1884 Executor: Daniel Archdeacon Witnesses: Edward Connery; Terry Farrell

Thompson Clayton
My sisters: Sarah Stavely; Eliza Offett; Susan V. James, wife of Asa James My brothers: George Washington Clayton; Jacob L. Clayton; Townsend Clayton My nephews: Charles T. Clayton and James H. Clayton, sons of Jacob Clayton; Thornton Frazier, son of Sarah Stavely; Charles R. James, son of Susan V. James My nieces: Sarah E. Hornback, daughter of Jacob Clayton; Sarah Emily Clayton, Laura Clayton and Clara Clayton, daughters of Townsend Clayton; Maggie Baker, wife of Jacob Baker and daughter of Townsend Clayton; Mary Ellis, wife of William Ellis and Emma Ellis (relationship not given); Hannah James and Sallie James, daughters of Susan V. James; Lena Thompson James, daughter of Susan V. James Written: Apr. 28, 1884 Probated: Aug. 18, 1884 Executors: Asa James; Charles R. James; Charles Thompson Clayton Witnesses: Charles Allen; Wm. R. Gannaway

Daniel Hutchinson
My wife: Mary Hutchinson My sons: Charles Hutchinson and Harry Hutchinson My grandson: James H. Hawkins Written: Oct. 17, 1882 Probated: Sept. 5, 1884 Executrix: Mary Hutchinson Witnesses: Mrs. W. B. James (Ida G.); Mrs. H. H. Hutchinson

Dennis Kennedy
My niece: Maggie Regnie My brothers: Lawrence Kennedy; John Kennedy Named but relationship not given: Mrs. Catherine Campbell; Mrs. Hannah Campbell; Miss Mary Sullivan, known as Mary Campbell; Miss Anna Sullivan, known as Anna Campbell Written: Aug. 28, 1884 Probated: Sept. 5, 1884 Executor: Patrick W. Troy Witnesses: Michael Doyle; John T. D. Murphy

Hugh Lafayette Hickman
My wife: Eleanor E. M. Hickman Written: Dec. 3, 1884 Probated: Jan. 24, 1885 Executrix: Eleanor Hickman Witnesses: John Ure; William B. Curd

John Davies
My wife: Mary A. Davies My son: David D. Davies My daughter: Ruth Watson, wife of Charles E. Watson Written: June 14, 1883 Probated: Feb. 9, 1885 Executrix: Mary A. Davies Witnesses: Charles E. Watson; W. H. Fisher

Phillip Cain
My wife: Lucy A. Cain My daughter: Minnie Cain My sons: Harry Cain and Ollie M. Cain Written: Mar. 2, 1885 Probated: June 8, 1885 Executor: Smith Alexander Witnesses: Adam Theis; John L. Gleason

William C. Crawford
My wife: Laura Crawford My sister: N. J. Davidson Written: July 8, 1885 Probated: July 13, 1885 Executor: Wiley H. Wroton Witnesses: Geo. W. Armstrong; C. Albertson

Elizabeth Jameson
My son: James Jameson, deceased My daughter: Mildred O’Connor My grandsons: Roger Jameson; Edward Jameson; J. W. Jameson My grand-daughters: Mildred Jameson; Mary Jameson; Ruth Jameson; Kate Jameson Baker; Belle Jameson Baker Written: Mar. 12, 1884 Probated: Sept. 4, 1885 Executor: James T. O’Connor Witnesses: Moses D. Bates; Robert F. Larson

George Threlkeld
My wife: Lucy A. Threlkeld Written: 1883 Probated: Nov. 16, 1885 Executrix: Lucy A. Threlkeld Witnesses: David Price; James Johnson; Joseph N. Peyton

Caroline A. Hendren
My sons: Oscar C. Hendren; LaCossett Hendren My daughters: Caroline S. Bragg, wife of John J. Bragg; Corinne Hendren Written: Dec. 15, 1873 Probated: Nov. 2??, 1885 Executor: LaCossett Hendren Witnesses: Sallie Ross, now Sallie Ross Arnick; F. W. Bush

Jacob J. Overstreet
My wife: Maggie A. Overstreet My son: James Slifer Overstreet Written: Feb. 16, 1886 Probated: Mar. 12, 1886 Executor: J. M. Slifer Witnesses: Stephen Glascock; James W. Whaley

Sallie Goodnow
My mother: Clara J. Goodnow Relationship not shown: Lizzie Goodnow; Maggie Goodnow; Frank P. Goodman; Eva Pindell, wife of James B. Pindell Clara J. Goodnow Written: May 3, 1886 Probated: May 13, 1886 Executor: James B. Pindell Witnesses: Adam Theis; Amanda M. Pindell

Catherine Sarah Clendenen
My daughter: Minerva Drew Clendenen My brother: William Henry Wachendorfer Written: Mar. 26, 1886 Probated: May 6, 1886 Executor: William H. Wachendorfer Witnesses: Thomas H. Bacon; Edgar C. Hays; Mrs. John F. Madden

Junius C. Pryor
My son: Harry Pryor, guardian of son Samuel Logan My father-in-law: George Horseman My brother: Wm. Pryor Written: May 4, 1886 Probated: May 17, 1886 Executors: Samuel Logan, or A. R. Levering Witnesses: Wm. K. Boulware; Webb Camery; Henry R. Bash

George Schultz
My wife: Catherine Schultz My children Written: May 7, 1881 Probated: Dec. 7, 1886 Executrix: Catherine Schultz Witnesses: P. H. Kornder; George Riedel; Adam Theis

Mary Ann Polk
formerly Mary Ann Griffith My sister: Elizabeth W. Dunning My brothers: John W. Houston; David H. Houston My husband: Southey A. Polk My niece: Clara E. G. Price, formerly Clara E.G. Dunning My nephews: John H. Dunning; William E. Dunning; Robert G. Houston, son of David H. Houston My grand-nieces: Clara Dunning, daughter of John H. Dunning; Mary E. Price, daughter of Clara E. G. Price Grand-nephew: Edward Price, son of Clara E. G. Price Written: Apr. 1883 Codicil: Aug. 13, 1883 Probated: Apr. 2, 1887 Executor: Edward Price Witnesses: J. N. Primm; J. H. McVeigh; Wm. Kansteiner

John Russell
My mother: Caroline Russell My sisters: Mattie E. Russell; Della DeGaris Written: May 3, 1886 Probated: May 9, 1887 Executors: Caroline Russell and Wm. DeGaris Witnesses: Adam Theis; Robert P. Boulton

Mary Farrell
My sister: Mrs. Ann Dolan Written: Apr. 16, 1886 Probated: May 10, 1887 Executor: John Feeney Witnesses: Eliza Kelly; Catherine Campbell; Thomas H. Bacon

Jane Alexander
My husband: Smith Alexander My son: William K. Alexander Written: Mar. 20, 1887 Probated: May 18, 1887 Witnesses: Thomas Sutherland; Hulda Marseilles

John Rodgers
My wife: Ann Rodgers My son: James F. Rodgers My daughters: Katie Rodgers, Annie Rodgers, and Emma Rodgers Written: Apr. 13, 1887 Probated: June 23, 1887 Witnesses: Martin Bird; John Bird

Timothy Burns
My wife: Maria A. Burns My son: Edward W. Burns My daughter: Mary G. Burns My mother: Honor Burns Written: Mar. 24, 1887 Probated: July 25, 1887 Executrix: Maria A. Burns Witnesses: Gilchrist Porter; Walter D. Anderson

Elisabeth Crump
widow My husband: Benjamin N. Crump Relationship not given: Sarah L. F. Hunt, widow of Josiah Hunt; Elizabeth L. Hunt, daughter of said Sarah L. F. Hunt; Mary Catlett, wife of John E. Catlett; Benjamin F. Groat, son of Peter B. Groat and Annie R. Groat Written: Dec. 2, 1882 Probated: Aug. 4, 1887 Witnesses: John B. Price; A. R. Levering

Charles Ernst Bode
My wife: Hermine Bode born Creydt Written: Mar. 15, 1884 Probated: Aug. 6, 1887 Executrix: Hermine Bode Witnesses: Henry Kahl; John England

Elizabeth Foster
My son: Steven Glasgo My daughter: Mary Alice Chapman My niece: Lucy Ann Barrett Written: Jan. 15, 1887 Probated: Aug. 22, 1887 Witnesses: Alfred W. Bulkley; Mrs. Catherine Carl

Thomas W. Gill
My wife: Mary Gill Written: May 22, 1875 Probated: Dec. 2, 1887 Executrix: Mary Gill Witnesses: Frank W. Harlow; Phillip H. Kornder; Geo. M. Harrison